Lame-duck season: Marvin Lewis expects no extension

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A contract extension for a head coach is seen as a vote of confidence from an owner. At times, a one-year extension can be reached to avoid the coach from entering a “lame-duck season,” which has him coaching on the final year of his deal.

Marvin Lewis doesn’t expect that vote of confidence.

And so, he’ll coach on.

The Bengals head coach said Thursday that he doesn’t foresee a contract extension before the 2017 season. He downplayed what effect that has on him.

It’s not really a subject that’s on my mind,” Lewis said to Katherine Terrell of ESPN. “I don’t think it’s on (owner Mike Brown’s) mind, either. I’ve gone into many seasons without a new contract. It’s not a focus for me.”

Naturally, it will be a focus for others.

That’s part of the issue in not doing one.

No coach in Bengals history has won more games than Lewis, who owns a 118-110-3 record across 14 years. Those marks, however, include seven playoff games. The franchise has lost all seven under Lewis, including five one-and-done appearances from 2011 to 2015.

An extension for Lewis may not come until the Bengals win a playoff game next January.

If they don’t, it may not come at all.

40 responses to “Lame-duck season: Marvin Lewis expects no extension

  1. Bengals fans rejoice, little suspecting Lewis’s successor will almost certainly be their vastly overrated assistant head and offensive line coach, Paul Alexander. Ugh.

  2. No should he…

    His lack of discipline has cost the Bengals countless games, including the playoffs. Burfect and Pac Man, for all their talent, always self destruct at the worst possible moments.

    Their playoff window is firmly slammed shut.

  3. Its the Bengals. I wouldn’t expect them to be anything more then they are. Outside of AJ they don’t have a lot of premier players. They had their run and Lewis would be better off moving on.

  4. He’s always been just good enough to not get fired, but never good enough to be good.

  5. He’s not a bad coach. He’s been handed some garbage teams and situations including the Palmer fiasco and had some good to great seasons there. Them not winning a playoff game keeps being put all om him, when for some of those teams even making the playoffs was overachieving.

  6. Why is this guy still a head coach in Cincinnati and what kind of dirt does Marvin have on Mike? It must be some really seedy stuff because 14 years of mediocre results, no control over his players, and having an 8-8 season being like winning the superbowl mentality would get any coach canned years ago. Cincy fans are probably used to hearing this, but you deserve better.

  7. He needs to win next January, and more than one playoff game. Reminds me of Jeff Fisher; good enough to hang on for another year, year after year.

  8. I’m not defending Marvin Lewis. He is solely responsible for the Bengals not having won a playoff game because he tolerates knuckleheads like Pacman Jones and Burfict. Let’s not forget he also had TO and Ocho Stinko on the field at the same time too. He ran the team without any discipline at all and the inmates knew they ran the asylum.

    All that said, let’s put this in a bit of perspective. They hired Lewis when no real coach had any interest at all in coaching that train wreck. Lewis won more games in two years than they won in the previous decade or more. That team was a wreck since Mike Brown took over and ran it like a Dollar Store. He doesn’t care about winning. All he cares about is collecting all that money he gets from the NFL. He gets that money whether they win ten games or zero games. If he fires Lewis good luck finding a decent coach to come in there.

    It doesn’t help that Dalton pulls a choke job in nearly every important game.

  9. He’s made a Ton more money than any of u. And he got paid to coach and be around football every day. His life is better than yours lol

  10. As a long time Bengals fan, I appreciate what he’s done for this franchise. Enough said. Thank you, Marvin for bringing us out of the pits.

  11. I think everyone needs to remember how much of a laughing stock the Bengals were before Lewis became coach.

    They couldn’t do anything right. Couldn’t win games, couldn’t draft right and were embarrassed too many times in games year after year.

    Even though they have been drafting much better since Lewis came aboard, Brown still doesn’t seem to go after those key free agents that can help his team over the hump. Mostly drafting players and have them play out their contracts.

    I think he has done an admirable job in turning the team around and keeping them consistently competitive during his time.

