CBS confirms Tony Romo as No. 1 analyst, Phil Simms’ future unclear

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Tony Romo has supplanted Phil Simms as the No. 1 analyst for the NFL on CBS, leaving the future of Phil Simms up in the air.

In a statement announcing that Romo will team with Jim Nantz this season, CBS said it will try to find a landing spot for Simms, but it’s unclear what that spot will be.

“As we welcome Tony, we want to acknowledge Phil Simms who served as our lead NFL analyst for nearly 20 years,” CBS Sports Chairman Sean McManus said. “Phil has been a very important part of our coverage since the NFL returned to CBS in 1998. His strong opinions, coupled with his tremendous knowledge and passion for the National Football League, has created a unique broadcasting style making him one of the best analysts to ever call the game. We are discussing with Phil his future role with CBS Sports. We cannot thank him enough for the way he has represented himself and CBS Sports during his tenure as CBS’s lead NFL analyst.”

It’s possible that Simms could move into the studio role recently vacated by Tony Gonzalez. It’s also possible that Simms could continue as a game analyst, just not as part of the network’s No. 1 team. And it’s possible that Simms and CBS will go their separate ways.

In any event, Simms — whose analysis is frequently criticized on social media — will no longer be calling the top games on CBS. That’s now Romo’s job.

94 responses to “CBS confirms Tony Romo as No. 1 analyst, Phil Simms’ future unclear

  1. wow…i don’t run a network but i think I’d have put him in a regional spot for at least a year..what does jerry get a cbs sweatshirt..he’ll want something as he owns tony rome

  2. “…his tremendous knowledge…” That’s laugh out loud ridiculous. I could only wish my employer would lie like that for me.

  3. It’s possible that Simms could move into the studio role recently vacated by Tony Gonzalez.

    There isn’t a studio in the world big enough to hold the egos of Simms , Rome and Esiason at the SAME TIME !!!

  4. # 1 spot never worked in the booth no wonder most of these guys suck they just hire a name and we get stuck with them

  5. Wow. they replace the 2nd best commentator in the NFL, after Al Michaels, with TONY FREAKIN ROMO?!? Is this a late April Fools joke?

    If I were Phil Simms I’d be fuming.

  6. The Cowboys wish him good luck, and said their only regret was that they weren’t able to squeeze a draft choice or two out of CBS for his services.

  7. Romo was not going to Hall of Fame even if he played another year and won a super bowl so this is a very good move for him. Hopefully not like Simms he will keep his strong opinions to himself. Hopefully we’ll never see Simms doing a game again!!!!!

  8. I never understood the hatred for Simms. He was decent in my opinion. Fouts is the guy where I need to mute the TV and put on the radio broadcast.

    Hope Simms goes into the studio.

  9. Hardly a Simms fan, but did anyone screen test Romo or are they just assuming this will work out somehow? He always seemed to be in the 75-80 IQ range to me.

    “I think Dak knows I have his back, and I think I know he has mine.”

  10. Anyone notice the parallel here? Unproven rookie takes an oft-criticized, long-term veteran’s job, then speculation begins about whether the veteran will remain demoted or given a chance to work for another organization.

  11. Not sure how I did it, but I’ve some how figured out how to completely ignore the announcers, mainly because what they have to say does not help me with my wagering.

  12. There was actually a petition going around to have Simms no longer call Broncos games. He favored any team that played the Broncos. His dislike for the Broncos was almost as evident as Dan Dierdorf before he retired.

  13. OaklandLosAngelesLasVegasRaiders says:

    I didn’t realize so many people hated Simms?? I thought he was great.

    He was a great alternative to Ambien

  14. i dont get why people are blasting Simms on here. He was pretty good. Did he get a bit rambling at times yes, but he was still insightful. he was good!!

  15. kmdp4 says:
    Apr 4, 2017 3:20 PM
    Tony Romo has the personality of a Turnip no wonder CBS coverage is crap.


    Nance is world class. CBS coverage has been as good as NBC and way better than FOX or ESPN generally. I can barely stomach watching NFC games because of how bad the coverage usually is, but I do think Buck and Aikman did a great job with the Super Bowl specifically.

  16. Simms sucks.

    We all know it.
    CBS knows it.
    If it wasn’t the case Romo wouldn’t be replacing him.

    If you’re bad at your job, you get replaced. That’s reality.

    Moving on.

  17. After listening to Simms blather on for so many seasons, I can see how this will play out. Simms will spin it into that he was going to retire, he just hadn’t publicly announced it yet…that’s why CBS landed Romo. Just my opinion, but he always came across as being full of himself…

  18. Simms is a SB winning QB…..Romo has two playoff wins in his entire mediocre career….. Bad move by the network.

  19. Why give someone with no experience a spot on the so called number one team?

    39 1


    Well, the POTUS….

