Michael Irvin on rape investigation: “Nothing happened”

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Hall of Fame receiver and NFL Network broadcaster Michael Irvin has broken his silence and spoken publicly for the first time since he was named in a rape investigation, saying he is innocent.

Irvin told FOX 4 in Dallas that he did not assault or have any type of sexual contact with the woman in question.

“We’ve never had any kind of sexual relations in any way, in any way,” Irvin said. “I can tell you this, I can tell you this: Nothing happened. Nothing happened.”

The 27-year-old woman told police that she was drinking with Irvin at a Fort Lauderdale bar, went to a hotel room with him, remembers having to fight him off, and woke up the next morning thinking she may have been drugged and raped. Irvin said he considered the woman a friend and brought her to the hotel to make sure she had a safe place to stay because she was intoxicated.

“A lot of people think, ‘Well, Michael, were you being careless?’ I thought I was being caring, making sure all of my friends and family members got home safely, and/or just slept it off and didn’t get out in the streets driving after we had been hanging out drinking,” Irvin said.

Irvin had many well-publicized off-field problems during his playing career but insists that he has turned his life around.

“I have worked very hard to overcome some mistakes of my youth, to regain the trust of my family and friends, my community, Cowboys nation, NFL fan base, my employers, my NFL Hall of Fame teammates. I can tell you I’ve done nothing to violate that trust, nothing to violate that trust,” Irvin said.

The case is still being investigated by Fort Lauderdale police. NFL Network has had no comment on the investigation.

79 responses to “Michael Irvin on rape investigation: “Nothing happened”

  1. Of course not your innocent, why don;t you give more advice to a young player about how to live his life your doing such a great job. Have you smoked any crack lately?

  2. The little boy who cried wolf. You have continually made poor decisions, Mike. We don’t believe you anymore.

  3. The Survey Says:

    Out of one thousand men who told their wives that very same story, all one thousand of them got served divorce papers pronto.

  4. Add this to the 3 most popular lies in the world

    The checks in the mail
    This won’t hurt a bit
    I won’t *** in your mouth
    Nothing happened – Michael Irvin.
    State Pen number: 67665-5447

  5. What the heck? Is there a remake of Goodfellas I don’t know about in the works and he is practicing his lines to be the next Jimmy Two Times?

    “I’m gonna go get the papers, get the papers” – Jimmy Two Times

    “…in any way, in any way,” “I can tell you this, I can tell you this: Nothing happened. Nothing happened.” – Mike Irv Irvin

  6. I’m always prepared to believe the worst about Michael Irvin, but don’t the police need more to go on than “I think I may have been drugged and raped”?

  7. Haha. The CARING Michael Irvin? Let’s see, wonder how many phone calls and meetings with his lawyers it took to concoct this response.

  8. The 27-year-old woman told police that she was drinking with Irvin at a Fort Lauderdale bar, went to a hotel room with him, remembers having to fight him off, and woke up the next morning surrounded by numerous pudding pop boxes & wrappers…not sure how its all related though…

  9. “Michael Irvin on rape investigation: ‘Nothing happened’ ”

    To quote Russell Crowe in A Beautiful Mind, forgive me if I don’t seem persuaded.

  10. People ripped on Mike Pence when it came out that he won’t go anywhere or do anything one on one with any other female than his wife. This is the exact reason why.

    Whether Irvin did anything to her or not, he was stupid enough to be hanging out with a drunk chick and then exponentially more stupid for taking her back to his hotel room. He reaps what he sows. Just be a loyal husband and don’t even put yourself in these idiotic situations.

  11. Just plead to the Good Samaratin Law. You can do what you want and have immunity. Sounds like
    that you were in the right place at the wrong time Michael- not with your family and other loved ones. I’m sure you will be able to buy your way out of this sticky-wicket.

  12. “We’ve never had any kind of sexual relations in any way, in any way,” Irvin said. “I can tell you this, I can tell you this: Nothing happened. Nothing happened.”


  13. Amazing how many people are passing judgement here, little early to be throwing those rocks

  14. I”ve enjoyed Irving the last few years on the NFL network and I thought he had gotten smarter but apparently not. Same old drug head/gutter acting Michael Irving.

    It’s a shame; I feel bad for his family. They trusted and depended on him to finally be the man of the house and all he’s done is show he hasn’t really grown at all.

    All he’s learn to do is obviously hide his shenanigans but this one got exposed.

  15. And this why you don’t lie. We don’t have one tangible fact, but because of his past, he’s guilty until proven innocent in the court of public opinion.

  16. Everybody knows all former/current Cowboys are always guilty, even without evidence….

  17. Best to wait for the legal process to weigh in before passing judgement. A persons career should not be ruined over an accusation.

    He is certainly a target. Money, public figure, checkered past.

  18. I wish he would just shut up. Likely story. Hopefully this will get him fired from NFL. Besides him sounding like a big liar, he really sucks at commentating and is a loudmouth talking head.

  19. Sorry, here I think he’s probably telling the truth. Remember when Randy Moss was accused of assaulting a girl? No charges filed, it turns out some young lawyer was trying to get a big payday. Warren Sapp? Lost his job at ESPN, when the videos later showed a woman he’d reportedly hurt in the leg at hotel walking down the corridors just fine and then joking with a guy who came to pick her up.

    I could be wrong, but at this point what evidence is there, other than bare accusations of a woman who admittedly was blotto drunk? With more evidence, I could change my mind. Till then, I’m not drinking the koolaid.

  20. If that’s your story, GUILTY. Mike if she was a true friend and you intended no wrong doing, a man of your “Faith” and money could have just purchased her her own room, and had hotel personnel (at least 1 female) help get the girl to her room and settled. You chose to take her to your room. Everyone can see what your intentions were even if nothing happened that’s probably the stupidest thing you could have done.

