Why did the Patriots leak the Adrian Peterson visit?

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When it comes to the Patriots of the past generation, one thing is clear: News gets disclosed only when they want it to be.

So why did the Patriots want news of the looming Adrian Peterson visit to be disclosed? Let’s explore the reasons. Or maybe the reason, singular.

They have yet to re-sign running back LeGarrette Blount, who led the league in rushing touchdowns last year and who remains a free agent. Assuming the team wants him back (why wouldn’t it?), it’s safe to assume Blount wants more than the team has offered.

So what better way to get Blount to take what’s on the table than to openly flirt with someone else?

Yes, it’s possible the Patriots genuinely are interested in Peterson. If the Patriots were, though, the Patriots would have kept it quiet (and insisted on secrecy from Peterson’s camp) until Tuesday afternoon, when the Monday visit that wasn’t reported in time to make it to the Monday transaction report finally would have come to light. By then, the Patriots would have had a chance to make a decision on whether the Patriots want him without risking that someone else will cough up more money in an effort to get him signed.

It’s hard to imagine Peterson and the Patriots doing a deal in the near future. The Patriots surely won’t pay him what he’s looking for, and Peterson could have an issue with the whole “do your job” thing, given that doing his job will consist of no longer being the focal point of the offense, like he’s been for the past decade in Minnesota.

If Peterson ultimately is going to take less money and accept a reduced role in a diverse offense with an ever-expanding corps of pass catchers, he can wait until he’s absolutely certain that no one else will offer him more cash and a bigger role. For now, it’s likely a get-acquainted session at best, or at worst a shot across Blount’s bow.

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  1. Having Peterson come to town without anybody finding out would be tougher than winning five super bowl. I’m not seeing the conspiracy here.

  2. This is like that time Gary Payton and Karl Malone joined the Shaq/Kobe Lakers to make a “super team” that everyone expected to win another championship. These things tend not to work out.

  3. @tonebones

    Nice subtle 5lombardi trophy comment.

    Congrats, and welcome to the neighborhood


    9ERS, Cowboys, Steelers


    Rule #1

    Act like a 10yr vet that’s done it before.

  4. This is Belichik.

    He is at least 2 steps ahead of the other GMs (on a bad day), he’s 4 steps ahead of us guys in the cheap seats, and he just plays with people like Florio for amusement.

  5. Ooooooh, ooooooooooh, I know, cause they are a dirty cheating lying franchise?

  6. And the Pat’s are in your head if you have to try to figure this out. No cheating, just head games. My guess is ends up being Reggie Wayne and doesn’t want to work too hard.

  7. Why would they not want Blount back? Maybe his less than stellar performance over the last 2 years (TDs aside). His scoring of TDs is as much or more a function of the offense and situation than of his skill. He has had some nice runs, but they come maybe 2 or 3 times over 17 or 18 games, not once a week or even once a month… He is tackled for a loss on quite a few of his attempts, he isn’t a pass catcher out of the backfield, and even his TDs usually take 2 or more shots to get in from a yard out… I liked him enough on his productive runs last year, but he was more frustrating than anything. I’d take him over nothing, but Peterson is much, much better.

  8. Peterson leaked it. He wants any interested team to “hurry up before it’s too late.”

  9. Peterson will end up in Tampa Bay, Houston, Detroit or NY Giants. They are the 4 teams that need his skillset most. And will contend for the playoffs with him aboard.

  10. If he jumps on the bandwagon ..why not. All players would like to look
    back on their career and show their grandkids the ” ring”.
    Having made a lot of money and having close to a Hall of Fame career,
    why not have a great year helping the Pats to a Super Bowl win?
    If I am a writer looking to put Peterson in the Hall….I look at his career ..then add a year where he unselfishly leads or helps the
    Patriots to win a Super Bowl .. it worked for Jerome Bettis!
    So if I am Peterson I might give a discount that allows myself to
    guarantee the entrance to the Hall of Fame.

  11. They only really have room for one RB who does nothing on special teams or on passing downs. Peterson is going to have to prove that he can be that guy that takes 15-20 snaps a game at RB and running like one of the leagues best weapons at RB (which he hasn’t done in a while).

    And then he’s going to have to be paid like that… which is near the veteran minimum.

    I can’t really see either side doing this deal. This has to be Peterson’s agent asking the Patriots for a favor (getting his clients name associated with them).

  12. Why wouldn’t AP want to play for NE and a very low price. The risk/reward is very high for both parties. AP has made more money in his career than he will ever need (well, that may have been jumping to conclusions since this guy may own the record for the most child support he has to pay), and it’s definitely worth it to play on the cheap for a team like NE who would finally give him a ring to cap off a excellent career. Even if it is a reduced roll in the offense, if he gets a few touches each game , it would be worth it to him to accept that roll and have a good chance to play in and win a Super Bowl. On the Patriots side, they have the opportunity to pick up a player at a very good price, who could still contribute to their winning. If AP can do his thing and run the ball a couple times per game, that can’t hurt the offense. He doesn’t need to be the only guy carrying the load in NE. Give him the ball a few times each game and see what happens.

