Should the Texans pursue Colin Kaepernick?

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With Tony Romo now off the market (and assuming that they dumped Brock Osweiler and his salary due in part to the hope that they’d get Romo), what will the Texans do at quarterback?

The choices are: (1) Tom Savage; (2) Brandon Weeden; (3) a rookie; or (4) a veteran.

Of the veterans, Colin Kaepernick is the most intriguing, for various reasons. So if the choice ultimately boils down to Kaepernick or Savage, what should they do?

Sure, other options are available (including Jay Cutler). But between Savage and Kaepernick, who should they want?

Answer below. And if the answer is Savage, make the case in the comments by citing football reasons only and not by pointing out that Kaepernick doesn’t eat ribeyes.

64 responses to “Should the Texans pursue Colin Kaepernick?

  1. Football reasons only, okay.
    We’ve seen the body of work that Kaepernick has produced. We have yet to see Savage given the full opportunity with a full pre-season. O’Brien runs a complex offense, or at least wants to, I don’t think Kaep has the mental ability to make complex decisions in a timely manner. If he got frustrated with Brady, he’ll go ape poo with CK.

  2. Answer below. And if the answer is Savage, make the case in the comments by citing football reasons only and not by pointing out that Kaepernick doesn’t eat ribeyes.
    There are no football reasons for why. Kaepernick actually played pretty well last season considering the trash heap of talent around him. Savage is what he is, nothing’s going to change that.

  3. Putting aside his political “beliefs”, he’s not very good. I put “beliefs” in parenthesis because I’m not sure he is really committed to them, because his actions don’t fit his “beliefs”.

    Just like I don’t believe he is committed to the quarterback position. Anyone who has watched him in the last couple of years can see that. He was essentially a one hit wonder. He had about a year of success. However, as a passer he has not grown. He has gotten significantly worse. Anyone clamoring for him to be on a roster either shares his “beliefs” or simply basing it off of the one good year he had, years ago. He’s not good. He was a product of a perfect storm. He’s not broken as a QB, he cannot be fixed. His ceiling of improvement is low. He’s simply just bad. If you want him to hold a clipboard, okay. You could however find other passers who can do the same for significantly cheaper.

  4. Savage.
    Partly because he’s worked hard to earn a shot and hasn’t publicly complained about his role. Kaepernick has had a couple shots and you know what you have with him: Slow decision making, poor reads, worse accuracy, occasional big plays. Savage has looked like a decent young QB with potential upside in the limited body of work we’ve seen. He deserves the shot for football reasons.

  5. Yes, because they love nothing more in Texas than raging against the National Anthem, the Fraternal Order of Police, and the United States Military.

    You could argue that it’s THEIR national pastime…

  6. Krapernick is a trash qb. He always chokes in the second half of games. All his so called great stats came in the first and second quarter of games then completely chokes in the third and fourth quarter. Krapernick is a joke. Went 1-11 for a reason. Watch his games. I’m sure every GM watched his games and we’re laughing their hats off. Krapernick is done, has been for over two years.

  7. Should the Texans pursue Colin Kaepernick?

    Should someone ask for a sharp stick in the eye?

  8. Football reason.. Savage is a pocket passer. Common sense reason. Texas.. He might be a social justice warrior in liberal San Fransisco, but bring those shenanigans to Texas, He might disapear.

  9. This is just completely idiotic. Savage has been in O’Brien’s complicated Erhardt-Perkins system for four years while Kaepernick has no experience with at all.

    At least try to suggest a QB familiar with the EP system if you’re going to do a “poll” instead of just throwing out a controversal name. Just stupid.

  10. Seriously, a better poll would have been Jay Cutler, since he’s familiar with the Erhardt-Perkins system under Adam Gase in 2015 with Chicago and did well under it.

  11. To save countless future articles let’s just make the blanket statement: Nobody should pursue Colin Kaepernick.

  12. So much for a right to free speech. This guy is being railroaded. All Lives Matter right? Tom Savage is trash as are half of the QBs in the NFL on a the respective 3 deep QB rosters. Colin Kaepernick is a hated individual for protesting. We’ve seen this before over the last 60 years. It’s apparent this guy can succeed with a strong OC/HC pairing as he did with Roman/Harbaugh. O’Brien has that pedigree, it’ll take a strong minded individual to offset this idiotic vitriol and blatant hypocrisy by the NFL. NFL hates gambling right but just held the tax payers over the fire for $750M in a town that created gambling corruption. Lol. Folks are asleep out here man.

