Steelers visiting with quarterback Patrick Mahomes today


Texas Tech quarterback Patrick Mahomes’ draft stock is hard to peg, but it’s always interesting to see who wants to take a look at any potential first-round quarterback.

Today, he’s in Pittsburgh as a part of his pre-draft tour, along with Tennessee quarterback Josh Dobbs, according to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network.

Of course, Mahomes has plenty of other interest, with a lot of teams with current or future needs wanting to take a closer look at a quarterback who put up incredible numbers in an unconventional system, which could put him higher than anyone anticipates.

But it’s mostly interesting because of the presence of one Ben Roethlisberger, who has wondered aloud about retirement. Granted, nobody really thinks the 35-year-old is serious about the talk, but he’s the one who put it out there.

The team has made it clear they have to think about life after Ben, though the idea of them using the 30th pick on a potential replacement creates the potential for great awkwardness.

7 responses to “Steelers visiting with quarterback Patrick Mahomes today

  1. Mahomes is going to kill a team who forces him into being a Day 1 rookie starter – his mechanics are a mess and he hasn’t played in a pro system against legit defenses.

    OTOH, with a team like the Chargers, Steelers or Cardinals, where he can clean up his fundamentals and learn the game for a season or 2 behind a proven vet, he could be the answer for the next 8-10 years.

  2. I think he makes sense for the Steelers, but 2 things….

    1. PIT has more pressing needs on D for the 1st round
    2. I don’t anticipate this QB falling to PIT in round 2

    Good luck to him! I hope he succeeds.

  3. I am sure if Big Ben wouldnt have said anything about retiring that the Steelers would have little interest in him . Ben has no one to blame but himself .

  4. Steelers believe they can win this year and some believe that Tomlin is on the hot seat. No way do they spend a first round pick on a QB who won’t start for 2 or 3 years.

  5. Steelers need to look hard for another scandal plagued QB who can be a dependable drama queen for the next ten years. That’s what the fans have come to love apparently about this egg-laying franchise.

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