Dolphins’ entire 2013 draft class is gone


When the Dolphins cut Dion Jordan on Friday, they closed the book on the 2013 draft, which was a bad one in Miami. Less than four years later, there are now no Dolphins remaining from that draft class.

The Dolphins used both their first-round pick and their second-round pick on Jordan, trading both of those picks to move up in the first round at get Jordan at No. 3 overall. When you give up that kind of draft capital for a player you’re expecting him to be a starter for years to come; Jordan started exactly one game for the Dolphins.

Miami had another second-round pick that year besides the one they traded away: The Dolphins traded Vontae Davis for the Colts’ second-round pick. With that pick the Dolphins drafted cornerback Jamar Taylor, whom they later traded to the Browns for effectively nothing. Taylor was thrown in on a swap of seventh-round picks.

The Dolphins’ third-round pick was guard Dallas Thomas. He was released during the 2016 season.

The Dolphins acquired another third-round pick in that draft, which they spent on cornerback Will Davis. They ended up trading Davis to the Ravens for a seventh-round draft pick.

The Dolphins had two fourth-round picks: Jelani Jenkins, a linebacker who became a solid contributor but is now with the Raiders, and Dion Sims, a tight end who also was a solid contributor but is now with the Bears.

The Dolphins had two fifth-round picks: Mike Gillislee, a running back who managed just six carries for 21 yards before he was cut by Miami but has since become a good player in Buffalo, and Caleb Sturgis, a kicker who was cut after two seasons and is now with the Eagles.

The Dolphins traded away their sixth-round pick and their seventh-round pick. They had a seventh-round compensatory pick, which they spent on Don Jones, a special teams contributor as a rookie who was cut the next year.

And with that, the Dolphins’ 2013 draft class is done. The decision to trade up and draft Jordan was a disaster, and although they added talent late in the draft, they didn’t retain that talent. At least now they can turn the page.

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  1. I’m not going to beat up on the Dolphins. I’m sure others will handle that quite well. But I would be interested in reading more stuff about how all the teams did four years later. I think it’s ridiculous to read the analyst’s draft evaluations the day after the draft. I’m sure lots of them gave Miami high marks the day after the 2013 draft.

  2. Same with the Jaguars who came away from that draft with A grades from the analysts. To be fair, that was a terrible, terrible draft class.

  3. The most important departure from that draft and quite possibly the most important departure in Dolphins history is one Jeffrey Ireland. I wouldn’t wish that incompetence on any professional sports team.

  4. It happens.
    Look at the 49ers 2012 draft. All gone.
    The notable players from that year were 2 UDFAs – Garrett Celek and Tony Jerod-Eddie!

  5. And the Patriots take Jamie Collins at #52, play him for 3 years and then trade him for a 3. Love them or hate them, that’s why they win Super Bowls.

  6. Joey Bosa, Yatil Green, Ted Ginn, Dion Jordon. The list goes on forever. Still that was then and nothing can be done except to be smarter and work harder now.

  7. Shocking news! The not-so-good teams tend to have done not so good in recent drafts and lost or done not so good with what quality they did get. You need only list two words to explain the article’s thrust: Ireland and Philbin (the GM and the HC through those years).

  8. I’d be interested in seeing more retrospective pieces like this for other teams as we get closer to the Draft. I think we, as fans, just like analysts, often get caught up in the post-Draft hype, but never see any sort of lookback stories like these to see how a draft class panned out versus its expectations.

  9. It’s not a good look, admittedly, but they’re not the only team who hasn’t gotten much out of the 2013. By way of example, let’s have a closer look at the 2014 Patriots draft:

    One player remains: Duron Harmon, after resigning (4yrs, $17m) in free agency.

    Two guys moved on and got good second contracts: Jamie Collins (Cleveland, 4yrs, $50m) and Logan Ryan (Tennessee, 3yrs, $30m).

    Then there’s the rest: Aaron Dobson (on a 1 year futures contract with the Cardinals), Josh Boyce (on a 2 year futures contract with the Browns), and the 7th rounders Michael Buchanan (now onto his second CFL team) and Steve Beauharnais (currently out of the league, and trying to Vince Young his way back in via his alma mater’s pro day).

