Report: Adrian Peterson visit with Patriots ends without a deal

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The Patriots had running back Adrian Peterson in for a visit on Monday, but it appears the day will end with Peterson still a free agent.

Field Yates of reports that Peterson’s visit came to an end without a deal being struck between the two sides. Per Yates, they may revisit things down the road but that there’s nothing to stop Peterson from meeting and/or signing with another club.

A visit with the Patriots could help get the ball rolling on that front, although Peterson has only had one other visit since the Vikings released him and his meeting with the Seahawks didn’t do anything to generate other interest around the league.

Mike Florio suggested on these pages that Monday’s visit may have been designed to get the attention of LeGarrette Blount, who is also a free agent and could be more willing to agree to New England’s terms for a return to the Patriots after Peterson’s visit. We’ll see if anything develops on that front and where things might develop for Peterson as his search for a 2017 home continues.

22 responses to “Report: Adrian Peterson visit with Patriots ends without a deal

  1. Not surprising. Tire kicking exercise and likely to honor his request to meet with the Pats.

    He’s simply not a fit in skill set and with his abuse baggage, fumblitis, ACL, age, lack of understanding why blocking correctly is important, and his weak catching skills, it does not make sense.

  2. The Pats asked AP how Ty Montgomery, a true 2nd year WR already had more playoff wins as a RB than AP has mustered in 10 years in Minnesota. AP replied, “What are playoffs?”


  3. Full transcript of conversation:

    “So Adrian the deal is 3 mil for one year, 1 mil guaranteed, and a really good chance to win a championship.”

    “I’m more at 3 yrs 30M and 15 mil guaranteed.”

    “The cab is right outside. Best of luck.”

  4. RandyinRoxbury says:
    Apr 3, 2017 4:35 PM
    We don’t need AP, we have BLOUNT force!

    I know not this ‘we’ you speak of chipster. If you really were a Pats fan (or read the article) you would know Blount is an unrestricted free agent. Pats got 3 birds with one stone here, they did his agent a solid, sent a message to Blount and got a look at an ‘in case of emergency’ player.

  5. Peterson has lost a lot of his juice, but he could excel in the role Blount had last season. He’s still big and strong and can slam his body into the line to run out the clock in the fourth quarter. If Blount goes elsewhere, the Pats will probably sign Peterson after the draft if they don’t fill that need with a rookie.

    Sorry, Adrian, but that’s the best we got for you right now.

  6. Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!

    There was never going to be a deal. This was used to yank Blount’s chain. That’s all.

    AP should have known something was up when BB went off to lunch when AP started his workout. Nothin’ serious was going on here, except BB getting a chuckle or two.

    If BB actually wanted to kick AP’s tires, he would have noticed they were all flat anyway.

  7. They were never going to sign him. This was nothing more than trying to give Blount a nudge back onto the team.

    “Does Kraft own an Arena football team?”

    Nope, only the MLS Revolution and I don’t think a soccer team needs a washed up RB.

  8. The problem with AP is not his skills at this age. Its his ego.

    Plenty of teams would still love to have his talent but not his ego.

  9. nflpoker says:
    Apr 3, 2017 5:09 PM
    Does Kraft own an Arena football team? AP may get a contract there.

    Don’t be silly, those guys have to be able to catch the ball and block. Kraft does own a soccer team though…

  10. I told you sniveling Pats fans that Blount could make more money elsewhere and that there was a good chance he wouldn’t resign with you and so many of you freaked out on me but it looks there’s a good chance I’ll be right per usual
    Now please tell us more about how you feel about Roger Goodell because we’re all real concerned and we care a lot

  11. The Phantom Stranger says:

    He’s still big and strong and can slam his body into the line to run out the clock in the fourth quarter.

    I can do that.

  12. staffordisbetterthanyourteamsqb says:
    Apr 3, 2017 5:33 PM
    I told you sniveling Pats fans…

    So you thought Randy, super and 4life were going to tell the rest of us? Honestly chipster it’s bad enough when you pose as one of us, besmirching poor Lions fans is really going too far.

  13. For everyone saying AD is washed up, you are seriously just talking out of your rear end. He is still a top 5 running back in the league and given a chance to run behind any offensive line (besides that joke the Vikings fielded) he will still be a 12-1500 yard back easy. Yes injuries have taken a small toll but he is a freak of nature and will show everyone what a mistake they are making by sleeping on him. I just hope he is smart enough to pick a team like the Raiders or Packers with a good O-line and take an incentive laden contract. However I fear he is not the brightest bulb on the strand and will hold out for big money for a crappy team like the Browns.

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