Bears pass-rusher Pernell McPhee feeling “sexier” than ever

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Bears outside linebacker Pernell McPhee is hoping to be much healthier this year.

But beyond staying on the field, he’s at least going to look better.

Via John Mullin of, McPhee has dropped 25 pounds since last offseason.

“I feel great,” he said. “I’m sexier, it’s a blessing and I can’t wait till the season starts.”

McPhee said there wasn’t any great secret to his weight loss, either.

“Don’t eat after 7 o’clock at night,” he said. “Just pound yourself with water. That’s the only way I did it. . . .

“It was really important. Usually when I’d get out of bed, it’d take me about a good second to start walking, but I can get up and run right now. So it’s a blessing coming from where I was to now.”

He’s been plagued by knee and shoulder injuries since joining the Bears in two years ago, but he came back to play well when he did play last year, and they’re hoping the improved conditioning can keep him on it longer.

5 responses to “Bears pass-rusher Pernell McPhee feeling “sexier” than ever

  1. I’m hopeful his on-field production can match the output of his mouth, which unfortunately has remained uninjured during his time with my Bears. Shut up and play Nelly.

  2. This guy has been a lot of talk and very little production the last two years while pulling down huge paychecks. I hope he gets it together this season but getting a guy like Solomon Thomas in the draft would be a nice hedge if that doesn’t happen, too.

  3. I like McPhee, Arizona tried to sign him back in Early 2015 going into the 2015 season, but the Bears decided they were willing to WAYYYYYYY OVERPAY which AZ isn’t stupid enough to do so he signed with CHI… In the long term Arizona was able to find F/A pass rushers & draft and develop far better Rushers than McPhee with AZ now having Elite Pro-Bowl pass rusher OLB/DE Chandler Jones (3rd most sacks in NFL over the last 2 years behind on Mack/Miller & 4th most sacks last 4 seasons despite missing 10 games in 14 due to injury, with 42.5 sacks last 4yrs.) finishing with 11.5 sacks/4 forced fumbles & 6″3/260pd Markus Golden who finished with 12.5 sacks/4 forced fumbles and is elite versus the run!! AZ
    This off season Arizona brought in former top 10 talent & 1st round pick 6″3/253pd OLB Jarvis Jones as well. His issues in PIT I believe were that he is a Prototypical OLB and was drafted to be a 3-4 OLB (He doesn’t have the traits/body of a 4-3DE) But after his rookie year PIT switched to a Tampa 2 style Defense & he isn’t a DE!!!!
    In Arizona Jones will play in a very aggressive 3-4 Hybrid Defense & will play as a rotational OLB & play as a 3rd pass rusher in AZs Nascar speed package!!!! With the Elite Talent Jones has built in all around him esp up front & at LB, they will open up holes for him to get to the QB!!! Jarvis Jones is an absolute beast versus the run as a run stopper & is elite in space dropping back into coverage, both of which is why at times we likely will see him playing at ILB, Esp in Blitz situations using his power/speed inside to get at that QB… Jones came on a very cheap incentive laden deal, I think he will earn most of them & have a really good year in AZs Defense put up 4.5-7.0 sacks/3-4Forced-Fumbles 5-7PBU’s…

    If McPhee ends up failing out of Favor & is cut by CHI I wouldn’t mind at all if Arizona tried signing him on the cheap as a backup rotational OLB.

  4. reduction of 10% of total weight (even muscular) has a tremendous positive impact on the joints from the hips down, my orthopedic surgeon said it’s almost a 3 to 1 benefit on the longevity of your tendons. Good for him, Wish him well.

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