    The real kicker, though, is that Belichick, maybe not particularly liking the options in this draft, had traded away 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th round picks (they got extra picks by trading down with Minnesota in the Cordarrelle Patterson deal). The highlight of the veterans they received in that, in hindsight, was LeGarrette Blount, who they got for part-time player Jeff Demps and a 7th rounder. The others: Aqib Talib, who was good in two seasons for them when he was healthy (which was never when it counted!), Chad Ochocinco, and Albert Haynesworth.

  10. The 2013 draft was a pretty poor one across the board but to have none of the players left from it contributing now or at least traded for value is a cross Ireland will have to bear for the rest of his professional life.

  11. Jesus thats a brutal draft. What was the idea behind trading guys you took in the second and fourth round for 7th round picks? I guess they were just going to get cut anyway. Oof that’s bad man. You gotta think that any one of us posting here coulda drafted like ONE guy who’d actually be decent and stick around thru his rookie contract. Ireland was actually worse than a blind squirrel.

  12. This is why it is laughable when the “Experts” grade everyone’s draft a few days after it’s over. I’ll bet the Dolphins got a least a B grade. Hey, they screwed up, so do lots of teams. Nothing to see here…move along.

  13. “This young man, I think he’s got the potential to be the player that I compare him to, which is Jason Taylor, who ironically played for the Miami Dolphins. I also think he looks like an Aldon Smith, and if he puts on 20 pounds on that 6-foot-7 frame, one day he might be as good as a DeMarcus Ware.”

    — Mike Mayock, 2013

  14. beachsidejames says:
    Apr 1, 2017 8:34 AM
    Joey Bosa, Yatil Green, Ted Ginn, Dion Jordon. The list goes on forever. Still that was then and nothing can be done except to be smarter and work harder now.


    Joey Bosa? And, while he wasn’t worth the 9th pick, Ted Ginn is still in the league.

  15. Now that you mention it, here’s how Bleacher Report graded that draft at the time…

    Miami Dolphins
    4 of 29

    3. Dion Jordan, DE/OLB, Oregon (from Oakland Raiders)

    Grade: B

    Analysis: GM Jeff Ireland and Co. traded the Nos. 12 and 42 overall picks to move up and select Jordan, who was widely considered the pass-rusher with the most upside in the draft.

    Expending a valuable asset to get Jordan proves that Miami got the player it wanted, but it came at a rather steep cost. Time will tell if Jordan was worth the bold move, but Miami still has another second-round pick to expend this year.

    Considering how raw Jordan is, he may have a difficult time adjusting to the pros initially. However, he figures to fill in at the defensive end position in the Dolphins’ 4-3 defense—opposite dynamic Pro Bowler Cameron Wake.

    This has been an aggressive, active offseason for the Dolphins, who are definitely putting the pieces in place to contend in the AFC East with the dominant New England Patriots.

  16. The Bills did the same crappy job. No one left from ’13, for them, either. Add in the Jests, and it’s no wonder the Pats are perennial AFC East Champs. They get spotted 5-6 wins every year. Ugh!

  17. This is not difficult to figure:

    Bill Parcells was a great coach but horrific as VP of football operations and making personnel decisions. His worst decision was hiring Jeff Ireland as G.M. One does not have to be a genius to realize that Jeff was not a personnel genius and in over his head. Hiring Jeff as a scout would have been ok but giving Jeff the final decision on player personnel became a franchise disaster.

  18. None of the Raiders 2013 draft picks are currently on their roster either. Thats atleast 3 teams so far (Dolphins, Jaguars, Raiders) that whiffed. I bet there’s 7-10 teams with 1 player or less from that historically weak draft class.

  19. Its funny but our 2016 draft class should have got an A+ because we had multiple rookies help us win games: Tunsil, Drake, Grant, Carroo

    And yet all four had issues according to analysts giving the fins a not so good draft.

  20. Jeff Ireland did a good job he was undermined by the coaches that were forced on him Sparano and Philbin, if you look at the players that he drafted many um are still playing in the league and had they had better coaching around them when he drafted those players many of them most likely would still be on our team.

