Does Roger Goodell want a new contract?


As PFT reported over the weekend, NFL owners met privately last week to commence the process of planning for the negotiation of Commissioner Roger Goodell’s next contract. This presumes that Goodell wants one.

Via Daniel Kaplan of SportsBusiness Journal, that question was directly posed to Goodell last week as he was exiting the press conference that concluded the annual meeting. Goodell declined to comment.

Goodell, as Kaplan notes, has leverage. With Goodell’s current deal expiring in 2019, and given that the labor deal and TV contracts expire early next decade, the league arguably needs Goodell more than Goodell needs the league. Especially since he’s undoubtedly saved more than enough money to walk away at what would be the age of 60.

Some NFL owners, as PFT has explained, want to use their leverage. More specifically, Jerry Jones, an influential owner not currently on the Compensation Committee, wants the contract to be negotiated by all owners, and not by just a handful of them.

The league’s official committee assignments as of 2016 show Falcons owner Arthur Blank (chairman), Chiefs owner Clark Hunt, Patriots owner Robert Kraft, Texans owner Bob McNair, Giants co-owner John Mara, and Steelers owner Art Rooney II as the members of the group. (Kaplan reports that the list as of 2016 is the same as of now.) Whether Jones is simply miffed because he was omitted from the committee or whether he genuinely believes all owners should have a voice in the process, Jones has argued for greater involvement and oversight, in an effort to perhaps reduce the total expenditure on the Commissioner’s compensation package.

Outsiders have argued that the job could be competently filled at a much lower annual rate. The counter is that the Commissioner deserves to be rewarded based on the immense financial growth of the league (even if some would say no specific thing he actually did has caused it). Also, because Goodell routinely moves in the same circles as network executives who make many multiple millions per year, there’s a school of thought that Goodell needs to be in that same stratosphere.

Five years ago, in the aftermath of the lockout, the NFL disclosed that Goodell actually made less than former NFL Network chief Steve Bornstein in the fiscal year that ended on March 31, 2011, with Goodell getting $11.554 million and Bornstein receiving $12.2 million. That changed dramatically a year later, with Goodell getting nearly $30 million over the next 12 months and Bornstein’s pay dropping to $5.7 million.

The lockout and its aftermath seems to have triggered the massive jump in Goodell’s pay, which moved to $44.2 million the next year.

For now, the question is whether the NFL can get away with saving maybe $1 million per team per year on Commissioner compensation, knocking the package back into the range it occupied before the last lockout. While not much money for a collection of billion-dollar businesses, those businesses didn’t grow by overpaying employees.

The league, led by the Commissioner, has done an effective job of negotiating favorable terms at all times. This time, the league and its Commissioner could eventually be locked in a stare down with millions at stake — and with the Commissioner’s nuclear option arising from his ability to say, “All right. That’s it for me!

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  1. Goodell has done exactly what Mara has asked him to do every step of the way. The real question is whether the other owners want a professional organization with a CEO, a CFO, a human resources department, etc. If they do, then they need to gut the current structure. Oh, Robert and Jonathan Kraft want Jeff Pash and not Roger Goodell gone, so anything here that leads to more power for Pash is a bad thing.

  2. The NFL would be outside of their minds if they bring him back. If they are smart, they are already doing their homework on his replacement after the 2019 season, if not sooner.

  3. The 2017 compensation committee membership is the same as 2016’s even though Blank stepped down when he cut back on the number of committees he was on due to health concerns and Stephen Ross was reported as taking his place? It’s interesting that the compensation committe’s membership is one of the league’s most closely guarded secrets. It’s not hard to find the list of members for most other committees but that one is as closely guarded as the password for operating the Goodellbot.

  4. Condi Rice is waiting in the wings. This is her avowed “dream job”. [Not fake news.]

    Maybe WikiLeaks can make it happen.

  5. For all the money goodell makes, he will make the league far more than that on the next cba. He needs to continue to push the legal boundaries with massive punishments so that the players association gives up big financial concessions in exchange for stripping goodell of his power. I can promise you this has been the league’s end game all along.

  6. can him – a real Commissioner would not have destroyed the cheating evidence 10 years ago and given Belicheat 0 games while Sean Payton was given 16

  7. I view Goodell with contempt but Jerry Jones better hope Goodell has a financial reason to keep all of Jones’ secrets. Jones is the Norma Desmond of NFL owners, living off past laurels.

  8. As much as everyone loves to beat on Goodell, I’m genuinely interested to see if the grass is in fact greener on the other side. In most cases it is not. Hard to believe any replacement could make as many people angry as this commish, though.

  9. .
    1. There’s easily a thousand business executives in the US who could have done a much better job than Goodell. He’s not indispensable as reported.

    2. With all the pent up hostility over the Brady, Rice, Peterson et al affairs, Goodell himself will become a central issue in the next contract negotiations . The NFLPA has publicly stated that they don’t trust Goodell and in business it’s near impossible to get a deal done with an untrustworthy partner. The owners are fools if they insist on forcing Goodell down the players throats. If they do, I will be expecting a long, bitter and protracted work stoppage.

