Dolphins will visit with a pair of draft-eligible safeties

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With the draft less than a month away, all teams are scheduling and/or executing the 30 permitted in-person visits with prospects. The Dolphins, who have added a couple of safeties in free agency, are using two of their 30 visits on rookie safeties.

Via Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald, the Dolphins will meet with Justin Evans from Texas A&M (pictured) and Josh Jones of N.C. State.

Teams typically don’t announce or otherwise disclose the rookies who visit. Sometimes, teams use the visits as a way to conceal their true intentions. Other teams have a strong correlation between the players with whom they visit and the players they draft.

The best year-to-year approach for any team would be to have no set pattern in this regard.

It’s a high-stakes guessing game, given the chances that a team could see itself leap-frogged by a team that sniffs out the interest. That said, full concealment of interest results in players being picked without ever meeting them or talking to them, which makes the rest of the process of gathering information even more critical.

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  1. As a Pats fan I can’t stand the fish, but I have great respect for their head coach Adam Gase. He’s a talented young man that if kept on board, will keep them just below the Pats at second place. After Belicheck has retired they’ll be in a position to “possibly” overtake the Pats.

  2. To be precise, the team aren’t visiting – it is normally (as in this case) the players who are visiting teams’ headquarters.

  3. streetyson: I think you are wrong on 2 counts. You said the team aren’t visiting and it should be the team isn’t visiting. But to the visit part
    Visit- is an act of going or coming to see a person or place socially, as a tourist, or for some other purpose.

  4. fansasananus at least when they are gone maybe the NFL won’t have to deal with all the constant cheating that they keep getting caught for !!!! What it is almost 2 decades of their cheating? Enough is enough.

  5. Yes!!! it was all this so-called “constant cheating” that held everybody back!! Otherwise, it would be fair. Wake up…

    Sour grapes will not now, nor in the future, get you anywhere. Drafting well and coaching will.

  6. No way Brady plays 6 or 7 more years. I think it’s 1 or 2. Your days are numbered. I would like us to beat you while you still have Brady.

  7. Bellacheat has not drafted well, butches convinced players to play for a discount because they were lucky to get Brady as an after thought.

  8. Another “exclusive” for PFT! Very slow news day….talking to 2 safeties out of 30 players seems about right. SMH

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