Drew Brees sees Las Vegas and New Orleans presenting similar temptations

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With the Raiders eventually taking their team to Las Vegas, dropping more than 60 players into the gambling capital of the world, should there be concerns about players falling victim to the Vegas lifestyle? Saints quarterback Drew Brees believes that the situation can be managed, because it’s not all that different from one of the other cities where the NFL has been for decades.

“Here’s the thing, you might make the same argument for New Orleans,” Brees said on Friday’s PFT Live regarding the potential problems that can arise from players living and working in Las Vegas. “This is a destination city, it relies on tourism, we’ve got casinos here, we’ve got plenty of nightlife, we’ve got all that stuff. You have to get guys that when it’s time to work, it’s time to work, and when it’s time to have fun you can go have fun but you have a level of responsibility and professionalism to the way that you conduct yourself.”

The difference between Las Vegas and New Orleans, of course, comes from the presence of sports betting — along with those who make a living betting on games. The league embraces the Raiders move while still shunning the concept of wagering on games.

“It’s kind of a contradiction isn’t it?” Brees said. “I mean that’s always gonna be there. It’s part of the reason fantasy football’s so popular too. Guys can build their own teams and there’s usually money involved with all the leagues guys will be involved in. I think the real issue becomes like if somehow players are getting wrapped up into this. That becomes the issue then obviously the consequences are pretty severe when it comes to something like that.”

The challenge for the league will be to prevent the consequences from ever happening, which could be easier said than done. The NBA endured the Tim Donaghy scandal without a team in Las Vegas. Once players, coaches, scouts, and other employees are constantly present in the place where sports betting is prevalent, the NFL’s worst-case scenario becomes instantly more plausible.

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  1. Casino’s are only 30 minutes away from Buffalo too. Not to mention every city has high stakes poker and black jack games going on somewhere.

  2. My problem with a team moving to Las Vegas is that it has been losing population for years. There are better cities that deserve and would support a team.

  3. Everyone mentions the table games and slots at casinos by them.the gambling issue is sports betting and either throwing games,point shaving,etc….vegas has action on all sporting events.all these indian casinos etc dont have sports betting .its comparing apples to oranges …people can always be bought and the nfl will learn that the hard way!

  4. xenova’s absolutely right. When I heard that the Raiders wanted to move to LV my first thought was, with the population decrease there, the only reason they would want to move there is FOR the gambling, not despite it.

    Roger can say all he wants about being uncomfortable with teh gambling aspect of this move, but it leverages the league to cash in on sports gambling sooner than it would without a franchise in Vegas, if only because of the optics of it.

  5. Vegas and what it (used to) represent is anachronistic. Let’s face it, casino gaming isn’t so unique to Vegas. Neither is vice. Vegas is still a nice winter vacation and it has been rightly cast as “family friendly” for decades now.

    Vegas has more grandmas than strippers these days.

  6. Almost 2 million people in the Vegas Metro area. They will have no problem filling a world class stadium with as good as the Raiders will be. They are stocked with young talent and Mckenzie has left himself plenty of money to keep anyone he so chooses.

    Also it doesn’t matter where you put a team there will always be temptation. The key is getting players who avoid that scene.

  7. Kind of ironic since sports betting kept the NFL afloat before it became as popular as it is today.

    In 1995, AOL advertised heavily during NFL games so you could stay on top of the scores in real time (instead of dialing that 976-number repeatedly). So I bought a PC and got AOL. AOL then morphed into a lot more (obviously).

    So the NFL took AOL’s money KNOWING their purpose was to get gamblers to sign up. Hypocritical but then, that is the NFL.

    Today we have fantasy football which is probably a difficult way to lose your house and life but it’s still a form of the same thing.

    Sports betting should be legal everywhere because it’s very easy to find a way. Just another taxable income that is not being taxed and we all pay for enforcement that is unnecessary.

  8. Vegas is booming, fastest growing City in U.S., 2.2 million and growing. I have long time Raider Fan friends in UT, AZ and S. Cal that are all thrilled

    With a new tower going to go up at Venetian, Palms, Expansion of Convention Center and the new Monster Hotel Casino going in across from Wynn I just hope we have the construction workers to build the stadium

    Someone wants to find trouble it is all over the country, gambling is all over today with sports beating right behind. And the best part of the stadium is the Tourists are fipping the bill for the States share. Stadium will be the Show Place of the NFL and Raiders will be just fine. Plus my season tickets my family has had for the Raiders since 1995 will be much easier to use with them right down the road.

    You 3 days every other year visitors now nothing of Law Vegas or Nevada and we like it that way

  9. xenova1 says:
    Apr 1, 2017 9:07 PM
    My problem with a team moving to Las Vegas is that it has been losing population for years.


    If you don’t know what your talking about, please don’t comment. Las Vegas has been growing for the past 25 years. It added 48,000 people in 2016 and ranks as Forbes’ 16th fastest growing city.

  10. thebillscouldeventuallymove says:
    Apr 1, 2017 10:10 PM
    Almost 2 million people in the Vegas Metro area.


    the entire state of Nevada has a little over 2.7 mill.

    Las Vegas has a population of 603k.

  11. Geez. Brees sure has a lot to say about a lot of things.
    Geez, Brees was asked a question and he gave an answered…. Wow

  12. gimme a break, New Orleans is no where near Las Vegas. Plus the biggest difference between the two, is one of them has some of the world’s most beautiful women there, who are willing to get paid.

  13. Hello Raider fans! It’s the hot clubs, the in-your-face black jack and many brothels luring Raiders players on a constant basis in Las Vegas. The NFL has allowed this disastrous re-location take place. Buffalo is already quietly looking at San Antonio. Buffalo fans don’t have the money to build a new billion dollar stadium! New York State residence are over-taxed like California citizens! Wake-up! Only 50 Raider fans showed up in Las Vegas for the rally. Wow, was that kept under wraps. How about the Alabama Jets or the Utah Bears? Think about what NFL owners are doing to the league….slow destruction.

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