  10. Everybody hates Goodell. I get that but the Owners love him for growing their profits big. I, like you, are displeased with many of his actions as Commisioner, but keep in mind, he is merely a monkey puppet of the Owners, with little independent discretion. He does what he’s told (Peter Gabriel). I doubt he is going anywhere unless his public image becomes too much of a nightmare for the Owners.

  11. Don’t care how well the league is doing financially. They could absolutely do better for less money. And even if they could just do better for more money they should do it. Goodell is not good for the league. I get he’s a puppet. But getting a forward thinker like Adam Silver would be much better.

  12. I’m sure I can get $20 a bottle selling water in the desert. That doesn’t make me a good salesman. It makes me lucky being the only one with water.

  13. Seriously? Juvenile name calling? FYI I am a baby boomer and veteran of the Southeast Asian War Games. Since that was well before your time I’d just like to take a moment to let you know we came in second btw. My grandchildren are millennials and infinitely more polite and well reasoned than your juvenile posts indicate you are. I went to college up there and married a Boston girl from a family of die hard sports fans. When we lived up there we even had season tickets and froze our butts off on those aluminum bleachers in that ridiculous cement bowl they used to call home. I have immense respect for the Pats and the older fans that have been there through thick and thin. I also find it ridiculous that the jealous hating fools refer to most Pats fans as bandwagoners when that ‘bandwagon’ has been rolling for 20+ years and someone placed on it at birth is now old enough to drink, it’s you and your ilk I hold in contempt. From the moment the Wells report was released I called out framegate for what it was and got slammed here for it. You even quoted some of my posts and thanked me for them. You should be more careful who you challenge to a battle of football wits when you are so obviously unarmed as is evidenced by the falsehoods you post here on a regular basis.


    i would welcome a work stoppage as a diehard fan of
    35 years to right the wrong known as goodell

    he has been caught lying in federal courts 3 times

    if kraft pushed spygate into the courts in 2008, goodell would have
    been caught then too.

  14. Actually, Mark Cuban might make a great Commish. He’s tough with good future vision. Not totally sure, but he might have to divest himself of existing sports ownerships to claim the NFL throne, but I would vote for him if I had a vote.

  15. Why do my fellow Pats fans get so mad at Goodell?
    He’s a puppet for all the owners and does what they want, with a net worth of almost half a billion, i don’t think he’s too worried about what we think of him.
    Roger That!

  16. Common consensus rumor is that Tod Leiweke is being groomed for the position. Regardless, Goodell did what he was supposed to for the owners. If you don’t like it, take it up with your owner, who I’m sure will be more than willing to take a Gallup poll of their fan-base in order to better do the bidding of the people with their team and money.

  17. Just remember one thing. With the NFL, it’s all about the money. Nothing else matters except tv ratings which you and I contribute to. That is our only true recourse. Man, I can’t wait for my Sunday Ticket subscription fees to quadruple in the next few years. It’s coming.

  18. They must want to continue driving fans away from the game if they bring this vile little worm of a man back on a new contract.

  19. >actually played football at a high level
    >involved in game-planning
    >Arkansas bootlegger lineage
    >PR background
    >liberal on marijuana, gambling, general philandering
    >conservative on flags, national anthem.

    Jerry Jones. He’s going to run the show anyway, this is just a formality.

  20. Go down to a local pet store, buy a monkey, and he’ll do a better job than Roger. And he’ll work for peanuts too.

  21. Goodell lacks every skill and competencies required to be the NFL Commissioner.

    NFL needs to hire a new head (face) of the league.

  22. While not much money for a collection of billion-dollar businesses, those businesses didn’t grow by overpaying employees.

    See, you do have a tiny bit of republican in you.

  23. Unfortunately Goodell makes them money, and you cant argue with $$$. He isn’t going anywhere.

    He is to the NFL, what Michael Bay is to Transformers. The Transformers are terrible, people complain all the time… but it ends up making billions each time.

  24. As long as Roger continues to attack the NE Patriots, Im good. Double his pay. Now.

  25. Roger loves the power. He will want to stay. The only other job he would seek is US Senator for the state of New York. It still drives Roger crazy that his dad lost the position after he was appointed to fill the vacancy left by Robert Kennedy’s death.

  26. A chimpanzee could be Commissioner and the NFL would make $$ – show Goodell the door and get someone with a smidgen of integrity in the job!

  27. He obviously needs to go, but before he does, he should have to personally apologize to every man, woman, and child on the way out of Dodge while begging for their forgiveness as he’s escorted by authorities to an undisclosed location of house arrest where he can be properly supervised to prevent him from doing any more irreparable harm to the sport and league.

    Also, strip him off his ill-gotten millions. This is the most overpaid person in the history of life.

  28. I’ll never understand the crazy anger here about Goodell. He’s just a figurehead who does what the majority of the owners want him to do.

