Marquette King has a new hobby

Getty Images

At a time when the NFL supposedly is considering whether to redraw the line between permissible celebrations and penalties, here’s something the league will never let happen in one of its stadiums.

Raiders punter Marquette King has posted a video of himself punting a football — and then trying to shoot it. With a shotgun.

As noted by Mark Hinog of, King likely missed, given the manner in which the ball bounces after it hits the ground.

Anyone who has tried to shoot clay pigeons knows how hard it is to hit a small moving target. But a football is a lot bigger than the orange disks people like me have tried (and failed) to hit on a consistent basis. Which means not that King should have hit it on the first try, but that he should have kept trying, because it would have been neat to see what happens when a football gets instantly deflated to much less than 12.5 PSI.