What was said about Dion Jordan in 2013, and the lesson from it

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And so it began in 2013, the NFL Network booth reacting to Commissioner Roger Goodell’s podium announcement of Dion Jordan as the Dolphins’ selection at No. 3 overall following a trade with the Raiders. The analysts expected tackle Lane Johnson, hence their surprise. That reaction is not to be faulted.

What was said afterward, and in the weeks before, is where the lesson comes.

When projecting draft prospects, no one knows for certain.

The Dolphins finally released Jordan on Friday, ending months of expectation. The ex-Oregon defensive end totaled the same number of suspensions for violating the league’s substance-abuse policy, three, as he did sacks in Miami. His regard in 2013 speaks equally to Jordan’s talent level as to there being few guarantees in scouting.

Here is what was said after Jordan was selected.

Mike Mayock: “This young man, I think he’s got the potential to be the player that I compare him to, which is Jason Taylor, who ironically played for the Miami Dolphins. I also think he looks a little bit like an Aldon Smith, and if he puts on 20 pounds on that 6-foot-7 frame, some day he might be as good as a DeMarcus Ware. He’s got that kind of edge speed.”

Steve Mariucci: “You know, I talked to his coach Nick Aliotti the other day, his defensive coordinator at Oregon. And he said this kid loves football. He loves to play. He loves to practice. He’s fully committed right now to football. This guy has got everything that it takes not only to rush the passer but to drop into coverage at over 6-6. This guy, when he puts on a little muscle, he’s going to be dynamite.”

Marshall Faulk: “Dion Jordan is the guy that you don’t have to scheme to get a sack. He gets you a sack. And if you’re going to to compete against the New England Patriots two times a year, you have to be able to just beat a guy 1-on-1 and get a sack and not blitz Tom Brady. You need this guy.”

That was the immediate reaction to Jordan’s selection.

Mayock stood out in a key area, doing well to say what Jordan could be as opposed to will be.

Pre-draft chatter included this from Bleacher Report: “If a player is going to be considered a ‘can’t-miss’ prospect, he needs to have a combination of elite physical traits, sound technical football skills and be free of character flaws. Oregon linebacker Dion Jordan may not be the first player selected on Thursday night, but when you consider the combination of athleticism and versatility he brings to the table, there is no way Jordan will fail to produce in the NFL.”

Jon Gruden anchored the ESPN broadcast’s reaction to Jordan’s selection.

He had his doubts.

“I really like Dion Jordan’s athleticism, but I’m shocked about this pick,” Gruden said. “When I watch Dion Jordan play, Mel (Kiper), I just don’t see him play. And this isn’t any false information. When you watch Oregon play, he doesn’t play against Cal because he’s hurt. But they play almost like hockey. He plays six plays; he’s out six plays. When you watch Dion Jordan play seven snaps in an NFL game, that’ll be the first time you’ve ever seen him do it. … He’s a great athlete, but there’s a lot of unknown right now at third overall.”

Plenty of love will be shown toward prospects during and after the April 27 to 29 draft.

It’s best digested with a grain of salt.

45 responses to “What was said about Dion Jordan in 2013, and the lesson from it

  1. Well Mayock was the closest of the bunch. Jordan’s career does look a bit like Aldon Smith’s, at least from a suspension standpoint.

  2. The worst and costliest Draft selection in Dolphins history. Too many experts were too impressed by Dion’s size/speed ratio. The warning from this is not to get too enamored by the Combine results and focus on the actual game analysis (a timely reminder as we head towards the Draft). Miami has finally accepted its mistake and cut its losses. The only good thing coming out of the Jordan debacle was that it accelerated Jeff Ireland’s exit.

  3. From Bob McGinn – “suffered third degree burns over 40% of his body when a vacuum cleaner he and his friends were using to siphon gas exploded.”. That was the first clue.

  4. All the better to ignore the mocks, analysts, or the draft itself.

    Last I checked, HR is not a competitive sport.

  5. Draft predictors are like political pundits and pollsters — no one ever gets fired and ignored for being horribly wrong.

    Until they start putting money or jobs on the line, listening to them is no more informative of what will happen than listening to a bum outside Cleveland Stadium.

  6. ALWAYS.WATCH.THE.TAPE. Everyone raved about how athletic he was and his combine numbers. Mel Kiper knows them by heart. Only Gruden pointed out something he saw on tape. Gruden loves and raves about everyone. When he says something negative, you ought to pay attention.

  7. thegreatgabbert says:
    Mar 31, 2017 7:17 PM
    I can tell you exactly what was said – “This guy is an idiot, don’t draft him!”.

    But no one ever listens to me.
    Wow….after calling almost every draft pick a bust you finally got one right…yaaay you.

  8. What I remember most about the pick was that at the time the talking heads said it was “a luxury pick” because the Dolphins had so many picks.

    Luxury picks at #3 and this is one of those teams Im not sure anyone genuinely cares about(in my mind they finish 8-8 literally every year). Never take the 3rd overall pick for granted man, some of our teams dont have the opportunity to draft that high ever, and if we did? we sure wouldn’t consider it a luxury pick.

