Phil Simms quickly becomes a CBS afterthought

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Notwithstanding the fact that “multiple years” remain on the contract between Phil Simms and CBS, the manner in which the arrival of Tony Romo has been handled suggests that Phil Simms has now become an afterthought.

If, after all, CBS had a clear plan for Simms, the network wouldn’t have pulled the plug on his current assignment with no plan whatsoever for his next one. Which suggests that his next one won’t simply consist of falling back one spot on the depth chart (bumping Dan Fouts out of the No. 2 position, who may then fall to No.3, and so on) but out of the network altogether.

Indeed, with a clear spot open at the pregame desk given the recent departure of Tony Gonzalez, the easiest move for CBS would have been to put Simms in that spot as part of the Romo hire, with Simms given a chance to fashion a quote that makes it all look like something everyone wanted. If Simms were getting that gig, that’s likely what would have happened today. The fact that it didn’t occur already suggests it likely won’t.

By doing it later, CBS will create the impression that: (1) the network didn’t want Simms in his former role; (2) they didn’t care enough about him to craft a new role upon leaving his former one; and (3) they finally found a spot in which to jam him so that they don’t pay him to not work.

The blunt reality is that, if CBS felt strongly about Simms, Simms would still be the No. 1 analyst. At worst, CBS would have landed the plane in a way that resulted in Simms not being thrown under the bus.

The good news for Simms is that during his “multiple years” (i.e., as few as two) under contract with CBS, he will be getting paid. Whether he will be getting on the air, and in what capacity, is a different issue entirely.

Then there’s the possibility that Simms, a type-A former quarterback who surely doesn’t appreciate the public castration he’s currently enduring, will decide to walk away from CBS entirely — or to negotiate a package that pays him less than what he’s still owed while giving him a way to muster some semblance of an upper hand.

54 responses to “Phil Simms quickly becomes a CBS afterthought

  1. Now he doesnt have to worry about saying REDSKINS.
    Couldnt of happened to a nicer guy haha.

  2. Good…I quit watching the major network pregame shows ages ago. Other than late breaking injury news, what do they tell you that you haven’t already heard about earlier in the week? Most of the player interviews/stories are noninsightful fluff pieces.

  3. Maybe he could get a job on the Redskins radio network. Of course, he’d have to get used to saying the “Washington team” before talking about any Redskins player.

  4. Pregame by any of those broadcasts is like watching bobblehead dolls. They just talk and bounce their heads up and down. Phill you’re cool. get the money and run. Take the next thing smoking. And please dear God…donot let Troy Ache in my butt call another Dallas game. He sounds like he wish he was still their QB. Bro you’re supposed to be objective.

  5. Say whatever you want about Phil… just watch your GD mouth when talking about his son!!!

  6. At least now I don’t have to listen to Simms say “eem” instead of “him”. That one word made so many broadcasts unbearable. Now if only a certain other network could deal with a certain other broadcaster and his “pash-rush”.

  7. Simms was a terrible broadcaster, he couldn’t get thru a paragraph without referencing himself. Glad he is off the air.

  8. I’m not a fan, but Simms’ll find work. His tone may be grating, but he’s *way* more knowledgeable and competent than many of the hacks that take up the mic every sunday for the major networks. The idea that Romo could just come in with no experience whatsoever and do better than Simms is kinda ludicrous.

  9. It’s hard to believe they kept him as their #1 for nearly two decades and then ditched him for a guy with no broadcasting experience. Don’t get me wrong. I’m glad he’s gone. It just seems odd that they didn’t replace Simms sooner with somebody more experienced than Romo if this is how little they valued him.

  10. I suppose he can sit at home and not say Redskins now. How did that work out for you Phillip? Maybe he belongs with all the PC leftists at ESPN.

  11. Who says Romo is going to be any good? CBS should wait and see if he can put more than one sentence together before he says ah!

  12. The real question “How can Romo go from zero in booth experience to first chair?” That makes no sense.

    Maybe he nailed the audition but there is a lot more to the job than watching a game and talking about routes.