    From a Raider fan.

  12. buckybadger says:
    Apr 6, 2017 8:05 PM
    Its the Bengals. I wouldn’t expect them to be anything more then they are. Outside of AJ they don’t have a lot of premier players

    Uh…Geno Atkins is maybe the best DT in football. Dunlap, Eifert and Burfict are all great. The media doesn’t cover these guys – cuz Bengals – but they’re all legit stars. Dalton is also wayyy better than he gets credit for.

  13. Marvin Lewis is as mediocre as they come and he’s choked repeatedly with many different groups of players. Palmer choked in prime time and playoff games too. So did Kitna, so did McCarron. It’s not a Dalton problem, it’s a everyone who plays for Marvin problem.

  14. You can see it in his face and actions that the guy has nothing left to offer. It’s the same thing year after year. His comments on Pacman last week says it all. He’s changed his tune on the extension because a few months ago he actually thought he would get one because he’s been rewarded for being average year after year. Any other team would have fired him years ago. To watch him giggle after losses makes me want to puke.

  15. People who say Marvin is a terrible coach I don’t understand it. He reminds me of Marty Schottenheimer: Solid to Great teams, cant cash out in the postseason. However, when I think of this situation i think of Marty’s last gig with the chargers 14-2 one and done then fired….what’s happened with the Chargers since then? exactly…

    Can’t say Marvin doesn’t have a eye for talent with most of bengal free agents racking up the brinks truck every offseason (zeitler and whit got OVERPAID) and assistants get coaching jobs (Vance Joeseph, Mike Zimmer, Jay Gruden, Hue Jackson). He just hasn’t put it all together for that special run, and that’s the biggest tragedy.

  16. Why is it every head coach going into a season on the last year of their contract is always labelled a “lame duck” season?? When a NFL player is going into their last year of their contract its a blessing cause they will hit an open market and make a lot of money. If a coach is really good he should be happy to hit Free Agency. I’m sure Bill Belichick could make huge amounts of money on the open market (he will never get there as he has the perfect situation…ownership gave him full control/QB etc). If you are not that good, why would a team just re up your contract just for the sake of making you feel good about the season? If he’s that bad why isn’t fired?

  17. Wait until Stephen A. Smiff sees this! I’m sure he will tell all the morons that watch his show that if Marvy were white he would have been fired by now. Oh wait, he already did that and still has a job.

    Even the African American sports talking heads slander Lewis.

    It’s amazing how the court of public opinion hasn’t already cost this man his job.

    That says something about the work and product he has been able to put on the field.

    Marvy will be done when he says he is done.

  18. dickshotdogs says:
    Apr 6, 2017 8:29 PM

    We ALL know why he’s still there.


    Yes, because he’s brought the team out of the doldrums of the 90’s, has had a few teams that were close and lost in unfortunate circumstances, and he works for the most loyal owner in the NFL.

  19. Marvin is what his record says he is: mediocre. Just good enough to get you to the playoffs, but just awful when it comes to important games. We all know their abysmal playoff record, but what is the bengals Primetime record? I recall several games with them getting absolutely crushed in night games. Really, what good is a coach if his team constantly wilts under the pressure? He’s been there since 2003? That’s at least two complete roster turnovers. Different teams, same results. Marvin will never get Cincy past the wild card round. Damn shame too, the team has talent

  20. Playoffs? I think avoiding 4th place in the AFC North is the only challenge this year.

    Mike Brown is letting this team tank this year so the next coach will be at the start of a rebuiling process and the fans won’t expect much for the first two years of the next head coach.

    Brown has started to repeat the mistakes of the 1990s by hiring from within. Hiring coaches from outside the organization has brought several players from the coach’s old teams along with them. Hiring from within loses this source of good players, putting increased stress on the draft. And the Bengals last couple of drafts have been awful.

  21. Bengals content on mediocrite is Mikey Boys fault because he just doesn’t care if he wins but alot of it falls on Coach Giggles cause he’s a mediocre coach

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