    I know that the majority these days is on the “Hate Adrian Bandwagon” , but it really could work out well and benefit both teams if a deal and expectations are handled properly.

  13. Why? Because they won free agency, in spite of their future through the draft. They’re finally starting to believe the myopia of their fans and media: They. Can. Do. No. Wrong. Thing is? I think they’re finally loosing up and having fun with it all now.

    And you know what? They’re probably right!

  14. Peterson wants big bucks because he thinks he is still a 3 down back and wants to be the offensive focus. That is not a Belichick offense. Plus even if he accepts a reduced role then he has to overcome this problem of fumbles. I don’t think this pairing would work well.

  15. .
    Last year the Patriots paid Chris Long 2 million which was way under market . Peterson, who has made over 90 million in his career, might be interested in such a deal.

    At 32 , Peterson is no longer a 25 carry a game guy. He could be a good situational player however.

  16. Peterson was a great RB, and who knows might be a good one now. But he makes no sense for the Pats for the following reasons. He is a suspect pass blocker, a non-factor as a receiver, and tends to fumble more than you’d like.

    Who knows why the Pats even bothered to see him. Maybe it was a favor to his agent, or a way to distract the media from the constant Butler and Garapolo stories.

    The Pats now have 4 RB’s on the roster (Burkhead, White, Lewis, and Foster) who can all catch the ball and run a bit too. What they need is a banger. They could find it in the draft, or they can wait until after and sign LBG for a small raise and bring him back for another year. OR they might be happy with what they have.

    Who knows what Bill will do. Most likely it will be the thing we least expect.

  17. Blount is a good short goal or 1st down, pound it in there runner. If AP ever was that, I am thinking he is not anymore.

    It is possible they are looking for one more weapon to get Tom his 6th ring. Maybe go all in on this one.
    But, as mentioned, AP will have to be a team player and play for less.
    Can he do that? Doesn’t he have wads of C support to pay?
    Interested to read what happens bere tomorrow.

  18. For guys nearing the end of their career the odds of winning a Super Bowl go from about 1 in 50 on average to 50/50 with the Pats. That’s a huge carrot.

  19. ronnielottsfinger says:
    Apr 2, 2017 8:32 PM

    This is like that time Gary Payton and Karl Malone joined the Shaq/Kobe Lakers to make a “super team” that everyone expected to win another championship. These things tend not to work out.

    Worked out pretty well for the 2001-2002 Detroit Redwings…..Hull, Hasek, Robitaille, Chelios, Lidstrom, Yzerman, Fedorov. Shanahan

  20. These things tend not to work out.

    But when Belichick does a deal , it tends to work out pretty well for the Patriots – after the inevitable expert comments from the high school Harry fans, Boston writers and network talking heads about his stupidity, arrogance,and disloyalty of course.

  21. Interesting comments but not having seen many MN games, and knowing very little about the player led me to other sites and stats.

    For what it is worth, as a Pats fan, early in the process, I thought it would be cool to have him on board, now not so much. He is a terrible blocker and his pass reception stats are not that impressive either. The Pats offense has been predicated on multi purpose personnel. AP does not appear to be that type of player but then again he never had a QB like Brady either. Can he get better in those areas? At this stage of his career it is a stretch at best but BB and TB are like characters in a fairy tale, gold from straw baby gold from straw!

    We will see but my guess is he will not be signed by the Pats.

  22. faithful49er707 says:
    Apr 2, 2017 8:41 PM

    Nice subtle 5lombardi trophy comment.

    Congrats, and welcome to the neighborhood


    9ERS, Cowboys, Steelers


    Rule #1

    Act like a 10yr vet that’s done it before


    you mean like steve young did with the whole monkey on his back thing? gimme a break. your franchise is a joke now sir.

  23. This is Belichick doing his homework on an available player. He is always on the lookout for a low risk, high reward type situation. Seemingly has one signing of this type each year. Doubtful he signs, but if he does it would be on a one year “prove yourself” contract.

  24. Not really know for pass catching ability, but still extremely talented. Not sure how he would fit in N.E. Judging by this offseason for them anything is possible.

  25. Everyone thinks Peterson’s done. Even most Pats fans comments think he’s done and don’t want him.

    That’s why it just seems to scream, “Patriots sign Adrian Peterson.”

    It would be fun to see Gronk say : “Yo Adrian.”

  26. Nice subtle 5lombardi trophy comment.

    Congrats, and welcome to the neighborhood


    9ERS, Cowboys, Steelers


    Rule #1

    Act like a 10yr vet that’s done it before.


    Advice from a niners fan? Lol

  27. So, the Patriots won;t consider drafting someone that hit a woman, but will consider signing someone who beat their child????

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