Greg Hardy, Ahmad Bradshaw, Kellen Winslow arrive for Spring League

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The Spring League, the newest developmental football league has officially launched, sort of. Players have convened at The Greenbrier in West Virginia for training camp in advance of an April 15 kickoff to the six-game season.

According to a spokesman for the league has informed PFT that the following former NFL players are in attendance: defensive end Greg Hardy, running back Ahmad Bradshaw, tight end Kellen Winslow, quarterback McLeod Bethel-Thompson, running back Ben Tate, and quarterback Ricky Stanzi.

These and other players are doing all they can to play the game they love, because according to the league’s website they’re not getting paid. Instead, they get lodging and meals for the duration of the season, which actually will end in only 20 days.

The games end one day before the draft. Anyone who stands out could then be added, in theory, to an NFL offseason roster as OTAs approach.

22 responses to “Greg Hardy, Ahmad Bradshaw, Kellen Winslow arrive for Spring League

  1. We already know that Greg Hardy is going to stand out. Just look for the cheerleaders with black eyes and gun imprints on their backs and legs.

    I still can’t believe they will let him participate in this.

  2. Kellen Winslow? I’m surprised he’s trying out with other athletes. I thought he preferred to just play with himself. In a parking lot.

  3. Same people that ran the XFXL, correct? The league where coaches and players weren’t getting paid towards the end of the year and teams were kicked out of hotels. It’s gonna fold like a tent. I’ll give it until Good Friday.

  4. Kellen Winslow is hanging on to a freak show carny league when he should be wrapping up a great NFL career. Just another sad tale in the story of the Browns.

    First Matt Millen finds the only sucker bigger than him (Butch Davis) to trade up for him. Then he wrecks his motorcycle and needs major surgery (microfracture is not small after all) and is a shell of himself before his career even starts.

    Meanwhile Big Ben was passed over and when he wrecks his bike,breaks his entire face but the car that hit him was worse off, all on the way to the HOF.

  5. A bunch of has been’s and never will be’s that can’t face reality and realize it’s time to get a real job like the rest of us

  6. I hope Ahmad Bradshaw does not get a life altering injury. Guy gave it all he had but couldn’t stay healthy. Hang up your cleats and enjoy your rings.

  7. I thought Winslow was in the military……all that talk of him being a soldier and war…..what happened…

  8. Brian Woods first attempt, the ill fated FXFL would have been better served with a dose of SL cost containment –

    but for the SL for what it is trying to be – an Academy Style short showcase season for NFL/CFL teams to preview players – its worth a look

  9. I wonder if Hardy will bother showing up for any of the meetings and yell at everyone on the sidelines. I thought Hardy was going to take up MMA anyway. Maybe he found out that those guys fight back, unlike women.

  10. They should add a bonus team filled with old NFL legends similar to the team Al Bundys rival assembled in “Married with Children”.

    The league champion of the season will get to play a team assembled with past NFL greats. They will play team “Legends” for the league Super Bowl/championship

    Could have a defense with the likes of Lawrence Taylor, Bruce Smith, Deion, Rod Woodson, etc. Maybe the offense could roster Ladanian Tomlinson, Jerry Rice, QB Aikman or Favre, Tony Gonzales,
    Micheal Irvin, or Randy Moss vs the other teams.

  11. “I figured Romo would be there.”

    It is very early in the morning where I am, and still this has got to be the dumbest post of the day award winner.

  12. Winslow what are u hanging onto still ur career ended when u where arrested jacking off in a parking lot lmao I shouldnt even be laughing though it’s sad this guy is a bigger case of what could of been than also smith x

  13. Greg Hardy was stupid in the way he carried himself after the domestic violence claim that was dismissed against him, even though Hardy doesn’t have a history of domestic violence. He is being black-ball from earning a living doing the only thing that he knows how to do. The NFL solution to fixing or handling problems is to sweep it under the rug or get rid of the person that is in need of help. These players play the most violent sport in the the world and their brains take more of a beating than their bodies. It’s clear that Greg Hardy isn’t a highly intelligent man! Football players are asked to carry all the burdens of society on their shoulders when issue like domestic violence, divorce, and drugs are a way of life in America and the world. But when a paid athlete commits a crime or makes a mistake he is the worst person in the world.

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