  13. Okay, aside from the fact that Kaep isn’t a very good QB and puts his own agenda before that of his team.

    Do you want your fans boycotting you and booing your QB because they despise what he stands for. This is a terrible, terrible idea all the way around….

  14. No! Most overrated QB in football, not a very good passer. Takes off running when the read isn’t there. Also seems to do this for attention.

    You can get similar players that don’t provide the headache that Kaepernick will bringz

  15. Bill O’Brien doesn’t seem like the type of coach who goes around designing an entirely new offense to fit a player who may, or may not be able to perform at a high level. The Texans are probably better off continuing to throw darts at the board trying to find a QB capable of running their complex offensive system.

  16. Kapernick is a one season wonder. His numbers last year were artificially high thanks to “garbage time”.

    He hasn’t grown as a passer. He isn’t as quick as he used to be so the advantage of his legs has diminished as well.

    He hasn’t been in the most complicated of systems during his career so im not sure he can thrive in an O’Brien-Style offense.

    I dont believe Kapernick is the solution to the Texans QB problem.

  17. A football reason? Okay, he was benched for Blain Gabbert “BEFORE” his political call to action. BEFORE his injuries. He got beat by Blain Gabbert even though he had experience with the team. Let that sink in. Blain Gabbert is still available. There is your football reason. Interesting that the Political call to action did not occur until after Kaep lost his starting job. Teams figured out that he is not a starting QB before the politics. If anything, the politics are the only thing keeping sites like this talking about him and not Blain Gabbert or Jay Cutler, etc.

  18. Probably Kaepernick, but that is a bigger commitment than it looks like.

    First, you are committing to a different offense. You may have to draft a 2 way QB so you can run it if/when Kaepernick gets hurt.

    Second, you are going to need different receiver skill sets. Hopkins seems best to me at outside islotation routes. Kaepernick won’t be throwing them. He’ll not be sure, then take off running. So either you need to work Hopkins more into shorter slant routes, or you need a big possession guy with good hands that Kaepernick can fire in in to. That will be the main non running way he moves the chains.

    Finally, you will just have to take it as it comes. This is Kaepernick as caretaker. You have him pick up firsts with his feet, sling it where he feels safe, eat a fair number of sacks, and punt a fair bit, and count on the D to make sure it is enough. His game has too many holes for shootouts.

  19. They could get Kaepernick cheap, the Texans would be foolish not to kick the tires on him. The sooner they bring him in the better too.

  20. ninerfan81 says:
    Apr 5, 2017 11:35 AM
    So much for a right to free speech. This guy is being railroaded. All Lives Matter right? Tom Savage is trash as are half of the QBs in the NFL on a the respective 3 deep QB rosters. Colin Kaepernick is a hated individual for protesting. We’ve seen this before over the last 60 years. It’s apparent this guy can succeed with a strong OC/HC pairing as he did with Roman/Harbaugh. O’Brien has that pedigree, it’ll take a strong minded individual to offset this idiotic vitriol and blatant hypocrisy by the NFL. NFL hates gambling right but just held the tax payers over the fire for $750M in a town that created gambling corruption. Lol. Folks are asleep out here man.


    So because you liked his protest you think he is owed some team taking on a bad QB for a high price. Got it. Actually I think Florio’s collection of articles make that same statement.

    Forget his protest, this needs to be a pure football decision. And as a football decision he doesn’t come out so well. He honestly isnt that good. Sure in garbage time against plain vanilla defenses he gets in a few plays but even then he blows a few because of his inconsistent arm. And when the game still counts opposing coaches get him easily turned around by switching up the looks making him indevisive and error prone. And on top of that he wants a lot of money. That just doesnt add up.