  20. Simms has offered very little, if not being flat out wrong for years. But giving his slot to someone with no broadcast experience is a giant leap of faith.

  21. I guess CBS thinks that since we, in America, can elect a guy with zero experience to the most powerful position in the world that they can hire a guy with zero experience to their most important role too.

  22. Simms was always pro owner. He never supported the players in anything. Concussions? Simms: “Players should be tougher, like I was”. Salaries? Simms: “Players should be more concerned about winning than getting paid”. He was a stooge.

  23. This makes no sense. If he is your #1 analyst, why would you boot him for a guy with no experience. There must be more to this than what we have been told.

  24. Now get rid of Jim “have you tasted my wine brand” Nantz and all is good with the world. Well, that’s until Romo falls flat on his face. And then, the world will be a further yet better place. Romo = Montana…..just can’t do it at the mic.

  25. Phil Simms was bad. I called him Captain Obvious. He talked to me like I didn’t understand football or he was broadcasting to a class of high school girls. He added no insight into the game or any particular play. He would say that the losing team just needs to get more positive plays. Duh.

  26. I liked Simms as a player, not so much as a broadcaster. Back in the day, he was one of the first surprise salary cap casualties, at least that I remember. Though he was going on 39, he was coming off a very good season when he was due something like $2.6 million. The Giants decided that was way too much with Dave Brown and Kent Graham waiting in the wings.

    Let’s hope CBS’s decision to cut the veteran for the young guy works out better than the Giants in the spring of 1994.

  27. Kind of strange that Romo gets the #1 slot with zero experience. Risky, even. People who are so happy Simms is gone may not be so thrilled by Week 8! You never know.

  28. Gruden was dropped into the big chair at MNF with “no experience” and is now about to start his 9th season. Don’t think CBS hasn’t thought Romo through.

  29. There is no bigger butt kisser than Nantz. The way he swoons on Kraft, Brady and the patriots is amazing. Keep Simms replace Nantz and put Romo in annoucers school for the year

  30. I don’t care what that clown does – just so long as I never have to listen to him talk about himself or act like he is the God of football – he was never good and was a constant target of mine with repeated (and I mean repeated) emails to CBS about how worthless he was.

  31. People that think Simms was good should have had the pleasure of following the Twitter feed during the games.

    Now let’s see about swapping out Joe Buck for Gus Johnson.

  32. Strange choice by CBS. Romo is bland and unopinionated. Those are generally not qualities you seek in your #1 color analyst.

  33. Would’ve been some kind of poetic justice if he had replaced Joe Buck on Fox, instead.

    All the best to Romo, who rightfully or wrongfully, won’t be able to shake meme-status for quite some time.

  34. I liked Phil Simms when he first started. But he increasingly became full of himself and often contradicted himself.
    The truth is though, they can all can grow old after a while. Case in point, John Madden. I liked him as well as any announcer of any sport I ever heard in the beginning. he was funny and he knew what he was talking about. But he let his schtick become his main focus over time and he really wore on me. I loved his partner all those years, though — Pat Summerall. Pat understood that talking too much is the worst thing a broadcaster can do.
    For my money, here are the best announcers I ever heard in my favorite sports:
    1. NFL — Ray Scott and Curt Gowdy. They were the best as far as I’m concerned because they knew the game was what was important, not themselves or some over-blown statistic. I loved Pat Summerall, too.
    2. Major League Baseball — Mel Allen on tv, Harry Kallas on radio.
    3. NBA — Al McGuire. Al was just great. He knew the game inside and out and his voice and analysis was always perfect. I haven’t heard anyone since who does the NBA who can come close to him. Marv Albert was great, too.
    4. Boxing — Don Dunphy on radio, Howard Cosell on tv. Dunphy was a legend, having called the greatest fights in boxing history dating back to the 1930’s and Cosell could make a boring fight seem great.
    5. Hockey — I have no clue because I’m not a big hockey fan, but the Al Michaels call of the 1980 winter Olympic hockey games and in particular his call of the huge upset when the U.S. defeated the Soviet Union for the chance to play the Swedes for the gold medal, is one of the greatest calls in sports history. Who can ever forget his “do you believe in miracles!!??” call at the end of that game? Ironically, I have never been a big Michaels fan in the NFL or baseball.
    My least favorite NFL announcers today are Joe Buck and Ian Eagle. They are both so full of themselves they probably have mirrors in the booth so they can look at themselves.
    But my absolute least favorite announcers in any sport at any time are the NY Yankees radio team — John Sterling and Suzyn Waldman. Horrible doesn’t begin to tell how lousy they are. I’d rather put myself in a phone booth with a jack hammer than listen to them.

