Browns bring in Joe Mixon for a visit

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The most controversial prospect in this year’s draft is continuing to draw interest.

Former Oklahoma running back Joe Mixon visited the Browns on Monday.

Mixon is a first-round talent who will likely drop out of the first round because he punched a woman in 2014 in an ugly incident that left her with broken bones in her face. Browns co-owner Dee Haslam, however, said if Mixon is the player the football personnel people want, then Mixon will be a Brown.

“I think that would be a decision by the football personnel,” she said, via “I think that was an incident his freshman year, correct? Before even school started. I think he worked really hard on the team and has turned his life around. I really admire people who work hard and turn their life around. I think there’s a lot of be said for that. I don’ know much about him particularly. Again that would be a decision by the football personnel. Do I think things in life preclude you from having a second chance? I don’t. I think if people are going to turn their life around, that’s pretty admirable.”

The extent to which Mixon has turned his life around is debatable; he hasn’t had another violent incident like the one in 2014, but he did get suspended in 2016 for a confrontation with a parking attendant in which he tore up a parking ticket, threw it in her face and then drove his car toward her in an intimidating fashion. But all it takes is one team to be convinced that Mixon will avoid doing anything to get himself suspended in the NFL. The Browns may be that team.

17 responses to “Browns bring in Joe Mixon for a visit

  1. He hasn’t blasted a girl in the face with his fists in like 2 years so it’s cool. He still gets to make millions for playing running back for 16 football games but totally won’t make as many millions so it’s cool. I’m so tired of hearing about second chances. Did he admit to it before he was caught? Attend any therapy or anger management sessions? Seek any help? Visit any women’s shelters? Sooooo, we have to give him a second chance, he does not have to earn one? I already have to watch that scum garbage Crowell every Sunday, no thanks to this woman beater.

  2. Joe Mixon & Colin Kaepernick on the Browns.

    Can’t put a tent over that stadium fast enough!!

  3. He “hasn’t had another violent incident like the one he did in 2014”, but what you described in the immediate words after that was another (albeit non-actionable) violent incident. Why are yall SO intent on promoting this clown?

  4. It doesn’t matter if it was an incident before his freshman year even started.

    You hit a woman like that I don’t want you on my team.

  5. What did Dee haslam say about Mixon driving his call in threatening manner at female attendant in 2016? Looks like Mixon turned his car around a few years after he punched a female to the ground.

  6. I’m sorry, but I watched the video ….. She assaulted him once and he faked a punch to warn her, she assaulted him a second time and he hit her….ONCE…and walked away…. If it had been a man we would be hailing him for self restraint. Women want equal rights in all things then don’t assault anyone unless you want the ramifications.

  7. Yes what he did is wrong and Yes Domestic violence is deplorable. However don’t pretend that if our worse moments were broadcast for the world to see in continuous replay we might not be viewed as the perfect choir boys we sit behind our keyboards and pretend to be. He did something horrible, however he’s paid his debt. Who here wants the rest of our life to be judged by a moment of weakness we had at 19. Let the man live.

  8. kwjsb
    Real men walk away from a slap… not instigate it to another level.

    But, what else is to be expected by a terrible person who cat calls a woman and lewdly offers to take her home. Once she said no, he stalked her from the street into the restaurant to continue the unwanted harassment at her table. From there, he started throwing slurs around to the point where she was left with no other option to try to get him to leave her alone.

    Of course, the rest is on tape… but yeah it’s her fault they were in that scenario.

    Also, let’s not forget, during his police statement, he said that the friend called him a slur… which he later changed to girl in a PR move.

    Lastly, he got suspended in 2016 for intentionally hitting a woman in the face with a thrown object for doing her job.

    Bottom line, dude has a pathological issue with women and will be suspended at the drop of his hat. He has the shelf life of Jonny Manziel or Josh Gordon… when are the Browns going to learn?

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