    Although Im not surpised he is unemployed right niw I do think by the time the season starts he will gave gotten a job, but only as a backup. By then other options will be off the table and I would think he eventually has to stop thinking he is owed big money but that probably wont be until the prospect of not playing at all becomes real to him and he decides backup money is better than nothing.

  21. senatorblutarsky says:
    Apr 5, 2017 11:24 AM
    Should the Texans pursue Colin Kaepernick?
    Should someone ask for a sharp stick in the eye?

    The internet was won today by you Senator! I bow down to your greatness

  22. I think Kaepernick is a better overall player and should be the QB. That being said he is not a great fit for Bill O’Brien’s current offensive system. The HC would need to work in some plays that Kap is comfortable with.

  23. Well it’s obvious he is in decline but of course has much more experience than Savage but that doesn’t really matter because the Texans don’t want the distraction. A large portion of fans will boycott and protest outside the stadium and the Texans want nothing to do with that. There’s only a handful of teams that will take on distractions and Houston is not one of them.

  24. Kaepernick 90.7 rating, 2,241 yards, 16 tds, 4 ints in 12 games last season. Savage 74.9 rating, 588 yards, 0 tds, 1 int in his career 5 games. I’m not even a Texan fan, and this is a no brainer to me. Savage has yet to even throw a td in a game. And just a heads up, the QB draft class is weak this year.

  25. charger383 says:
    Apr 5, 2017 12:05 PM
    No team should pursue him. An example should be made of him


    Now this I dont agree with. Just like above I ponted out he is not owed a slot on a team because of his stand, I dont think he should be blackballed either. I think this should be nothing but a football decision. (But as a football decision he is not worth his salary demands not even close)

  26. given hou’s bad luck at QB — schaub, hoyer, osweiler

    the answer is a RESOUNDING NO

    hou needs to stabilize at QB position…not continue to face uncertainty with suspect players

  27. A lot of team executives hate Kaepernick. The ones that don’t are concerned about the backlash from their fans. So he’ll get what he deserves for showing contempt for the flag that other Americans died for.

  28. No, they shouldn’t. I like Kaepernick for the most part, but give Savage a shot with a backup like McCown who can come in and manage games while you let the other two phases of the game win it for you. They need a QB of the future or a guy who they can trust not to lose a game. Kaep is neither of those at this point.

  29. Why not include any good QBs in the poll? Cutler is better than either of these guys. Why all the love for Kaepernick, all the time, unless it’s motivated by politics? All the while telling everyone else his status shouldn’t be motivated by politics.

  30. Why doesn’t the poll include Blaine Gabbert? He beat out Kaepernick before the whole kneeling controversy and he’s also a free agent right now. If anybody is going to consider Kaepernick then surely they’d consider the guy who beat him out first.

    Wonder why Kaepernick doesn’t have a job right now? Hint: It’s not the kneeling–it’s because he couldn’t beat out Blaine Gabbert.

  31. I am a wholehearted supporter of Kap. I supported his right to kneel, and even agree with his stance politically. I think he did a great job of explaining himself to the media, and to his teammates, and I thought he showed great courage in doing so. I think he continues to elevate himself through his charitable actions at home and abroad, and believe he has gone above and beyond to put his money where his mouth is. On top of that, I thought he played relatively well for a really bad team last year, and I think he still has to potential to be a great QB in the NFL, and I definitely think he deserves the chance. If Josh McCown is getting $6 MIL to start for the Jets, Kap should get $8M no problem. He is still young and MAYBE can still be a franchise QB….HOWEVER, I really liked Savage coming out of the draft, I thought the Texans made a good pick getting him in the 4th (?). He’s smart, and he’s got a very good arm. They drafted him, they might as well see what they got. Maybe bring in another vet to compete, but go with Savage and see what you have, instead of creating another QB controversy and then some.

  32. Bill O’Brien really values experience. If that is the case, Kap makes the most sense to at least come in and push Savage.

    I, like djvh2, thing that Cutler may be a better veteran option.

    However, I also think that Bill O’Brien’s offense is not this thing of beauty that is only missing a certain QB. His WR routes are unnecessarily complicated and last I looked, Lamar Miller is still their #1 RB.