    If you like or don’t like the NFL’s drug policy, that’s on Jerry Jones, John Mara and Steve Tisch, Dan and Art Rooney, George McCaskey, and the other owners. Goodell didn’t set the league’s actions on Adrian Peterson, Ray Rice, Tom Brady, the Patriot organization, etc. That’s the owners speaking through Goodell.

    This doesn’t mean Goodell is a great guy or victim, a good guy or a bad guy. Not at all. He’s just a ventriloquist’s dummy for the owners. The next commissioner will be the same. That’s how it is with all sports commissioners.

  29. They would be stupid to can him. The NFLPA wants to cut his authority and power in the next CBA. They will have a much better argument if the Commissioner is inexperienced, and so they would have to give up less to get it… Also, the NFLPA might just drop the argument if Goodell is gone, and move onto seeking more revenue sharing. That’s where the NFL desperately wants to keep the NFLPA from going.

  30. I say give a new contract with a lower salary but with incentives. For each time he suspends or catches the Patriots cheating, he gets a $10M bonus.

  31. There is probably no hope left for this league, but if the owners extend Goodell it will be the last act that shows they care nothing about the fans, the players, or the health of the league in general. It will once-and-for-all prove the owners care about nothing but money. The only thing that has improved under Goodell is TV contracts. The league’s image in both the fans’ and players’ minds is pretty much at an all-time low due to Goodell’s handling of both on and off-field matters. Ray Rice, Deflategate, Thursday night games, international games….etc, etc. etc.

    The NFL has peeked. Soccer will take over over the next 50 years and the NFL will be an afterthought by the time I’m an old man.

  32. The NFL owners, financially and especially PR-wise, would be much better off with getting a new commissioner. Goodell has tarnished his reputation so much with the fans that the league could start seeing residual effects on their own PR, given that he’s the face of the management aspect of the NFL.

    Take this opportunity to acquire a new commissioner that will make the NFLPA more inclined to negotiate for the next CBA and get the bad taste out of fan’s mouths. Anything Goodell says now is criticized, whether it’s fair or not. Having Adam Silver take over for David Stern in the NBA did wonders with how fans view the upper management of the NBA. The NFL would be smart to mirror their approach.

  33. What kind of leverage does this clown have? I could go hire someone off the street to run that league and it’d still make the cash it does. If anything, Goodell is hurting the league and turning away a percentage of former fans because he is a dbag.

    I have to laugh at anyone who actually tries to give this chump credit for that league being so successful. It was before he became commish and I don’t know of a single thing that has bettered the league where I can say “yeah, Goodell was the difference maker there” as he’s done nothing positive.

    He’s probably got one of the easiest jobs in the world right now.

  34. This is the type of story that actually causes my blood pressure to skyrocket. I hate admitting it. But Goodell is such a vile individual with no redeeming value that I can see, that the thought of him still being commissioner now let alone having his contract renewed disgusts me.

    There is no rational reason for this. It is only because, contrary to what the “Goodell is a minion of the owners” group believe, he is not. He is like J. Edgar Hoover was to the FBI. Incoming presidents hated him on both sides of the aisle. But he had dirt on all of them. Same with Goodell.

    The man just makes it not worth following the game anymore. Wish I could control that emotion better, but so far I haven’t been able to.

  35. LOL at all the fan boys that think they have the knowledge, background, experience and PR abilites to be an NFL Commissioner. Tell me again where your day job is? Selling sinks at Sears? Perfect!

  36. fatsolio says:
    Apr 3, 2017 3:27 PM
    What kind of leverage does this clown have?

    Well he does know where the bodies are buried, since he killed them and buried them after getting his orders from above. Not to say that would help him all that much, his nondisclosure clause probably calls for any violation to result in his spontaneous combustion. Guess we are back to the old standby, compromising pictures of unnatural acts involving barnyard animals. You know, the same thing Loomis has to have on Benson to remain employed

  37. ” and given that the labor deal and TV contracts expire early next decade, the league arguably needs Goodell more than Goodell needs the league.”

    Bob Kraft stepped and closed those deals last time when Goodell was struggling to get the networks to terms.

  38. Can You Get Him A Contract And A First Class Plane Ticket Straight To The Discarded Unemployment Line Is All That New York Shmuck Deserves

  39. The NFL product has increased in value so much since Goodell took over, he’s due for a hefty raise. There is one thing every owner has in common. They love money, and Goodell makes them plenty. I’ve been watching and consuming the NFL product for several decades and it has never been as good as it is now.

  40. “Outsiders have argued that the job could be competently filled at a much lower annual rate.”

    I hear George Costanza is available. He’s not that expensive.

  41. “LOL at all the fan boys that think they have the knowledge, background, experience and PR abilites to be an NFL Commissioner. ”

    If Goodell can do it, I’m not seeing a very high bar to clear there. Is there any aspect of the job that he performs competently? He’s just an overpaid kiss-ass.

    There are a lot of people with legal and/or
    management experience that could do the job for a lot cheaper than what the NFL is paying Goodell. Anybody with even a smidgen of legal experience would save the league millions of dollars of court fees. Constantly going to court to defend rulings made on tortured readings of the CBA is a huge waste of league money.

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