Phil Simms’ agent: “Multiple years” left on contract

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It would be inaccurate to say that Phil Simms has been fired in the wake of CBS hiring Tony Romo for his old job.

It would be closer to the truth to suggest that he just got Dak Prescotted by the victim of the original Prescotting.

According to Tara Sullivan of the Bergen Record, Simms’ representative Steve Rosner said that it’s premature to suggest that the former Giants quarterback is out at CBS.

Absolutely not,” Rosner said. “He has multiple years left on his contract. I’ve had a few brief discussions with CBS in regard to the future and we have decided at the moment that we will regroup within the next month or so and figure out what his future role will be.”

Of course, CBS doesn’t have a salary cap, so they don’t have to worry about making Simms a post-June 1 release for the purpose of prorating the dead money.

But it will be interesting to see if “the next month or so” is enough time for the pride to heal and for Simms to take a job calling lesser games with Romo in his old chair, or whether he goes to the studio or ends up someplace else.

29 responses to “Phil Simms’ agent: “Multiple years” left on contract

  1. I really thought Manning was going to get that job. He probably turned it down. In any case, CBS must have tested Romo on simulated games and determined that he couldn’t be any worse than Simms.

  2. It wasn’t the content of what he said that annoyed me, it was the particular twang he has. I like a southern accent, but his is nails on the chalkboard to me. This is good news. Sorry Phil.

  3. Phil, we’ve assigned you to coverage of division III college girls field hockey for the remainder of your contract.

    Have a nice day.

  4. “I really thought Manning was going to get that job.”

    Lol why would you think that? Goober has made over 1/4 of a billion dollars, why would he want to work at all?

  5. Phil was never a big ego guy. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind if they let him drive 20 mins down 17 on Sundays to cover the Jets.

  6. So all the trolls who are killing Simms, he still gets the last laugh since he still gets a few million per year whether he calls a game or takes a nice vacation.

  7. I have always loved Phil as a commentator. He gave clear explanations of what was happening on the field.

    I realize you can’t please all the people all of the time, but he will be missed by many.

  8. This all could have been handled so much better, in fact it couldn’t have been handled much worse. Simms ticked somebody off.

  9. deprado1 says:
    Apr 4, 2017 5:59 PM
    So all the trolls who are killing Simms, he still gets the last laugh since he still gets a few million per year whether he calls a game or takes a nice vacation.

    Yup and we don’t have to listen to him anymore so I guess everyone wins. Just out of curiosity though what was your point?

  10. Obviously if they replaced Simms they feel they can do better, but can’t join all the lemmings piling on him. He was OK. I think Aikman is right to the point, others hate him, so let’s see what qualitative Romo adds before burying Simms.

  11. @ staffordisbetterthanyourteamsqb

    Calvin Johnson also had many years left in his contract and retired due to the constant failure and embarrassment of being on the Li0ns and Staff0rd choking all the time.

  12. Wow! There are some Simms fans here. I thought he was a good QB for his day. As a commentator he brought me insight into a game NEVER. Sure, he played and knows the game. But he was worthless as an expert to bring insight to the game. He was a suck-up and a pedantic idiot. I will not miss him. And I cheered for him a a Giant’s fan.

  13. there is nothing the matter with Simms in the booth. but there are thousands of great GM’s and Analyst’s on here that do nothing but bad mouth people doing the job they only could do in their dreams!!

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