Bruce Arians wants full-time officials working at team practices

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Cardinals coach Bruce Arians is the newest member of the league’s competition committee, and in that new role he’s acting as a strong backer of full-time officials.

Arians said that contrary to those who think there’s not enough work to justify officiating as a full-time position, NFL teams could have officials working at their practices and it would improve both the quality of officiating and the quality of play.

“The biggest thing is they can come to practice and work practices and do things,” Arians said, via the Arizona Republic. “To me, the No. 1 scenario is that you’d have enough crews to go in every city — half crews or four-to-five-man crews — and work practice, work every single day, and not call that team’s games. . . . Just be a full-time official that has to make quick decisions and stays in shape.”

The NFL already has a few full-time officials, but there’s increasing support in the league for making every referee a full-time employee, and perhaps for having many of the other on-field officials classified as full-time workers as well. Arians thinks they’ll have plenty of work to do.

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  1. They don’t need the extra practice if they will just be told what the close call results are from Park ave on Sundays. #Goodellogic

  2. “Arians said that contrary to those who think there’s not enough work to justify officiating as a full-time position”

    Of course there’s enough work. It doesn’t matter where they live every official should meet online every week during the season to stream and review every game and every call made.

    This will lead to consistency between crews across the board and ensure there are not major differences in the way different crews call a game.

    During the offseason the review all games from the previous season the same way especially any game noted for horrible calls.

    With the constantly changing rules it also gives them an opportunity to make sure they all know the rulebook inside out.

  3. The biggest problem with officiating is the inability of the officials to see every player interaction from every angle during the whole play. Having full time officials won’t change this.

  4. The problem is the commish only likes doing things that were his idea. Full time refs weren’t something he came up with so he views it as a failure if it gets adopted since he wasn’t the one to realize it was needed.

    No other explanation possible that makes sense.

  5. Yes please. A multi-billion dollar industry and the reffing has been awful. This wouldn’t fix everything but it’s a step that’s been needed a long time now.

  6. Honestly I don’t see a downside to this, the more the refs practice seeing plays and calling penalties the better, instant feedback towards the players as to what is or is not a foul is good. I would want the refs to be constantly mixed up and work with other refs, so there is more consistency across teams.

    There is no reason the NFL can’t find people willing to work 52 weeks a year as a ref.

  7. An official isn’t going give up their business or their pensions for the NFL. Why would a guy give up his lively hood for a job he could get let go from in a year.

  8. The NFL could immediately improve officiating by terminating Ed Hockuli, Jeffie Sue Triplette, and Jermome Boogers. These three make up 90% of the bad calls in the NFL and likely make up a third of all the calls they make out of thin air.

  9. Most of the refs have jobs. Lawyers, businessmen and so on. The pay would have to be substantial or the contracts favorable enough for them to set aside their private enterprises just to officiate daily. Unless you groom your own officials and make it an occupation. Refs gotta eat too right?

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