What’s the next move in the Tony Romo saga?

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It’s been a strange few months for the Cowboys and quarterback Tony Romo. The past few weeks, starting with the team telling him on a Wednesday that he’ll be released before changing its mind the next day, have been particularly odd.

The apparent disconnect between the Cowboys and Romo became even more apparent in the past 24 hours, with the team on Monday opening the door for Romo to visit with and/or work out for other teams and with Romo on Tuesday slamming the door on playing — unless he hasn’t.

Next, the Cowboys presumably will cut him. That’s the way to take his total cap hit of $19.6 million and split it into $10.7 million this year and $8.9 million in 2018. (If that’s what they do, they’ll have to carry the full cap hit until June 1, at which time they’ll push $8.9 million to next year.)

But what if, in this crazy, convoluted, little-kicks dance the Cowboys decide to throw one more eephus pitch? What if the Cowboys seize on the reports that Romo is retiring and place him on the reserve/retired list?

Last year, the Seahawks eventually did that with running back Marshawn Lynch even though he never officially informed the team of his retirement. Instead, he tweeted a photo of cleats hanging over a line with a deuces emoji, and the team took it from there.

If the Cowboys do that with Romo, they’ll continue to control his rights. Which means that, if someone wants him badly enough later in the year, they’ll have to deal with the Cowboys first.

Yes, Romo could challenge the designation. But would he? He has avoided public confrontations with the team so far, and he would be required to very publicly disclose his plans if the team retires Romo and Romo tries to dispute it.

For the Cowboys, the downside would be taking the full cap charge in 2017. The upside would be having dibs on Romo in the event Dak Prescott gets injured — and in turn having the ability to trade him later, if another quarterback from another team goes down.

Whatever happens, the one thing we’ve come to expect between the Cowboys and Romo is the unexpected. The team placing him on the reserve/retired list definitely would fall into that category.

13 responses to “What’s the next move in the Tony Romo saga?

  1. It might be fun to see Tony Romo (The broadcaster) speculate on the future of Tony Romo (The former Dallas QB)

    I think I’d tune in for that segment.

  2. Don’t remember that. He *did* fumble the snap on a FG that would have given them the lead in a playoff game against Seattle. The Seahawks had plenty of time to score again regardless, but they recovered and were able to run out the clock.

  3. Dallas isn’t exactly swimming in cap space. If the Cowboys place Romo on the reserve/retired list then use the subsequently freed up cap space and he elects to un-retire that opens an entirely different can of worms and gives Romo the whip hand

  4. Why would taking the full dead money hit for Romo in 2017 be a “downside” for Dallas? Most all major signings are done, so the team would have little use for major cap savings anyways. Yes, the June 1st designation would be handy, because any extra 2017 cap space would carry over to 2018 anyways, but it won’t make much difference for the on-field 2017 Dallas Cowboys whether Romo is a full cut or a June 1st cut at this point.

  5. when did the Cowboys announce that they’ll be cutting Romo? you write this but I never actually saw a quote from any verifiable source saying anything like that…then of course, you just ran from there with all kinds of fables and fantasies.

  6. $19.6 million. Ouch. You knew all those restructures were going to bite Dallas at some point. Same will be when Witten and Tyron Smith retire.

  7. Give it a rest. Romo and the Cowboys have been working together this whole time to do what is best for everyone. You guys act like JJ is somewhere like “I just heard Romo is going to CBS… here’s what we can do… and if he does this… then we can do that, etc.”. It is called open lines of communication. This is why Dallas didn’t immediately release him. Romo came to them and said he needed some time to think things over (Retirement, broadcasting, playing, etc.). So they gave him that time to arrive at the decision that is best for him. Now that that is decided, they will figure out how to move forward in the best way for everyone. Stop being so dramatic.

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