    Savage probably offers the most comfort, Kap could rebound and make something out of nothing when plays breakdown (and they do quite often in Houston) but I think a healthy Cutler provides a happy medium.

    I’m just tired of Bill getting a free pass because he can’t find a QB to run his “system.” His system is crap.

  33. Savage “should” get the opportunity to prove himself. However, they should bring Kap in and allow Savage, Weeden, Kap and the rook to duke it out till the end. Kapernick has a lot of football left in him. He’s been on a winning squad and I think that with the right kind of coach can get the best out of him. I think OB is the right kind of coach.

  34. Tom Savage is not an NFL quarterback. For that reason, I held my nose and voted for Kaepernick. Garoppolo will be a free agent this time next year and he knows Billy O’Brien’s offense. That is exactly why the Patriots should trade Jimmy G to Cleveland. You don’t want to face him in Houston and he is not going to sign another deal to be Brady’s backup. This 2018 Garoppolo to Houston thing should be a fear in New England.

  35. Savage over Kap all day. Not only has Savage been in OB’s complicated system for 4 years one of the biggest requirements of OB’s offense is reading defenses and then reading the route adjustments accordingly. This is a huge weakness for Kap. Kap may land somewhere but Houston certainly wouldn’t be a good fir for him.

  36. You’re pushing Kaepernick as hard as you pushed Michael Sam. We know it’s not about football.

  37. Stop with this Kap crap…owner Bob McNair sits with George Bush Sr. and Barbara Bush at Texans games. No way he approves Kap as his QB.

  38. What has Savage done? Kap like him or not has won multiple playoff games, ask the Packers about him… last year he had a solid year even with me as his best receiver.. throwing for 16/4 with Kerley as your best receiver is pretty impressive and no defense, but hey go ahead and say he’s too dumb because you are mad he took a knee all year..

  39. No chance McNair signs a controversial player, never mind the NFL’s most controversial player.

  40. Bill O’Brien has been asked over and over again about what he looks for in a QB and he’s said the same thing over and over again – he likes pocket passers who are intelligent and can control the offense on their own, make reads at the line and change the play if necessary. Kaepernick does not fit the mold of the QB O’Brien likes in his system, therefore he will not be picked up by them.

    That’s the football answer.

  41. The Texans gambled last year and came away with egg on their face bigtime. Signing Kap to a big $ contract is another gamble. If Rick Smith gambles and looses again he is out of a job. For that reason alone I’ll bet nothing happens.

  42. Distraction is a football reason. Tebow also brought distraction with him. The minute a team signs Kap, the season becomes about that and not football. That is a football reason. Football teams/organizations want the focus to be on football not controversy.

  43. “Make your case but limit it only to comments I agree with.”

    Thanks, but his not eating ribeyes is actually related if his athletic ability has suffered due to his lack of nutrition. If it’s a concern for GMs, then it qualifies as a concern for this discussion, no matter your personal opinion on it. It’s relevant, whether it should be or not.

  44. It is incredible the bias that is keeping Kaepernick down. All these comments about making an example of Kaep by not taking him. Haha an example for practicing his first amendment rights. Anyways, let’s talk football. This is a no brainer. Even if you believe all the idiocy around Kaeps game analysis he’s double threat of being a runner and a passer is undeniable. That alone will destroy the man defense the Texans have been facing. Defenses will be forced to spy on Kaep taking one O-lineman away. You can blitz, but you then take away double coverage from the threat of Hopkins and Fuller. And finally you have Lame Miler for the running threat, maybe options. Y’all can allow talks politics to blind y’all, but look at the numbers. Last year Kaep played in a team with a horrible defense, a receiver core with the HIGHEST drop percentage and 3 coaches in 3 years. And he still put up 16 touchdowns to 4 interceptions in 7 games. Osweiller was 16 to 15 the whole season I believe if I’m not mistaken. Kaepernick has shown he can lead a good team to the Superbowl, what else do you want. Savage is nobody.

  45. OBrien managed to go 9-7 and win the division with one of the worst statistical QBs in the league last year AND his best player on the bench all year.

    If I had to bet…. Texans go 9-7 again with a Savage/Weeden/rookie mish mash and miss the playoffs by 1 game.

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