  9. champs794 says:

    Last I checked, HR is not a competitive sport.

    Employment law is a multi-billion dollar industry for a reason.

  10. (In Gruden’s voice) I like this Michael Ghelkin. This guy can write a real story with proper grammar technique and journalistic integrity. It’ll be interesting to see how Florio uses him. I’d like to let this guy roam free in space and see what he can do.

    Seriously. Great edition by PFT. Great writer.

  11. granadafan says:
    Mar 31, 2017 7:56 PM

    ALWAYS.WATCH.THE.TAPE. Everyone raved about how athletic he was and his combine numbers. Mel Kiper knows them by heart. Only Gruden pointed out something he saw on tape. Gruden loves and raves about everyone. When he says something negative, you ought to pay attention.
    These guys play football for several years and have tons of tape to look at, but then they look great in gym shorts at the combine and suddenly start moving up draft boards. The talking heads on TV have never looked at tape (except Gruden). Everyone uses the cliché “does this guy love football?”. Well that applies to talking heads too. If those other guys loved football as much as Gruden does, they’d be in there with him watching tape.

  12. That was one of the worst draft classes ever. Eric Fisher (who is terrible) at 1. Then Luke Joeckel. Then Jordan. You’ve also got Barkevious Mingo, Jonathan Cooper and Dee Milliner in the top 10.

    There’s like 5 good players in the entire forst round, and even some of those guys have had some issues.

  13. Bringing Bill Parcells in was an even bigger mistake. You can argue that they won the division in his first year as GM, but if you remember, Brady blew his knew out (week 2?), Chad Pennington fell into their lap, their schedule was easy and they relied on a gimmick offense (wildcat) to win games. When it was time to play the big boys in the postseason, they got beat down by the Ravens in their own house. They never came close again and the franchise got stuck (second owner’s fault) with Parcells’ protege, Jeff Ireland too long and he continued to sink the franchise into oblivion. I feel like they are finally digging themselves out. We’ll see.

  14. The daffy media. Like when Willie McGinist was doing a preview last year of the Steelers vscfomevtesm. He was talking about how Cam Heyward would play, how he needed to be controlled and so forth. Only problem was Heyward had been out for a he year on I/R for awhile. Willie was just making stuff up and taking a check. Pitiful

  15. To be fair he didn’t really suck, he just doped his way out of the league. You’ll never know what the talent could have turned into.

  16. Well, maybe he could have a career like Tony Mandrich. Gets cut, then comes back plays for the Colts, nothing special, but decent enough to play.

  17. Everyone bashing Ireland should look at his draft history. He drafted fairly well, (obviously minus this monumental mistake) he was more a victim of awful coaches. But that’s my opinion. He made more mistakes in free agency than he did drafting.

  18. He wasn’t suspended for PED he was suspended for substance abuse.
    Randy Gregory is the new Dion Jordan. The teams probably wish it was for Peds.

  19. Finally scrubbed off the last bit of stench that Ireland left on the Dolphins. That is a man that should never, in any capacity, have anything to do with a teams personal.

  20. uglydingo says:
    Mar 31, 2017 7:19 PM
    The worst and costliest Draft selection in Dolphins history.

    Well silver lining this was post rookie wage scale, or else you guys will be tripping balls. However, he was bad 1 game in 4 years what lol..

  21. dawoger says:
    Mar 31, 2017 7:25 PM
    The lesson is: the most dangerous liars are the ones who think they are telling the truth.
    The professional salesman , politician , are the dangerous folks you are referring to . The pattern of talk from these seasoned experts is dangerous for the amateur to follow too closely . The very real injuries from whiplash as they reverse positions , the envy of every athlete , are painful to endure for both victim and family .
    Yes yes yes , of course they believe . These are the among the reasons bridges are hot hot hot property in Brooklyn . Sell !

  22. Sure, Gruden was right, but that’s not why Jordan failed. He was very productive in college and had all the physical traits one could ask for. He just got into the NFL, got a few million dollars, and decided he didn’t want to work very hard.

  23. An undersized Chip Kelly recruit with limited college tape, no NFL position, and who literally blew himself up with a vacuum cleaner…

    I doubt Jeff Ireland was the only one dumb enough to draft high on such a sizzling prospect, but he sure rose the occasion like a boss.

  24. Next time quote some “real in the field” SCOUT and stop listening to TV personalities. And no, not GMS either because many of them listen to the TV personalities as well.
    Mayock to Washington would be great…says the rest of the NFC east.

  25. Anybody that wants to limit DUIs to “bad guys” needs to look up the hundreds of DUIs arrests of Police officers. In Georgia ALONE. Get it right Im saying the officers were getting arrested for DUIs NOT making the arrests. Thats right these officers were driving DRUNK. ….and no it wasn’t limited to low ranking officers. Even police Captains were getting arrested.

    “Habersham County Sheriff’s Captain Freddie Chapman has been arrested 4 times on alcohol related charges spanning back to an underage alcohol violation in 1988”

    Don’t believe well you have the same internet access…the same Google look it up for yourself

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