Dolphins sign David Fales

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The Dolphins have added another quarterback to their 90-man roster.

James Walker of reports that the team has signed David Fales as a free agent. He joins Ryan Tannehill, Matt Moore and Brandon Doughty on the depth chart.

Fales was a sixth-round pick of the Bears in 2014 and spent two years with the team, including one when Dolphins coach Adam Gase was Chicago’s offensive coordinator, before getting cut last September. He landed on Baltimore’s practice squad for a couple of months before being re-signed to Chicago’s active roster in November. He made his regular season debut in the final game of last season and went 2-of-5 for 22 yards.

The Dolphins have said that Tannehill’s knee is healed after the injury that kept him from playing in the final weeks of last season, but Fales’ presence gives them someone else to take reps and avoid overtaxing Tannehill during offseason work. How Fales fares in that work will likely impact whether he sticks around as a third quarterback beyond the offseason.

12 responses to “Dolphins sign David Fales

  1. ‘Dolphins set to sign Bears QB”

    Cutler: Smiles, starts to get out of chair

    ‘David Fales’

    Cutler: Frowns, sits back down, goes back to drinking his wine cooler

  2. Better than All QB’s on Dolphins Roster already… From a Pure Passing Standpoint that is… How much is that worth? To Gase probably a defensive minded HC? Not so much…

  3. Apparently the screen in the QB film room is a bit blurred- you’re just writing stuff without even ever seeing the guy play. David Fales is awful, and won’t be an NFL QB. He was drafted by the Bears in 2014, and has thrown 5 passes in NFL action since then. While Tannehill isn’t great, Fales isn’t even close to that, pure passing or otherwise.

  4. Frank Booth. You might be right. I was going off his college tape because he has played next to nothing other than pre-season, where he has looked good. Basically I think Fales is a starter in the league skill set wise but something is scaring coaches from making him a starter, most likely his intelligence/Leadership but its just a guess. I had him ranked up there with Carr coming out in 2014

  5. umassdebatingteam says:
    Apr 5, 2017 4:36 PM

    And as a result, he has legally changed his name to David Fails.
    No, that’s what he offered to do if the vikings would sign him.

  6. QB Film Room says:
    Apr 5, 2017 6:13 PM
    I watched a ton of fales at San Jose State and he looked elite honestly.
    If that’s the case, I retract my prior statement/insult. The Bears saw enough in him to keep him to develop for several years, but so far his college success and characteristics haven’t translated to the NFL.

    Then again, the last truly good QB that the Bears drafted was Sid Luckman in 1939. Sitting through Mike Furrey, PT Willis, Rex Grossman, Bob Avellini, and all of the other QB’s the Bears have drafted has been horrifying.

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