Melvin Ingram not at start of Chargers workouts

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The Chargers’ offseason program got underway on Monday, although, like all offseason work outside of a three-day minicamp later in the spring, attendance is voluntary for players under contract to the team.

It’s also voluntary for players who have been given the franchise tag and have yet to sign their tender, which makes it no surprise that Michael Gehlken of PFT reports from San Diego — where the team is holding workouts — that linebacker Melvin Ingram is not in attendance.

Ingram was tagged earlier this year, setting him up to make $14.55 million for the 2017 season if the two sides don’t agree on a multi-year deal before the July 15 deadline to do so. He got the non-exclusive version of the tag, so another team could also conceivably sign him to an offer sheet with two first-round picks going to the Chargers if they don’t match but there’s no sign such a move is a possibility.

It’s rare to see players with tags take part in any offseason work with their teams before signing a new deal or signing the tender, so it may be a while before Ingram is back in the team facility.

3 responses to “Melvin Ingram not at start of Chargers workouts

  1. Carson City team morale is at a low point. They don’t like the re-location. There are NO home games for 2 to 3 years. And fully realize that the Spanos “Mob” will be putting the team up for sale. Also instead of fully supporting Rivers, rookie head coach Lynn is touting the need to draft Rivers replacement. You don’t “advertise” that with all the other bad stuff going on with this team. Sad.

  2. The post above makes little sense to me

    The business of football has already told Eli, Ben and Philip that their teams will be drafting quarterbacks soon

    That is just smart football to anyone with any kind of respectable football IQ

    And this whole deal about players hating on the Spanish family because of the belief that they are going to sell the team makes no sense

    If players are upset at the ownership for moving them then they would be happy if they had new ownership wouldn’t they?

    These two beefs that people say the players have are not about the players

    They are beefs that some of the players’ fans have and are try to project upon them, the players, so they can feel good about themselves by, in their thinking, standing up for players

    Those who project this line of thinking, thank-you for being concerned and caring fans but please realize that this projected belief is about you and not the players

    If you can do this you will find that the conversations will be a little more about actual football matters

    Sorry for the rant but, I really just like football more than cookies and milk

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