  13. If you refuse to say the names of all the teams you should not be a broadcaster. Or sports writer. Go join ACORN.

  14. Simms and Nantz were ultimate Patriot HOMERS!!! When they called a Patriot game it was nauseating! Pats this and Pats that!! We get enough Patriot fluffing from all the networks!!

  15. Sims is way better than any of these guys, just because Phil Sims does not pat your team on the back every minute everyone hates on him. CBS making a big mistake. Fouts sucks!

  16. Everyone named Phil is outbound on the downsize train whatever their field of employment.

    “We’ve decided to restructure, Phil, gonna miss you around here, old timer…”.

  17. haluvagi says:
    Apr 4, 2017 6:07 PM
    At least now I don’t have to listen to Simms say “eem” instead of “him”. That one word made so many broadcasts unbearable.


    Yeah. And the way you talk is the “right” way to talk. It also gets on *nobody’s* nerves.

    People have accents, ways of pronouncing specific words, and patterns of speech that are different from yours. Get over it (and get over yourself).

    So thin-skinned.

  18. vjllsduckfan65 says:
    Apr 4, 2017 8:10 PM
    Now if they would get rid of Steve Buerlein…maybe I could enjoy a Titans game!


    Please…no one enjoys a titans game.

  19. Phil’s complete lack of eyebrows is unsettling.

    Shallow? Yes. Don’t care. It needed to be said.

  20. It’s all about ratings. CBS couldn’t let Fox take Romo. Even if he stinks, he’ll bring viewers to CBS for at least one season. Simms is a professional who did his homework. Let’s see if Tony has the chops. I wish he had gone to Fox… anyone to take the place of Troy… another Dallas refugee.

  21. Madden had a schtick that worked because of novelty. But most former players cannot articulate thoughts clearly and add very little insight despite their indisputable knowledge of the game. I’d prefer my only audio being crowd noise with some graphics for down/distance, etc. I don’t need any master of the obvious yapping for +3 hours. Don’t require anyone TELLING me, “Loose ball! Who has it!?!” Dogs farting is more informative.

  22. He was painful to listen to. I’ve never seen an ex jock refer to himself more than Sims did so now I’m glad it’s over.

    How does CBS listen to his dribble for years now and pay him the big bucks, aren’t there any standards?

  23. Phil Simms let personal feelings get in the way of broadcasting. For example, he hates the 49ers since the rivalry days with NYG. You can see it and hear it on game days of what teams he really dislikes.

  24. Can’t say I’m surprised that Tony Romo joined CBS…his role on the Cowboys last season was watching 60 Minutes.

  25. I liked Phil Simms. I don’t know why people are bashing him at all. If anyone should be replaced it’s Joe Buck. He puts no enthusiasm into a gam at all he’s a very boring man. Too bad he’s not replacing him instead. But that’s just my opinion.

  26. While they’re at it, couldn’t they find a non-speaking role for Jim Nantz, who has spent his entire career trying to convince us (himself) he’s the second coming of Pat Summerall? He failed as host at the NFL Today because he is, in a word, boring. In another word: self-absorbed. (guess that’s two words, sorry)

  27. What makes everyone so sure that Romo will be good at being an analyst?

    There is a big difference between being a good player and being able to provide insight into what is happening on the field.

    It will take him at least a year to get used to the format and to learn how to insert a comment with out taking away from the game. How to conduct an interview, letting the person talk.

    At least we can now say Tony is going to the superbowl, how bad of a sting would it be if the first one he covers is one the cowboys win?

  28. When you’re a former Giant and the majority of Giants fans hate you in your role as a broadcaster, you really suck. It’s not a Tiki situation where he quit either. He just suuuuuucked.

  29. Phil is not good enough to be too proud. He should accept his new assignment, doing garbage games as part of the #5 CBS team (Jax v Cle e.g.), collect his pay and like it. The idea he’d quit and lose a cent of his current fat contract, his last big one ever, is far-fetched. We are about to almost never hear from him again, glorioski.

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