Bill O’Brien: Tough to start a rookie at quarterback right away

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Tony Romo stopped short of declaring himself 100 percent retired during an introductory conference call with CBS, but said he’s committed to a life in the broadcast booth.

That means it’s time for the Texans to stop giving consideration to the possibility that he’ll be in the mix for their quarterback job this year and start moving forward with other plans. During an appearance on PFT Live from the owners meetings last week, Texans coach Bill O’Brien said that the team has discussed free agent Colin Kaepernick and that it would be tough to bring in a quarterback after the offseason program with designs on starting him.

That would make now the time to sign a veteran, but the team could also go the draft route to add an option to the Tom Savage/Brandon Weeden tandem that is currently in place. In another conversation last week, however, O’Brien suggested that he wasn’t looking to go the rookie starter route.

“I think that there’s no substitute for experience,” O’Brien said, via “So, I think it’s hard to ask a guy to come in straight from college and Day One he’s a starter on your team. But I know that there are some really good quarterbacks in this draft that we’re looking at, and we’ve met with a lot of them. We’re excited about continuing to get to know them. But, I just think for me as a general rule, that’s tough to start them as a Day One guy.”

O’Brien said that before Romo’s shift to the broadcast booth became public knowledge and the pre-draft season is always a time for half-truths and smokescreens, but, at face value, his comments point to Tom Savage as their likely starter come September.

24 responses to “Bill O’Brien: Tough to start a rookie at quarterback right away

  1. Savage has a few years as a backup to other should have been back up quarterbacks. His only benefit is hopefully slightly understanding O’Briens system better than other people. I don’t see the good in starting him over a rookie. Essentially you’re just continuing the cycle of back ups learning from other backups. Savage might be the answer but I have a hard time believing it. Texans most likely will have to admit their chance at winning a superbowl is a long way off.

  2. Call Doug Pederson a week before the season starts… he’ll tell you what’s up.

  3. Rookie QBs typically have a veteran from whom to learn the nuances of the game that coaches simply can’t communicate. Whether they expect him to start or not, the Texans need to sign a smart, capable backup QB who can at least wet nurse whoever they draft as well as Savage. (Weeden has already been through his training and is likely a lost cause.)

  4. Looking at the guys coming out O’Brien is right, one of the QB’s in this draft has taken a snap from under center since high school.

  5. Reminds me so much of the early 2000 Ravens who also let a world class defense go to waste with inept QB play.

  6. The Texans should trade another draft pick to the Browns for Osweiler. He is better than anything they currently have. I thought I was kidding, but it really isn’t a bad idea!

  7. This team is close. I’d get Cutler – give him a new lease on life and let him use his talents.

  8. “This team is close. I’d get Cutler – give him a new lease on life and let him use his talents.”

    Close to what? Certainly not close to actually beating New England and getting out of the AFC.

  9. Dak Prescott was a rookie last year. He did alright. Sometimes all that coaching just screws a guy up.

  10. It seems kind of difficult for Bill O’Brien to start anyone at QB, frankly.

    Maybe they’ll actually meet the next guy they start before they hire him. I understand that can make a difference.

    Agree with others here that they should sign Cutler.

  11. Houston’s wasted a stellar defense for years with no offense… New Orleans has wasted a HOF QB for years with terrible defense…

    Maybe Houston & NO should merge. They’re even located close to each other.

  12. Wow sounds like a lot of haters here. With the defense we have, we don’t need a superstar QB, just one that can run the offense and not let the kicker be the offensive MVP.

  13. all that coaching does screw a guy up big time! let a player play to his strengths

  14. HOU should look at PIT QB Nathan Peterman and take him round 3. Peterman comes out of a Pro Offense, is very accurate, throws with timing, touch and anticipation & is extremely accurate on intermediate & deep throws, completing 46.5% of throws of 20+ Yards with excellent pocket presence & poise !!! Only knock on him is he doesn’t have the Elite arm strength some of the guys in this draft have, he has an avg to slightly above average arm strength, He was clocked throwing 55MPH ranking 4th and right beyond Trubisky (56MPH) but well ahead of Deshaun Watson’s 49MPG throw!!! Houston should look into drafting him, I’d like to see AZ trade back to the very end of round 2 picking up say a 3rd & 6th rounder as I think Peterman will be a good starter

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