Myles Garrett’s draft night an opening for NFLPA’s media arm

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We already knew that presumptive No. 1 pick Myles Garrett wasn’t planning on attending the 2017 NFL Draft in Philadelphia.

That doesn’t mean he’s not going to be part of a show, but it’s going to be a show run by the NFLPA rather than the NFL.

According to Albert Breer of, Garrett’s stay-at-home draft night will still have lights and cameras and action, as part of a new media venture of the players union.

The show will be run through ACE Media, which was launched last fall as part of the NFLPA’s for-profit subsidiary Players Inc.

“This is something we’ve wanted to do for a while,” NFLPA president Eric Winston said. “We wanted to give guys the opportunity where they don’t feel like they have to go to the draft, they can have the day at their house and host all their family and friends, but still be able to capture it for them. And to have Myles Garrett, maybe the first pick, do it is awesome.

“We’re hopeful that we’ll be producing something pretty cool for Myles and ACE.”

ACE also partnered with E! to produce Travis Kelce’s reality dating show, as they dip their toes into original content featuring players. It’s unclear at the moment what kind of content they hope to produce, but the fact players are staging their own show is interesting in its own right, as the union chips into the monopoly the league created with its three-day television show. The fact it’s with the guy everyone assumes will be the first player taken makes it that much better for ACE and the NFLPA.

“He’s just the start, we hope to do a lot of this in future drafts,” Winston said. “This doesn’t apply to Myles, but the opportunity to not have to go to the draft and sit through two hours of not being picked, and have it not just be your parents and brothers and sisters, but also all your friends and, since you can’t bring everyone to the draft, that’s what we want to give them.

“We hope this will allow all the notoriety they’d want, but share it with everyone that played a part in it.”

If nothing else, it’s a reminder that players have the opportunity to turn their business into show business, and they don’t have to walk across a stage and shake hands with Roger Goodell and be part of his show to do it.

22 responses to “Myles Garrett’s draft night an opening for NFLPA’s media arm

  1. Herr Goodell is not going to like this. Look for an unwarranted suspension in your future.

  2. “We wanted to give guys the opportunity where they don’t feel like they have to go to the draft, they can have the day at their house and host all their family and friends, but still be able to capture it for them.
    They have been doing this for as long as I can remember. Heck they followed Joe Thomas while he was fishing in the great lakes with his dad. The Pouncey twins shared an awkward kiss from their home party when drafted. Tebow was at his home. Danny Woodhead (who ended up not being drafted.) Vinny Curry of the Eagles declined to have a crew in his home because he was an Eagles fan and didn’t want to take all his Eagles stuff off the walls. (Lucky for him he was drafted by the eagles)
    So they have always had “The opportunity where they don’t feel like they have to go to the draft, they can have the day at their house and host all their family and friends, but still be able to capture it for them.”

  3. So they needed the NFL PA to come up with the idea of hiring a videographer? I see draft stock plummeting. Oh, and FYI, have someone else plan your wedding if/when the time comes…

    As for the NFL PA trying to get in on the action, sounds like a solid flop…but I’m sure they’ll raise Union dues to cover the losses.

  4. grogansheroes says:
    Apr 6, 2017 11:50 AM
    Herr Goodell is not going to like this. Look for an unwarranted suspension in your future.
    4 more games for Brady.

    Remember, the court ruled that:

    -Goodell didn’t need to have a reason to suspend a player

    -Goodell can suspend player A for something player B did

    -Goodell doesn’t have to obey U.S. labor laws

    -Goodell can suspend a player even when he knows that
    player is innocent

    -Goodell can punish players (and teams) differently for
    the same violation

  5. This is a transparent manufacturing of a bargaining chip for the CBA negotiations. The NFLPA gives up competing draft shows and gets … a different definition of the total revenues that they get a piece of? Maybe something on independent review of discipline? This is just another move to secure a better deal with the owners.

    Perhaps the better answer would be to expand the player contracts into personal services agreements to include outside football appearances – i.e. merge entertainment opportunities with playing the game much as some of the agents are trying to do. Keeping the two opportunities separate is an anachronism that is at the root of much of the conflict.

  6. The NFL Draft is boring. Teams picking guys that can make somewhat of an impact, but other than the very rare exception, will do very little to change a team’s fortunes in the near future. Local fans and pundits all talking about how some 4th rounder is a “great value pick” and “fills a need”, only to be cut following OTAs. Who gives a damn where the guy is when his name gets called? The only way to limit the power of the shield is to start decreasing the ratings for meaningless things like the draft and, my god, the scouting combine. Goodell’s power decreases only if ratings start to drop. #resist

  7. This just makes little sense to me. Essentially, past players have not liked the dog and pony show put on by the people who will actually pay them as a football player so the newbies would now rather have the dog and pony show put on by the folks they will be forced to pay as a football player. Add to that the ridiculous comments praising the union or bashing the league that are sure to follow in this thread. That means people do not like the exploitation of players by league management but are fine with exploitation of players by their future union.

  8. I’m planning on doing something like that at my house on draft day.

    Commentator One: “Now choosing, with the one million and seven five thousandth pick of the draft….”

    Commentator Two: “I’ve never seen this much excitement for a fifty four year old out of Syracuse with a dicey knee and a forty yard time that was clocked with a sun dial”

    Commentator One: “It’s just perfect that he decided to have this moment at home with his family and his cat instead of going to… yech, Philadelphia.”

  9. