Le’Veon Bell’s latest April Fool’s Day gag: Threatening to sit out the season

On April 1 of 2016, Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell announced his retirement.

On April 1 of 2017, Bell offered up a slightly more plausible April Fool’s Day gag. He declared that he’ll sit out the season in lieu of signing the franchise tag.

And, unlike most, he literally used the term “literally” in the proper way. Literally.

Although he has yet to declare “April Fool’s!“, Bell surely won’t be sitting out the season and leaving more than $12 million on the table, unless he’s the kind of pity-worthy Mr. T fool who isn’t confined to April 1. Bell’s one-year guaranteed salary dramatically outpaces the running back market, and the draft is loaded with plenty of young and cheap options at the position.

From his recent groin surgery to other injuries and suspensions, Bell has missed 20 games in four years. That reality is likely keeping the team from offering him a long-term deal based on the magnitude of the franchise tag.

Regardless, Bell shouldn’t even be joking about not signing the franchise tender. Four weeks from now, if the Steelers pick a running back on one of the first two days of the draft, the joke could be on him when they rescind the franchise tender.

30 responses to “Le’Veon Bell’s latest April Fool’s Day gag: Threatening to sit out the season

  1. Steelers weren’t laughing when he sat out the AFCCG in January.

    I’m sure his prank about sitting out was well received in Pittsburgh. With that, AB making a fool out of Tomlin in the locker room, and Ben threatening to retire, it’s clear that Bradshaw was correct about “Trippin'” Tomlin. Clearly, his players don’t respect him.

  2. Roger should announce a 16 game suspension for this fool and let the fans figure out if it is a joke or not.

  3. He’s a fool. $12 million for a oft injured running back. If he doesn’t take it he is dumber. He’s a fool.

  4. He doesn’t seem aware how de-valued the RB position has become in the last decade.

    Good talent that is reliable trumps great talent with baggage.

  5. dontstabmeray says:
    Apr 1, 2017 1:28 PM
    Every team in the NFL would die to have him as their RB. Don’t lie haters.

    2 4

    Actually we are good with what we have in Dallas.. Thanks though, 3 starting RB’s is enough for one team

  6. I understand that success breeds contempt but you all sound like a bunch of jealous little girls the way you’re talking about him. He’s clearly the best running back in the NFL. Far better than any running back your team has so maybe instead of constantly hating on everything you could just give the man his props

  7. Jim Brown was/is an excellent role model. He shows that a man, regardless of color can with quiet dignity get virtually anything he desires while at the same time not leaving a bad impression behind. Today’s entitled athletes would do well to follow his example. Jim is definitely top 5 on respect list, when he speaks he doesn’t waste words, I like that. He doesn’t have to tell everyone how great he is, even if you never saw him run his demeanor demands respect. I would be interested in hearing his take on some of these guys in todays game.

  8. Jim Brown would sit out if he thought it was his best option long term – and y’all would hate him for it, too.

    Steelers should see the best thing to do in this situation is to trade him to Oakland so we can go grab that trophy. #problemsolver

  9. Patriots 36- stealers 17. Bell 6 carries for 20 yards. How’s that for props?

  10. Steelers better pay attention to what Le’Veon says here
    because he holds all the leverage now. With De’Angelo
    no longer with the team, they have no big time RB
    to tote the ball.

    The Steelers should give him his long term contract and
    throw in a music studio to keep him happy, and in Pittsburgh!

    Football is just a part time gig for Le’Veon, anyways. So even if
    he sits out a year, he can commit to his true passion, that’s right

    He knows he can make way more $$ pumping out his rhymes.
    So if he doesn’t sign this tag, don’t be surprised to see
    Le’Veon on tour, breaking down his beats at a concert near you!

  11. Highest paid RBs:
    McCoy 5 yrs, $40 mil
    Martin 5 yrs, $35 mil
    Ivory 5 yrs, $32 mil

    Bell is heads and tails better than these backs, and only Ivory was signed as an unrestricted FA. Bell can easily get $50 million over 5 years on the open market. He could have a devastating injury this season that he can’t come back from. That risk isn’t worth $12 million to the best back in the league.

  12. April Fools, eh? Just saw this on Yahoo: Goodell and 31 NFL Owners force Stephen Ross to sell the Dolphins…after all Ross voted not to allow Raiders to move to Las Vegas

  13. I don’t understand the Steelers tagging Bell. They should have put their best offer on the table and let him test free agency. With his injury history and history of using substances not approved by the league; who would want to invest big money in a long term deal? Another failed or missed test and its 10 games and a second would be an indefinite suspension.

  14. Paying $6M+ per season for a RB makes no sense anymore…. He overpaid….especially given his poor postseason performance

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