  21. It is kind of ironic that Dion Jordan was specifically drafted to be Cam Wake’s replacement at DE. However, 4 years after drafting him, as the stench of Jordan now exits Miami, 35 year old Cam Wake just got a 2 year contract extension.

  22. Whether you’re talking about the Patriots or anybody else, it sure seems like the league average is to get 2-3 starters per draft that will hang around the league. Sure, there are up years and down years that stray away from the mean, but in general, what makes teams like the Patriots successful is not the draft, as it is the coaching and scheme. That’s actually a compliment to their management, because it shows that they aren’t just lucking out in the draft.

    Look at the Browns’ 2010-2014 drafts. Despite their first round misses, they still actually drafted some good players during that time. How’d that work out for them?

  23. beachsidejames says:
    Apr 1, 2017 8:34 AM
    Joey Bosa, Yatil Green, Ted Ginn, Dion Jordon. The list goes on forever.

    The list of what? Random 1st round picks? It’s about the only thing those 4 have in common.
    Joey Bosa was 2016’s DROY.
    Yatil Green’s career was derailed by injury out of the gate.
    Ted Ginn is no superstar but he’s had a 10 year NFL career.
    Dion Jordan was a straight up bust.

  24. I have to take a stand here, this issue is on the PLAYER and he may become the next Colin Kaepernick and not find opportunity, not just a job.

    Any of you get your DREAM job and millions of dollars right away to be a football player. You are told you must pass drug test occasionally (even air traffic controllers are tested). You fail one and lose some game checks in 6 figures. You get a 2nd chance and you do it again, then a 3rd time and are suspended a year! If MJ makes you so stupid you have to smoke it and dangle the possibility of losing the best job in your life, then the results are on you not the TEAM.

  25. Actually, the Loins had the best draft that year, but Millen was gone by then. Ansah, Slay, Warford, Martin, Riddick. And 4 of those 5 are still with the team.

  26. The entire 2013 draft (with an exception for the Jets–weird, huh?) in round one sucked pretty much for everyone in the top 10, and I was not happy when (needing an OL-man) the Fins drafted Dion Jordan. But Jeff Ireland–and PhilBUM–are gone. Good. And 2013 was likely the reason why (including Philbin’s cluelessness over BullyGate).

    When all is said and done, every team has one really bad draft class over a ten year period. I’d like to see an analysis of every team’s 2013 draft…oh, and Miami definitely benefited from the Bills drafting Alonso in round 2.

  27. The Patriots winning record against the AFC East is the same it is against everyone else: awesome. For example, they were undefeated on the road last year and also swept the mighty AFC North. You guys need a new excuse.

  28. Considering what the shelf life of an NFL player, it’s not a surprise. Heck, a study was done and found out that half of the players drafted in the 1st round for a draft were either busts or didn’t meet expectations. None of the players picked by the Colts were offered a second contract.

  29. And Bosa was Joey’s dad or uncle who turned up terrible. As far as Green yep not just one knee both blown out the gate. Not exactly a drafting success story. Still doesn’t matter all of it is old news.

  30. In fairness to the Dolphins, this sort of thing is relatively common. By 2013 the Patriots had lost all but 2 players from a very promising 2010 draft. The local media (LOL) skewered them for it, and they turned around and won the Super Bowl a year later.

  31. Yeah – Thanks to Jeff Ireland, like most of those bums in that 2013 class, they won’t be missed.
    So thankful he’s not our GM anymore!
    I’ll take Tannenbaum any day over Ireland!!
    ( And YES = I know he’s not the GM, Grier is –
    but HE’S the one making the deals)

  32. The Texans only have 2 players left from that 2013 draft – Hopkins and Griffin.

    That draft was so bad that if it were re-drafted there’s a good chance Hopkins would have gone in the top 3 picks.

  33. Thank you dolphins. The Eagles probably take Jordan at 4 but instead get a guy who is arguably the best tackle in football in lane Johnson.. also a good look to the Chiefs and jags for taking scrubs at the tackle position as well.

  34. Thanks Jeff Ireland for doing a terrible job. It’s surprising he has a job, if he does as bad with the next teams.

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