Marshawn Lynch visits the Raiders’ facility

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In another sign that Marshawn Lynch is poised to come out of retirement to play for his home town team, Lynch is at the Raiders’ facility in Oakland today.

Former Colts punter Pat McAfee reports in his new position as a Barstool Sports contributor that Lynch is at the facility talking to team officials.

Because Lynch retired while still under contract to the Seahawks, the Raiders would need permission from the Seahawks to talk to him. There’s been no word of the Seahawks granting such permission, but it wouldn’t be surprising if they did so as a step toward facilitating a trade.

The Raiders are in need of a running back after last year’s starter, Latavius Murray, signed with the Vikings in free agency. Lynch, if he’s healthy and in shape after a year off, would help there — and may also excite some Oakland fans who would otherwise be ready to bail on the team that will soon bail on Oakland.

12 responses to “Marshawn Lynch visits the Raiders’ facility

  1. This is just another Tony Romo situation with Seattle playing as Dallas. Nobody is going to give you anything for him AND take on that contract. Either release him so he can play where he wants to play, or he stays retired.

  2. McKenzie correctly stated that the goal is to lock in the core (Carr, Mack, Gabe Jackson) to long-term deals which will each be deservedly lucrative.

    From my perspective the best way to do this, and maintain salary-cap health is to avoid throwing big $$$ on a rusty RB on the wrong side of 30.

  3. If he becomes a Raider his press conferences can now come with F-Bombs! All part of Raider DNA…

    With that said, he would be a great pickup.

  4. if this is more than a friendly visit by Lynch then both teams need to treat it as a business move: Raiders should prepare to have to give up something for Lynch via a trade or a pick? and hope he can be beast mode for them not Lynch whos injuries were catching up to him AND the seahawks need to drop the warm feelings they had for him and say if you want out then we will be suing for the 5mill you pocketed and shoot for some compensation not just gonna release you w/ 2 years left on your contract. besides what happens if he un-retires and the seahawks are able to restructure another core player’s contract and they are able to cover Lynch’s 9mill salary for the upcoming season? i’m sure he would un-retire retire again

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