Rams got Hard Knocks treatment and more in 2016

Getty Images

The Rams, grateful for the opportunity to move to L.A., agreed to have Hard Knocks cameras and microphones at training camp. The Rams ultimately agreed to a lot more than that.

Amazon announced on Friday that the Rams are the subject of this year’s All or Nothing series, a documentary that keeps the cameras and microphones rolling throughout the team’s entire season.

The Cardinals served as the first subjects for the series, finishing a lot closer to “all” than “nothing.” The Rams had a much different experience, culminating with the in-season firing of coach Jeff Fisher, a move that followed an intense effort by Hall of Famer Eric Dickerson to bring Fisher down.

Through it all, no one knew that the Rams were the subject of a full-season film session. Last year, after it became known that the Cardinals had secretly captured their campaign on camera, it made sense to wonder who would be next. Unless the second season fails as badly as the 2016 Rams did, there will be a third team that secretly becomes the All or Nothing franchise, with everyone finding out who it was a year or so from now.