Anquan Boldin in no rush to sign

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Anquan Boldin waited last year, the calendar flipping through spring workouts, organized team activities and mini-camp sessions into the summer when finally, a day before the Lions’ first practice of training camp, he signed a one-year contract.

This off-season, Boldin is a free agent again.

He seems content with following a similar path.

The wide receiver said Thursday that, while eager to play a 15th NFL season, he is in no rush to change his free-agent status. Boldin likely won’t “sign with a team until closer to training camp,” according to Jamey Eisenberg of CBS. The Lions and Ravens are among the teams to have expressed interest.

Boldin’s personal timeline didn’t keep Lions nose tackle Haloti Ngata from attempting to lure him. Ngata appeared Friday at Boldin’s charity golf tournament in West Palm Beach, Fla., wearing a Lions team polo and team hat. He called it “definitely a recruiting trip.”

“I want to make sure he still remembers us,” Ngata said to Eisenberg. “If he comes back, it will be fun.”

Boldin remains a steady possession receiver.

At age 36, of course, his stats are due to fade some.

He caught 67 passes for 584 yards and eight touchdowns in 2016. The production continued a trend in which his average yards per reception has dropped in each of the past five years. It fell from a career-high 15.6 yards in 2011 to 14.2, 13.9, 12.8, 11.4 and last year’s 8.7 rate that marked a career low.

Ranking ninth in NFL history in career receptions (1,076) and 14th in yards (13,779), Boldin declared in March his intent to play a 15th season.

He’ll turn 37 in October.

23 responses to “Anquan Boldin in no rush to sign

  1. Boldin’s a heck of a reciever, he fights through to the ball, never quits on a play and blocks well downfield. He’s never played on a team I root for, although I wish he had, and he played on one I actively despise but I have nothing but respect for his game.

  2. Speed has always been the least important aspect of his game. I highly doubt the top 4 WR’s of every team in the NFL would be better without him. Hope he signs with a contender and competes.

  3. His 2016 yardage is lesser because he wasn’t the center piece of the offense like he was in the 49ers. Golden Tate took that role. Anquan had his own specific package from the slot and still he had the most TDs.

  4. He needs to come back home to Arizona. A one year deal with a team option for a second is right up Steve Keim’s alley, and Q would be a great fit for the Cardinals on an all in season for them and probably him.

  5. He’s pretty slow at this point. However excellent blocker, great hands, and physical he will catch the ball in traffic like nobody. Just know what you are getting. He developed a nice rapport with Stafford last year on 3rd down and in the red zone. Wouldn’t be surprised to see him back.

    But I still remember two dumb personal fouls in the playoff game last year. Expected better from a veteran with a ring.

  6. An underrated warrior. Career stats almost identical to Larry Fitz, who is a shoo-in for HOF. Boldin belongs too. Someone will sign him, probably after the draft. I’d love to see him return to the Cardinals for one last hurrah with Fitz.

  7. skankmeat says:
    Apr 6, 2017 11:52 PM

    Translation, nobody wants him.

    Not true. The Lions still want him. Boldin’s family lives in Florida so the Lions are giving him the opportunity to hook up with a team closer to home. Most players and ex-players speak well of the Lions in that regard.

  8. Boldin would be a good replacement for Steve Smith on the Ravins’ roster. Boldin still has a lot of catches left in his career and the Ravins need guys who can catch the ball.

  9. Please come back to Baltimore!

    Anquan was the major reason for Joe Flacco’s dominating performances in the playoffs of 2011 & 2012. He should have enough gas in the tank to help lift the Ravens back into playoff contention in 2017.

    Also: Owings Mills is just an hour drive to DC, where Anquan could be spending much of his spare time in a quest to promote his causes in an appropriate manner, without kneeling for the National Anthem or inciting street riots.

  10. I would love to see him with the Eagles….let him groom some of the young players. Boldin LOVES the game and will keep playing till 32 teams say no Thank You. One more year dude.

  11. The Ravens have made 2 moves in their time that I think really hurt the team long term.

    1. Not bringing back Trent Dilfer. He may not have been the “sexy pick” everyone wanted at QB, but he fit the blue collar mentality of Baltimore. And you could tell the team rallied around him.

    2. Letting Boldin go. Joe’s security blanket got ripped out from underneath him when they let Boldin go.

  12. senatorblutarsky says:
    Apr 7, 2017 12:42 AM

    skankmeat says:
    Apr 6, 2017 11:52 PM

    Translation, nobody wants him.

    Not true. The Lions still want him. Boldin’s family lives in Florida so the Lions are giving him the opportunity to hook up with a team closer to home. Most players and ex-players speak well of the Lions in that regard.


    Translation: He wants avoid dealing with shame and embarrassment of being part of the Lions.

    As if the Lions care about where his family lives you CORK! Your assumptions are earth shattering stupidity about the Lions decisions and moves they make.

  13. I love the dude, hope he ends up back in Baltimore but at the same time if he does end up back in Baltimore it would be like the twentieth straight season the Ravens have made a last-minute-signed old veteran into a #2 receiver. That’s getting kind of stressful to continue to root for.

  14. Boldin has earned the right to wait. There’s plenty of interest around the league, but I bet he stays with the Lions. Best to wait and see at this point, as a team could draft someone that might cut into his playing time. Why sign with a team that is going to phase you out?

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