Dale Jr., Washington fan, will drive an Eagles-themed car in June

Dale Earnhardt Jr. has become one of the better-known fans of the Washington franchise. And so in roughly two months he’ll be driving a car painted with Eagles colors and logos.

The development comes from a partnership between one of Earnhardt’s sponsors and the Eagles. And Earnhardt is trying to persuade fellow Washington fans that he hasn’t changed allegiances.

“I’m really sad about that,” Earnhardt said, via SportsBusiness Daily. “Being a Redskins fan, it was very hard to wrap my brain around it, but what I am happy about is helping them promote the All-Pro Teachers charity, an organization that the Philadelphia Eagles have where they basically acknowledge teachers that put kids first and help their kids excel inside and outside the classroom as well. I hope my Redskins fandom, that I’m a part of, doesn’t disown me.”

“I don’t know about him in an Eagles car,” Kyle Petty said about Earnhardt on NBCSN’s NASCAR America, via SBD. “I think a true Redskins fan would wall that thing on the first lap, just grind that Eagle off the right side.”

Earnhardt will drive the car into the wall or on the track or both on June 11, at the Pocono Raceway.