Cowboys begin the “release Romo” launch sequence

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So why did the Cowboys officially inform teams that they can contact quarterback Tony Romo for the purposes of setting up a visit, workout, or physical? Logic, to the extent it applies in a situation like this, points to a clear and easy answer.

It’s a face-saving, box-checking move by the team as a precursor to releasing Romo. Yes, they want to trade him. They apparently can’t. So before simply cutting him loose, the Cowboys need to at least go through the motions of giving someone permission to do the things that would be done before a trade that won’t get done gets done.

Sure, the Cowboys probably should have pushed back a lot more aggressively when the notion first surfaced in the media that Romo would asked to be released, and that the team would comply. That was the moment to slam the door shut on talk of that type, given that it took on a life of its own — and convinced any interested teams that they simply need to sit back and wait.

Something happened between March 8 and March 9, the day the Cowboys told Romo he’d be released and the day the Cowboys decided not to, at least not yet. So the Cowboys have waited for nearly a month for someone to express interest in trading for Romo, and they haven’t.

So why put the word out now that he’s available for visits, workouts, and physicals? Because many will be ready to blame the Cowboys if/when Romo goes elsewhere and plays well enough to take a team to places where the Cowboys haven’t been in 22 years and counting: The conference title game and the Super Bowl.

By making it known to all teams that they’ve officially tried to trade Romo, the Cowboys can shrug their shoulders a week from now and declared to the world, “I guess no one wants him.”

The reality is they should have tried harder months ago to shout down the notion the Romo could be released. For now, though, their only play is to try to create the impression that they’ve officially tried to trade him, before they inevitably release him.

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  1. Your starting QB is the most important player on your team. Your backup QB is your second most important player, and Romo is the best backup QB in the league. It’s not the easiest situation to be in. What if Prescott goes down early in the season?

  2. “Something happened between March 8 and March 9, the day the Cowboys told Romo he’d be released and the day the Cowboys decided not to, at least not yet.”

    This kind of article really drives down what’s left of the trust the public has in the media. On or about March 6, an anonymous ‘source’ was used in a report that stated the above quote of Romo being released. While there was no direct quote from any Cowboys official, let alone attributed specifically to a Cowboys decision maker, it is now considered factual and suppositions are made on it.
    The only people who believe that the Cowboys were going to release Romo on that date are those who have an interest in believing it. Read: bad journalists and those fans who hate the Cowboys.

  3. 22 years without a SB appearance for the Cowpies and the internet trolls and fake news reporters had the gall to say that the 49ers are the worst managed team in the NFL?

  4. My question is if Tony Romo is going into broadcasting, why does he need to be released? I don’t think this drama is over. Brett Farve all over again? Ugh, I hope not.

  5. and now we know that the cowboys announced teams could talk with Romo, not as precursor to releasing him, but because they knew Romo planned to retire. a total face-saving move by a total dbag GM

  6. Cowboys act like Prescott is the best QB ever after one season.You better pray he dont go down or have a sophmore slump

    Not saying this would happen but anything is possible!!!

  7. “…where the Cowboys haven’t been in 22 years and counting: The conference title game and the Super Bowl.”

    Is it just me or does that seem like quite a while for a GM not to get his team to at least a championship game? Say what you want about Jerry but he sure has been patient with his GM.

  8. Why is he the best backup in the league, curious? He gets hurt all the time now. Backup has to be dependable – Romo would not qualify as such at this point. Obviously has skills. But if you get smashed and break your collarbone for the 144th time 3 plays in after Dak got his bell rung…then Garrett is back in the locker room getting loose.

    It’s Dak’s time. Move on. Use the money from Romo to get better on D, and fill some holes (lost some O line quality/depth). Maybe you can make the Conference title game this year.

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