  35. Goes to show how bad analysts are these day when someone who has never done it is working with the number one team doing the top game of the week.

  36. Al McGuire said the dream team wouldn’t win gold at the olympics and said it over and over again. I hardly call that perfect, maybe perfectly stupid and inaccurate.

  37. Why kick Simms to the curb and install an untested Romo in his seat when no one would think twice about letting Romo grow into the role while Simms was still under contract? Whose corn flakes did Simms urinate on?

  38. glac1 says:
    Apr 4, 2017 3:16 PM
    Why give someone with no experience a spot on the so called number one team?

    LOL…young pups. They did it for Madden too when he retired from coaching. He and Summeral were one of the best, if not the best broadcast team ever!

  39. Two thoughts-
    One, I pay much more attention to the game itself than the announcer and “analyst”.
    Two, Romo jumps into the booth as #1 analyst with no experience?

  40. drednot says:
    Apr 4, 2017 6:21 PM

    LOL…young pups. They did it for Madden too when he retired from coaching. He and Summeral were one of the best, if not the best broadcast team ever!

    Madden was a HC and known good communicator but he still spent a couple of years doing ‘C’ then ‘B’ level games before he was paired with Summeral on the ‘A’ team. I distinctly recall him being paired with a play by play guy named Gary Bender. LOL at young pups indeed

  41. Look, Simms had to go. His analysis was never that strong, but had become embarrassingly bad. But what exactly has Tony Romo ever done to suggest that he should be a number one guy? Anything? I mean, I get it. They took a flyer. He’ll either be great (he won’t be), or he’ll go back to football and CBS can claim it was because he just wanted to play, not that they passed over a bunch of people who have traveled EVERY WEEK for years and made their bones for an unproven commodity based solely on the fact that he was in the news cycle for a decade only because he got injured a lot. Honestly, I feel like the NFL is the collapse of Rome right now. Every facet is in decay.

  42. I watch football for the video, not the audio, so I couldn’t care less. I wish both Simms and Romo the best of luck. But it’s pretty obvious these announcers get picked for their names, not their abilities. I’m sure there are hundreds of awesome play by play guys who never played in the NFL.

  43. Two on-air masters of the visually obvious, Simms and Aikman. They know the game entirely, but talk to us like we’re idiots, while also misusing words. Silence is better.

  44. Hey Simms Don’t Let The Door Hit You In Your Deflated A**cheeks On Your Way Out You Pompous Fraud

  45. Romo must have knocked it out of the park on his auditions. R-E-L-A-X… Sims has been my least favorite analyst.I’m so happy he is toast and I will be looking forward to a fresh face come football season !

  46. Announcers don’t usually make a difference in whether or not people tune in for a particular game. At least for the first season, some people will watch the games because of Romo, so this will be a ratings win for the network.

  47. romo will fumble the mike quickly– he sucks at everything he does –then he’ll break his jaw.
    why the adoration for a do nothing?

  48. I’m not a Simms fan but I wonder if CBS is considering keeping him on for the Thursday Night package and using Romo just on Sundays.

    It’s interesting that if Romo is doing color for Thursday’s and Sunday’s he actually be on the road and away from his family more than he would have if he kept playing. When CBS’s part of the Thursday night package kicks in, he’ll be on the road from Wednesday to Sunday/Monday – not exactly a lot of time for the family.

  49. Well, this move hopefully will improve the CBS ratings as the entire state of Texas will now be watching. No one else much.

    HOW BOUT DEM COWBOYS?? Gag, snore, vomit, I’ll pull your top down for $10. I wanna be your War Daddy!

  50. Where do network big shots get their brains? Tony Romo has never been a broadcaster, and he gets a top job? This is going to backfire bad and quick. Remember that idiot on Monday Night Football , Dennis Miller? It rivals that.

  51. Could not stomach Simms. Huge ego, irritating voice, master of the obvious or just plain wrong pronouncements. Good riddance! As for Romo, we’ll see. Nance will help him grow into the job. Hopefully….

  52. Simms provides color commentary (which is a completely different job from play-by-play, for the Nantz and Buck haters out there) as if he’s being paid by the word. He makes the most simplistic of opinions complicated, seemingly to make himself look like he’s smarter than us or better connected than us. He loves prefacing his comments by explaining his weekly preparation and all the football stars he spoke with. “When I talked with Aaron Rodgers this week at practice he told me about that play!”

    Big deal, Phil. We get it. You knew it was coming, you hard-working genius. That information does exactly zero for our enjoyment or insight into the game.

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