More changes to Bills staff, including some long-timers


Bills coach Sean McDermott and General Manager Doug Whaley might get along fine (or so says the boss), but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a subtle but significant shift happening in Buffalo.

According to Tim Graham of the Buffalo News, the Bills are clearing out a number of long-time staff members, including the team chaplain.

The team has dismissed longtime director of player engagement Paul Lancaster, his assistant and team chaplain James Trapp, athletic trainer Greg McMillen and strength-and-conditioning assistant/nutritionist and dietician Dan Liburd.

Lancaster had been with the team 16 years. Trapp, who spent 11 years playing in the league, came on board with Rex Ryan, so it’s not surprising he wasn’t retained. McMillen had been with the team 21 years and Liburd had been there eight years.

In and of themselves, they’re not the kind of moves that generally make headlines.

But having nearly five decades of institutional experience thrown out with the pool table sends a clear message that changes are coming. And since none of these changes started happening until McDermott walked in the door, it also sends a clear signal of who’s making them.

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  1. But this is totally normal and well within standard operating procedure. Nothing dysfunctional about it, why would you even suggest that?

    The Bills are starting to remind me of that ROTC guy at the end of Animal House screaming “Remain calm, all is well!” right before he gets trampled.

  2. You wasted time writing this? Then I wasted my time reading this? So they got rid of some people? Big deal only to you it seems. Your 1st too many words sentence is just you talking out your butt. The kind of sentence that starts trouble and not informative. A taunt made by an immature troublemaker. Report News not innuendo.

  3. One thing that will never change is the constant losing.

    They haven’t won a playoff game since 1995 and haven’t even made the playoffs since 1999

    Just lose baby.

  4. I think we all know Buffalo needs to have nearly five decades of institutional experience thrown out.

  5. The reassignment of Scott Bertchtold a couple weeks back was significant. Shows actual progress and the removal of the old hangers on from the R Wilson days. Russ Brandon is next. Then Overdorf.

  6. The training and conditioning firings are significant. You can have the most talented roster in the league but if half your starters wind up the season on IR what good is that?

    I only wish my Bears took their terrible record of player health seriously enough to make some changes on that front.

  7. That James Trapp who was a knucklehead known for late hits on special teams but was extremely fast for the Raiders and Ravens is a team chaplain now, lol? You learn interesting things everyday. Last guy I would have thought to become a man of the cloth, the guy who used to paint his face up with the war paint on gamedays back in his playing days.

  8. @joetoronto Toronto? how’s your football team doing?

    i’m glad you let us all know that losing is one thing that “will never change for certain” in Buffalo. At least i know the future now. Thanks Joe. ya friggin wise ace

  9. joetoronto says:
    Mar 31, 2017 8:42 AM

    One thing that will never change is the constant losing.

    They haven’t won a playoff game since 1995 and haven’t even made the playoffs since 1999

    Just lose baby.
    And the thing that will never change is the constant trolling you do on every Bills thread under 5 different ID’s. You should maybe help out the Canadian people and get a job.

  10. widerightyouloseagain says:
    Mar 31, 2017 11:47 AM
    Nobody circles the drain like the Buffalo Bills.

    Wide right, you lose again.
    Hiding in plain sight aren’t you JoeblowTorontohoe?
    You can’t even mock good let alone be funny. Just a lonely loser with a nothing life.

  11. McDermott seems like a kid, until you hear him talk. Then he seems like a kid who thinks he invented the game.

    All this guy did was inherit Jim Johnson’s top 5 defense from 08 and the course of two years, turn it into a no-tackling, attempt-the-strip-first, big-play-giving-up sieve. All the while, he presided over press conferences where he proffered his own genius.

    After getting canned, he became DC in Carolina, where the head coach really ran the defense, which was stacked with talent by a good GM.

    Now he not only has a HC job, it looks as though Bills ownership are buying the hype, and allowing him to put his hands on the controls.

    Lookout Bills fans. Your franchise is about to fall into an abyss.

  12. until The Pegulas come to their senses and show Brandebn and Whaley the door….nothing will change, it will be Businesss as usual at 1 BILLS drive….

  13. Wo I came over to read up on McDermott is doing and he will be fine is I see.

    McDermott is a great coach He doesn’t take crap In camp or anywhere. Learn your craft and play.

    The first thing you will hear at the beginning of Camp is going back to fundamentals. Sounds silly for a pro team, but you would be surprised how many problems it fixes from the start. Think he just holds a clip board and a whistle. He has no problem grabbing a face mask and putting you In your place.

    Bills players probably got a nice indoor practice field. Not here with the Panthers. If it is raining you practice, if it cold, you practice if it is a 100 degrees in Spartanburg SC and I can testify that it gets that hot or hotter you practice. You have to play a game in it so get use to it.

    Watch if you do have a practice field outside and a indoor don’t think for a minute he won’t hold practice outside. 2 times out of 23 years that I can recall the Panthers moving practice into the convention center do to an ice storm. They never called it off.

    So for all the trolls you guys got that are bad mouthing that McDermott isn’t the real deal it’s coming it might take a year to revamp somethings, but I bet every player buys into it from the start.

    Oh and the rumor here is you are getting a couple more from our front office headed your way after the draft.

    Then when the Panthers has team cut downs I look for a few more players to land there is back up roles as a player.

    What is going to take place and I see it has already started is a culture change across the board.

    If there is anything that McDermott that will bring from the Panthers is his talks with owner Jerry Richardson and the type players he believes in.

    You will not see a player like RB Joe Mixon, WR Dede Westbrook land there In the draft. I don’ t care how good they are . If you have Mocked RB Dalvin Cook drop that one to. No I haven’t mocked them period. I know not to.

    What else can i tell you that will happen. This comes from GM Dave Gettleman. If a player has not been invited to the combine he will more than likely won’t get drafted. That might be the riff going on in the front office. Don’t know.

    Players who didn’t go to the Combine will get picked up UDFA. O some other team will draft them.

    Oh yeah The Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test that kills me, but it plays a big part. Interviewing a player He will not talk to them about anything , but football at the combine. Now afterwards in a private work out or meeting that is when they get to know you.

    Well I have a ton of things I can you and I feel I have written a book. You got a heck of a coach and I think we may have let the wrong coach leave. whether we come there to play you or you come here it’s going to be a slug fest I know.

    Just getting through the Ryan brothers mess is the first hurdle. Saints still hasn’t gotten over rob Ryan yet. Rebuilding he entire Defense.

    Fans the fun is coming back to the Bills, just don’t expect it to be a McDonalds drive through. Build through the draft and fill in with FA’s and not the top tier FA’s either. You will see Veteran players come in with certain skill sets to be a player coach like CB Charles Tillman was here. Safety Mike Adams now and Julius Peppers. Think player coaches.
    Have fun and you are kind of my adopted team.

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