Alabama bar apologizes after patrons force Deshaun Watson to leave

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Deshaun Watson may be the most hated man in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, after he led Clemson to a victory over the Crimson Tide in January’s college football national championship game. But he still deserves to be treated with respect when he visits, and a bar in Tuscaloosa is apologizing after that didn’t happen on Friday night.

Watson was at Innisfree Irish Pub in Tuscaloosa on Friday night until he decided to leave, apparently because some Alabama fans told him he wasn’t welcome and he didn’t want the situation to get ugly. Innisfree issued a statement on Facebook apologizing for that.

“Over the years we have had thousands of visitors from rival schools and have always treated them fairly. Today was not any different,” the pub posted. “The unfolding of today’s events were not led by our staff or anyone employed by Innisfree Irish Pubs. Unfortunately a customer attempted to invoke the right to refuse service on our behalf and after being identified, was immediately asked to leave the premises following the incident. We apologize for any inconvenience this incident caused to our customers. We appreciate anyone that chooses to visit our establishment and hope to continue welcoming sports fans for years to come.”

There’s no word on why Watson was in Tuscaloosa, and he hasn’t acknowledged it publicly other than to retweet a tweet from someone who works security at another Tuscaloosa bar. That tweet described Watson as “a real standup guy.”

Watson is expected to be a first-round pick in this month’s draft.

43 responses to “Alabama bar apologizes after patrons force Deshaun Watson to leave

  1. This one right here may be the smartest kid in the draft, Watson knows he is graded as first round talent by a shoe string had he drop these clowns ala Joe mix. Deshaun might drop to the 3-4 round, by walking away he saved his self millions thats night!!!

  2. No guns.

    No knives.

    Not that much of a story.

    Our nightclub/bar stories end much worse.

    SEE: Cameo/etc.

  3. I like the way the kid “rubs it in their faces” without getting into trouble. The mark of a good leader is to know when to do what.

  4. Visiting teams fans don’t even go to bars in downtown State College for Penn State games anymore because they are treated so poorly/rude by the students.

  5. Knowing Bama fans, it probably wasn’t because he beat them in January… it was the color of his skin

  6. What he expect?Open arms!!Familys shatter over sports so you know a stranger don’t stand a chance.It really isn’t that serious but some people live for sports..we all know someone like that.

  7. Watson’s stock just doubled in my book. Using wits like he did in making the decision to leave shows he’s able to think rationally and not solely emotionally. So good to see that in a high profile college athlete these days!

  8. If you real-life hate an opposing player so much that you do something like this, you are a real d-bag. As a Bucs fan I can’t stand Cam at all, but I’m not going to treat him disrespectfully if I see him in public. For the love it’s God it’s pathetic where we are as a civilization.

  9. Good for Watson for showing smart enough to not allow this to escalate…….as for Alabama fans, well enough said…

  10. Stayed cool, calm and collected and made the correct decision. The same way he was when he drove Clemson down the field to win the big one.

  11. You lost!! Turnaround and look at the your trophy case WTH these southern teams need to have to play more up north and on the east coast like schools on SEC schedule

  12. We have a rivalry with the chickens here in SC, but some of the best people you meet are Carolina chickens. In Alabama it’s plain ugly with poisoning Auburn trees and all that mess.

  13. I live in SC and everyone here knows that while Deshawn may not be Andrew Luck coming out of college, there is no player with better character in this years draft. Not a Clemson fan myself but this young man walks the walk everyday.

  14. Some people have nothing else to live for. Remember, one of their fans, a middle aged man at that, poisoned an iconic tree at Auburn just because he didn’t like them and had “too much Bam in him “

  15. So it was Nick Saban? And is he banned from the pub for life then? Or…are we sure it wasn’t Lane Kiffin that tried to refuse service?

  16. Sounds like they did him a favor. I bet it was going to turn ugly and no matter who’s fault it was a bar fight right before the draft is bad for his draft stock.

  17. It’s rare I side with anything favoring Alabama but it’s those fans that make the money for the pub’s owners. When I watch a NFL game at my team’s location I don’t want any loudmouths from the opponent there.

  18. Excuse me but what am I missing here? Watched video several times and still haven’t seen anyone ask Wilson to leave the bar. I see where the owneers offered an apology but I would love to see what the problem was. Is there another video out there I’m not seeing?

  19. Try Nebraska. They are just as bad or worse. Few years ago death threats for one of the fb coach’s kids. In our backs like these (Alabama and the like), college football is way out of control. Academics are beyond an afterthought. Very sad.

  20. The bar says they treat opposing fans ‘fairly’? That’s a pretty low bar. How about treat all customers courteously? Also those former bama players should be banned from Innisfree Irish Pub if the bar wants to regain its reputation.

  21. I just watched the video and 1st of all it was in the middle of the day when everyone with children eating….and plus not just a fan it was a Alabama football player who was butt hurt bc he got taken down by #13 on Clemson (hunter) on the last play!!! Ryan Anderson…..He was eating lunch with a group of people doing nothing but eating. I can say if a Alabama player came to the Esso club in Clemson he would be able to eat his meal in peace. Deshawn is a class act and he will do great things far more then Ryan.

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