Mark Davis: Offered 20 percent of Raiders to A’s owner

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Raiders owner Mark Davis said a lot of the things you’d expect him to say in his first extended local interview yesterday. But he also dropped a bit of news into the talk about leaving for Las Vegas.

During the interview on 97.5 The Game, Davis said that in trying to keep the Raiders in Oakland, he offered a 20 percent stake in the team to Oakland A’s then-managing partner Lew Wolff during discussions of a plan that would see the Coliseum torn down and a pair of sport-specific stadiums built on the site.

We offered them the opportunity to purchase 20 percent of the Raiders and to do what I said about building two stadiums on that site,” Davis said, via Daniel Brown of the East Bay Times. “And the message from them was, . . . that they did not want to remain on that site, especially if we were to build there. But they would love to buy 20 percent of the Raiders. And that was really the last time we talked to the A’s about it.”

Wolff confirmed the meeting but didn’t indicate that it was a plan that was taken very seriously, because of issues with leases and a lack of particulars.

“Mark did mention something to the effect that he had a passive interest that might be for sale. My recall was that I was clear that were not passive buyers,” Wolff wrote. “No terms, price, details were discussed as best I can recall. Our goal then was to remain in our market as it is ‎today.”

Of course, unable to reach any kind of deal locally, he found the money he was looking for in the desert, leaving his former co-tenants in the Coliseum looking for their own stadium deal.

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  1. have only yourself to blame. Your Mayor is a joke, your stadium is a dump and so is your city…..JUST VEGAS BABY!!!!

  2. if that’s true the A’s owner apparently learned nothing from his analytics gurus lol…NFL ownership is like printing inflation burdened money in your garage

  3. I wonder why no one wants to share baseball and football stadiums anymore. The Cardinals have shown that you can slide a whole grass field in and out of a building so there should be no issues with teams playing football on dirt infields. A city could build one very nice $1.5B multi purpose stadium versus 2 pretty nice $1B stadiums. If the A’s and Raiders had been able to get something done together, it’s more likely that the city would have been willing to pay.

  4. Better to parts ways…I still can’t believe that in 2017 a football team is still going to play on a baseball diamond. Raiders should have never left LA.

  5. People keep getting mad at Mark Davis. Personally, the stuff that keeps coming out sounds like he is just trying to not throw other people under the bus but is hurting fans opinion of him in the long run. It sure does seem like he would have made it work in Oakland if it was a viable option. But the team was led to believe a new stadium would happen if they moved back from LA and 18 years later are still playing on a baseball diamond. It SUCKS for Oakland fans. But to blame Mark solely is a joke. This falls more on city leadership and the Oakland A’s than anyone else. The A’s were one of the major road blocks to getting a stadium deal in Oakland.

    It did not help that they have had the lowest attendance in the league since returning to Oakland. The Al Davis drafts and consecutive losing seasons did not help with that.

  6. As a Raider fan who lives a couple hundred miles north of Oakland, I’d MUCH rather book a short flight to Vegas than drive down to Oakland to see a game. The best thing about Oakland was the tailgating because the city is a ghetto and the stadium is a sewer pit, while Vegas… is VEGAS. Nuff said.

  7. This hurts, I’m still dealing with my emotions. I hate the state the NFL is in over the Goodell reign and then to put my beloved Oakland Raiders situation on top of it I am at an impass with my passion for the game. I thought I would never lose my passion for Football, part of my life was built around it but the BS rule changes, the greed and idiocity of the comissioner, the death of tradition and hard hitting football….It’s taken a toll on this Honkey and the tank is almost on E.

  8. bighoser says:
    Apr 5, 2017 10:17 AM
    As a Raider fan who lives a couple hundred miles north of Oakland, I’d MUCH rather book a short flight to Vegas than drive down to Oakland to see a game. The best thing about Oakland was the tailgating because the city is a ghetto and the stadium is a sewer pit, while Vegas… is VEGAS. Nuff said.
    Raiders fans all over the world will gladly go to Vegas to see them, almost none will go to Oakland though.

    Just saying.

  9. Surprise admission for Mark to make but he deserves a ton of credit for putting the Vegas deal together, something his Dad couldn’t do many years ago. I have zero sympathy for the city of Oakland who didn’t support their iconic team. The fans that went to home games largely did so to get massively drunk and wear costumes. Let them fly to Vegas if their welfare checks support it. Raiders deserved better and now they got it. Good job, Mark Davis. And it’s nice to see the Raiders back winning games.

  10. I don’t believe Son-of-Al for a second. It’s a matter of public record that Floyd Kephart offered to finance the bulk of a new Oakland football stadium in return for 20% interest in the Raiders and a fractional contribution from the existing owners – an offer which Son-of-Al refused.

    So he’s NOW claiming that he made basically the same offer to someone else that he refused from Kephart? That has to be pure bunk.

    I’ve loved the Raiders since the early 70s but for a long time I haven’t had good thoughts about the Davis family.

  11. Oh wow, so you did everything but invest in a new stadium yourself. Which is what would have been the most helpful thing.

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