  21. steelerfan63 says:
    Apr 5, 2017 4:40 PM
    Ironic coming from a Roethlisberger fan.

  22. I can hear him at reial now: “I did not have sexual relations, with that woman.”
    Hmmmmmmm yeah
    He’d better hope there are no little blue dresses laying around.

  23. I’m all for due process but if the newspaper story is accurate (about a 50/50 proposition these days), the rape kit should confirm two things;

    1. did anybody leave some love goo behind?
    2. if there is love goo, does it belong to Mr. Irvin?

    If both questions are answered in the affirmative, Mr. Irvin’s status of employment will be the least of his problems. Don’t believe me? Ask the ex Viking, Darren Sharper.

  24. Things don’t add up. Either Irvin is really stupid or he’s telling the truth. If he’s telling the truth then he’s still really stupid for setting himself up like this.

    If she went to the hospital for rape kit that next morning, and if he raped her, then his attorney would have spun it that it was consensual. With him coming out saying nothing happened then he might be telling the truth or he’s even more of an idiot than we all thought he could be.

    Either way he’s proven how stupid he so I guess we will probably never know the truth unless he or she changes their statements.

    Irvin to Zeke “Dos I say, not Is do”

  25. If she was drugged, her blood should show it. If she had sex, a swab will show it and DNA who

  26. He needs to come up with a better story, if she has date rape drug in her he’s screwed and why didn’t he just drive her home instead of to a hotel lol, too drunk to drive uber would be more than happy to do the driving for you….Michael thinks we are all fools…..

  27. Irvin probably paid her to start these rumors because he’s trying to get his own show on FOX

  28. PriorKnowledge says:
    Apr 5, 2017 8:34 PM
    If she was drugged, her blood should show it. If she had sex, a swab will show it and DNA who


    Depends on what drug she was drugged with and how long before. I’ve known girls that have been drugged and raped. It’s a lot more common than people realize. Some drugs are out of the blood within a few hours of them waking up. But do agree with the swab. Even if he used a condom they should be able to tell if she had sex that night before from residue and/or bruising. If they had sex, then him coming out and saying they didn’t, he just screwed himself whether she consented or not.

  29. Let me see if I’ve got this right.

    Bill Cosby – Guilty
    Michael Irvin – Guilty

    Donald Trump – Innocent
    Bill O’Reilly- Innocent

    Is that about right for most of you?

    Like or dislike below.

  30. Ah sure, Michael Irvin takes a highly intoxication 27 year old woman to a hotel room and nothing happened? Yeah, why not, we’ll go with that.

  31. Michael Irving is hilarious on the NFL Network, one of the best at what he does in my opinion.

    I would expect him to say it twice, three or four times even.

  32. Well, if you’re married with kids, you probably shouldn’t have a 27 year-old woman in your hotel room, whether anything happened or not. Don’t put yourself into situations. It looks sketchy, even if you’re innocent.

  33. What is up with NFL network Warren Sapp, Jamie Sharper, Mike Irvin who is in the HR department?

  34. This is the exact reason you don’t put yourself in these positions. Even if he’s being truthful, perception becomes reality when he’s been down this road numerous times in the past. If you he can’t make better personal decisions, he will continue to have these scandals hit the media.

  35. Don’t be in a bar til the middle of the night Mike. Go home to your wife, instead of hanging out with some inebriated girl 1/2 your age. Betcha you’ll never have these things happen to you. Just betcha

  36. If Mike did it, he stands to lose a lot, subsequently, because of the seriousness of the allegations, if it’s confirmed that the woman is lying, she should be punished as well.

  37. When is waking up feeling dizzy after drinking all night RAPE or being DRUGGED! It’s called a HANGOVER!!!!! These type of women are giving good women a bad name, you can’t wait until after you’ve dropped your draws and then cry rape. Is this the new Morning After! Miss whatever your name is Alcohol is a DRUG! All these negative comments are probably coming from men who can’t get a woman to walk across the street with them. Some of these women are no angels! They want a PAYDAY!! Women have been using their booty to get what that want since Adam & Eve……….

  38. Out drinking with a group of “family and friends” and the only with no way home an no place to stay is an attractive 27 year old woman?

    To paraphrase a line from The Big Easy, “Ft. Lauderdale must be a marvelous environment for coincidence”.

  39. 26predator says:
    Apr 6, 2017 5:24 AM

    Michael Irving is hilarious on the NFL Network, one of the best at what he does in my opinion.

    I would expect him to say it twice, three or four times even.
    Best at what he does??? Hope you are joking…

    He’s wasted on NFL Network and he always loves to reach over and touch the guy next to him…

  40. It is safe to say no matter what evidence is provided most of the people on this thread would vote guilty against Michael Irving if this case made it to trial. But what some of you people aren’t doing is actually questioning the information we do have.

    The woman claimed she was drinking with mike and then went to his hotel room, after they got there, she remembers certain things like fighting mike and she believes he might have raped her.

    For mike, he is saying the lady is a friend, they were out drinking and if offered her a place to stay because she was drunk.

    Now, someone with a brain can question both narratives. first of all, if this woman didn’t want to participate in some physical activity, why follow a married man to his hotel room (not saying that is a reason to rape someone). There is a motive on her part. Based on her story, she is either a groupie or she was trying to trap mike.

    On mike’s story, dude come on. You are a married man, you should not be out drinking with another woman unless she is your wife and then you compounded that by saying you took her to your hotel room to keep her safe. If you wanted to do a good deed then rent her, her own room and we wouldn’t be having this argument.

    Something happened in that room and before I place guilt on anyone I will wait for the police report. Hopefully, the cops won’t drop the ball in the case.

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