Deshaun Watson set to visit Jaguars this week

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The Jaguars haven’t made a call about picking up the option on quarterback Blake Bortles’ contract for the 2018 season and executive vice president of football operations Tom Coughlin offered something well short of a vote of confidence in Bortles’ long-term place in Jacksonville’s lineup earlier this year.

Given those realities, it probably shouldn’t come as a great surprise that they are doing some research on one of the top quarterback prospects in this year’s draft. Josina Anderson of ESPN reports that Clemson quarterback Deshaun Watson will visit with the team over the next two days.

With the fourth overall pick, the Jaguars could be in position to select Watson come April 27 and doing so would throw a curveball based on what most project the team to do with their top pick. Shaking things up after another dismal campaign was what Coughlin’s arrival was supposed to represent, however, and a quarterback change is a quick way to do that.

Watson will have company on the team’s visitor roll this week. Three running backs are due in and Ryan O’Halloran of the Florida Times-Union reports that Ohio State safety Malik Hooker, Alabama linebacker Rueben Foster and LSU safety Jamal Adams will also be meeting with the team.

23 responses to “Deshaun Watson set to visit Jaguars this week

  1. Just wasting Watson’s time. No chance they draft him. At best just being used to leverage Bortles. But mainly worthless tire kicking and a complete waste for Watson.

    Other than getting to visit lovely metro Jacksonville.😜

  2. Think it would be a good move for the Jaguars. They should trade Bortles to a QB needy team and give both Jacksonville and Bortles a fresh start.

    I personally think Bortles would be great Denver or Houston.

  3. Josh, Mike, et al—Can you find the answer to a question that comes up often about bringing in draftees? Maybe ask around to some GM’s or coaches… Wouldn’t you want to bring in as many draftees as possible each year? That way you get to evaluate them and learn their strengths and weaknesses. Even if you don’t intend to draft them. So that when you play against them you have some knowledge of their skill set? If I were GM I would bring in every good QB to evaluate them. Seeing them on tape is one thing but getting to see them up close, reacting to situations and questions gives you more insight.

  4. Seems like a good guy but Blake Bortles is like a generic version of Carson Palmer. Good enough to be one of the top 32 QB’s but he’s not going to take his team to the next level.

    Could you imagine how competitive and cut throat the NFL would be if there was actually 32 NFL playoff quality QB’s starting in the league at the same time? Every team would probably be log jammed between 6-10 and 10-6.

    You’d think knowing there are not 32 starting grade QB’s to go around there would be more teams that focus and build their offense around the RB’s. There are probably closer to 64 starting grade RB’s in the NFL at a given time vs maybe (arguably) 12 to 17 quality QB’s. Seems silly to think so many teams try to be a pass first team?

  5. There is a solid argument that the Jags shouldn’t continue to put all their eggs in the Blake Bortles basket. With Tom Coughlin back in the building, Bortles is going to be pushed really hard and to date he has been a disappointment.

  6. Arizona should offer the Jaguars a 2nd round pick for QB Blake Bortles is they plan on drafting someone and moving on from him!!!!

    Bruce Arians & GM Steve Keim were very high on Blake Bortles & loved him coming out & Bortles is just one season removed from completing 59% of his throws for 4428YDs throwing 35TDs/18INTs and a QB Passer Rating of 89.0 ….

    Arians is the best QB coach in the NFL & Tom Moore who mentored Peyton and was his OC for 10+yrs is among the best. Arians would completely break Bortles down and build him back up starting with his mechanics.

    I think Arians could turn Bortles into a top 10 QB to at best an elite QB & in AZ he would play on offense LOADED w/ talent with an excellent top O-Line in front of him w/ an elite defense as well & wouldn’t have to play for 1.5 years possibly 2.5yrs!!!!!! The Jags just might trade him for a 2nd round pick , and he would better than any QB in the draft most likely.

  7. Wouldn’t you want to bring in as many draftees as possible each year? That way you get to evaluate them and learn their strengths and weaknesses. Even if you don’t intend to draft them. So that when you play against them you have some knowledge of their skill set?
    You only get so many in stadium visits (not including the combine interviews in Indy) but Bill Belichick does exactly what you suggest. And not just with the draft but with free agents too. He has a file on everyone. Some guys you compete against. Some guys are not available now but things change. Six weeks, Six months, six years…things change. As I’m sure his files on players change too.

  8. Turning down Bortles option is a no brainer. He’s one of the worst QBs in the league. JAX should be looking for a better starting option next year. Kaepernick would be one if they wanted a veteran.

    We’ll see how JAX decides to proceed but they really need to find an alternative to Bortles ASAP.

  9. What is really insane is the browns have the 1 pick and their franchise qb they have waited for an eternity aka mr. watson is right there and they won’t pull the trigger! Secondly the 49ers and bears r overlookin him too….2 natl title games vs bama 1,000 all purpose yards and 8 tds….bout as close to an nfl defense as it gets!

  10. Blake is going to be fine. A rookie QB starting in Week One would make the #wintoday attitude and make the Brinks truck that Khan emptied on the Defense in FA be a waste.

    Blake is a gamer and with some pressure in the building–a little more sandpaper applied instead of Gus’ baby blanket, he’ll get it done. Hurns being on the field is also important. Lee is poised to explode this season.

    Draft the RB.

  11. Bortles was horrible last year, was mediocre the year before and has never been good. He at minimum lost 3 games by himself last year and I think it is more.

    He is in his 4th year and he is what he is. I don’t get this fantasy that with a little more work with Tom House that he’ll suddenly be a good QB. He was a project QB and like many guys couldn’t make the transition to NFL QB. It is time to move on.

  12. hope the browns get watson hue would know just how to use him..Watson could keep his Clemson Helmet same color as browns helmet just gotta put on that browns jersey

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