Report: Broncos, Texans still not trading for Tony Romo

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Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is trying to drum up interest in a Tony Romo trade, but it’s apparently not happening.

The two teams that have been tied to Romo in various trade scenarios, the Broncos and Texans, are both unwilling to trade for Romo, according to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network.

Jones told the other 31 teams that they are free to contact Romo, even though he’s under contract to the Cowboys, if they want to have him come in for a visit or a workout. Obviously, that means Jones hopes some team will kick the tires on Romo, conclude that he’s still got something left in the tank in the month he turns 37, and offer the Cowboys a draft pick for his services.

But so far there’s been no interest in Romo, as teams may figure that he’ll be eventual with no compensation soon enough because the Cowboys will cut him rather than keeping a backup with a $14 million base salary on their roster. It’s unclear whether Romo will play at all this season, and unclear where he’ll play if he does play, and Jones’s efforts haven’t done anything to clarify the situation.

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  1. Why would anyone trade anything for a 37 year old QB coming off an injury? (and one with a bunch of wear and tear on his body)

    Especially one with a contract like Romo’s?

    If the Cowboys want something (like cap relief), they may have to move down (in the 7th?) to get someone to take Romo.

  2. Hey thanks for the update. I should also let you know I’m not having a torrid affair with Jessica Alba. The restraining order is almost expired so I’m pretty optimistic.

    Also, is Tom Brady’s jersey still found? Can we get an update on that. Thanks

  3. In Jerry’s twisted mind the Broncos and Texans are just about ready to offer a high draft pick for Romo.
    Cross his heart and hope to die.

  4. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving owner. Jerry Jones is a pig. He inferred he would release Romo after they had their mutually beneficial understanding. Then someone must have bruised his ego by chastising Jones for agreeing to get nothing in return.

    That has nothing to do with being a good businessman. That’s how pigs operate. But life doesn’t lie. If Jones really knew anything about football, he would have earned his own SuperBowl by now. That’s never going to happen, though. And his dealings with Romo is just one of the many reasons why.

  5. wolfiereasonedlife says:
    Apr 3, 2017 7:24 PM
    Hey thanks for the update. I should also let you know I’m not having a torrid affair with Jessica Alba. The restraining order is almost expired so I’m pretty optimistic.

    Also, is Tom Brady’s jersey still found? Can we get an update on that. Thanks

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    NEW favorite post… Good stuff!

  6. Jerry Jones also said he was all about the “do right” thing.
    Looks like he was kidding.
    The only thing that Jones considers do right is that you do right by his bottom line.

  7. C’mon, I wanna see Jones throw an indignation tantrum. Doesn’t everyone need to hear him denigrate the rest of the league for not beating a path to Romo’s door? He is, after all, according to Jones, “going to win a SB.” If I were Jones I’d be so ticked I’d keep Romo out of spite. Don’t put it past him.

  8. I don’t necessarily faul Jerry for being a somewhat shady business owner. It worked for the Cowboys and the Patriots, and the Raiders back in the day. But what could he possibly get in a trade for a 37 year old QB coming off of multiple injuries?

  9. If either the Broncos or the Texans offer a 2024 7th round pick, they can theoretically close the other team out and sign Romo before he gets released.

    Not totally crazy what Jerry is trying to do, but I still doubt it works.

  10. When Peyton was released from the Colts, he was a risk, following 4 neck surgeries and sitting out a year. Romo is a solid qb but not in the same class of Masking who took Denver to two Superbowls in 4 years. Both Houston aND Denver can be patient on this one. I door neither will blink.

  11. bunch of drama queens around here……no reason to do anything rash with Romo. Boys have the cap space, he knows his place on the team and nothing wrong either with having the best back up QB around.

  12. Shocker Jerry is dragging this out. False promises are no surprise here. Sounds like a promising candidate for the Republican Party in 2020. Make America Do Right Again. Hahahaha

  13. Why is Jerry Jones a pig? Did Romo lay down on his last contract?
    No! He got every penny he could,. No discount to help the team.
    So why is Jerry not allowed to find value….especially when he has stated he will work with Romo on the destination. ( by the way this might actually lessen the Cowboys bargaining position …but because they have always layed down for Romo and allowed him to do what he wanted…this is no surprise).
    So don’t bitch …the Cowboys have always treated Romo well…in fact
    too well….just ask the last two head coaches Phillips and Garrett who have spike marks from Tony pulling rank on them. Hurt ….hey Tony ..we require our players to report for rehab…..oh don’t do that!
    Dez…why did you miss your rehab? Your fined …..Dez ..replies
    ” why me …but Romo gets no fine!” …makes a head coaches life easy.
    Leaders do what is best for all….Romo did what was best for him..
    The Cowboys have every right to seek value….just like Romo did in his last contract negotiation.

  14. Both teams are smart enough to know that the Cowpies have no choice but to release him, so they are going to wait. It costs them nothing to wait and they don’t have to inherit Romo’s current contract if they sign him as a free agent.

  15. not a very good look on the cowboys part for dragging romo through the mud trying to get like a 7th round draft pick for him. misewell just release him and give him that freedom to sign where he wants

  16. It’s not about the draft pick, it’s about the team who would trade for him having that contract on their books. If he’s released, they can negotiate a more cap friendly contract.
    Surely even Jerrah understands this.

  17. Run it like a business (it is what it is ). Tony has made a lot of money and the cowboys have made a lot of money off of tony. No one owes anyone anything and romo shouldn’t expect anything either. QBs are a scarce commodity in the NFL regardless of how ‘injury prone’ they are and the majority of teams would salivate just to have a veteran with experience on the team such as tony let it ride I say.

  18. Jerry, thinks he has Houston over a barrel. If he holds on to Romo until June, Houston will be forced to use a round 1 pick on a QB.

  19. we shouldnt release him… he has value no doubt… either trade for him or he retires. Jerry’s compensated romo to the tune of 125+mil dollars…. romo will get his chance if he wants it and doesnt retire. Texans qb is savage or cutler if romo retires, just think about that.

  20. Keep him around til camp, just don’t allow him in camp. . He’s under contract and Jerry doesn’t to do anything. Romo has zero leverage,..he signed a contract,..and until Jerry releases him,..he owns his rights. Jerry owes Romo nothing. Romo on the other hand made 145 million off Jerry,…. he will get a gig, but the Cowboys aren’t bound to give him away for nothing. Hold him until June,… teams are going to want their QB under center in camp,..the call will come June 1 or Houaton can sacrifice another season and yet anmother contract year wasted with Watt, Clowney an d Hopkins…. Texans ain’y fooling anyone…. As soon as Romo would be released Denver and Houston are in a bid war…. Hold your ground Jerry!!

  21. I hope Washington is the only team that makes a trade offer for him. I wonder what Jerry would do then..


  23. There’s no room in the NFL for sentimentality. Jones should do what’s best for the Cowboys, he doesn’t owe Romo anything more than what is contractually guaranteed. You can make a good case that what’s best for the Cowboys is to just cut Romo and move on from the circus, but Jerry actually likes the circus.

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