Philip Rivers on getting fans in L.A.: Winning is the obvious answer

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The Chargers adopted the slogan “Fight for L.A.” upon making the decision to leave San Diego for Los Angeles and their quest to win hearts and minds in their new town has proceeded on various fronts over the last couple of months.

Appearances at events around town, visits to late night talk shows and other measures will help remind people that L.A. now has two football teams, but quarterback Philip Rivers believes what happens on the field is going to be a more significant driver of attention to the team.

“It’s easy to say we’ve got to go up there and win — that’s the way to do it,” Rivers said, via “And that’s the obvious answer. But I think controlling what we can control, being a team that competes and fights every play and that plays with passion can make a community proud to have us up there.”

The Rams got a head start on the Chargers in the L.A. market and have more history in the town, but their 2016 season ended with a poor record and coaching change that may not have done much to solidify them as the choice for football fans in the city. If the Chargers can do better in their initial season in their new home, they should be well-positioned to develop the lasting support that Rivers is talking about.

23 responses to “Philip Rivers on getting fans in L.A.: Winning is the obvious answer

  1. Don’t see either team winning enough games to bring in new fans. It will be a long hard road in LA and one team will eventually move out.
    The question is, which teams owner will be first in admitting their mistake head for greener pastures…or Oakland?

  2. it doesn’t matter how bad the Rams or Chargers are.

    you’ll see ’em in prime time 4-5 times a year, just like the Jets and Bears.

  3. “one team will eventually move out.”

    The Rams owner is spending over 2 billion in stadium costs and moving fees, the Chargers are spending 600million in moving costs over a 30 year period. Why would either team pick up and move out of the second most lucrative market after spending billions to get there? Unless you are talking on a 40-50 year time scale. These teams are fighting for the hearts and minds of young angelenos and orange countians (?) not 40 year old Raider fans.

  4. In other words “our 30,000 seat stadium will end up seating about 25,000 fans of the visiting team.

    Genius reply.

    Nobody, I mean Nobody gives a S… about the Chargers in L.A.

    Moving the Chargers in Raiders Country, would be equal to the Vikings moving to Milwaukee.

    Plus 30,000 is not an impressive number to fill a NFL venue.

    The Chargers should stop fooling everybody in L.A.

    They will be serving visiting teams fans for the rest of history.

    Especially L.A. Raider fans

  5. Where would the Chargers be today if Marlon McCree had just laid down after that interception?

  6. The Chargers are off to a good start attracting fans. Waves of bandwagons have been dropping off Seahawks and Falcons fans for weeks now.

  7. We don’t want them back in San Diego. Good riddance Spanii and Fibiani scum. The only way Chargers come back to San Diego is via new ownership (which will never happen). My wishes is that the ratings continue to plummet and the cities that lost teams come out on top.

  8. Not even their home fans cared about them. That’s why they had to move. They are now step children in a foster home that really only supports the Lakers.

  9. The home fans stopped caring due to the “scorched earth” policy of the Spanii and Fibiani that poisoned the well. These guys decided to move to LA right after the Clipper sale and put up a farce to claim that they “tried everything they could in San Diego” when in reality they were doing everything possible to alienate the fan base and put a sub-par product on the field to ensure that fans are not motivated to show up at the stadium.

  10. WOW! A marathon! That helps. A-N-D one of the Carson City players met a Hollywood star! Never heard of him tho..but let’s PR this as much as we can! A-L-S-O, let’s keep talking about drafting Rivers replacement. That will help a-lot! Particularly after we had lots of Rivers jerseys we gave away to season ticket holders…who paid high prices to be “curious fans” in Carson. Hello, Spanos “mob”…..lets do more of this great PR work……but make sure you don’t spend much of the “mobs” money doing it. Hmmm…Fabiani and Spanos…hmmm.

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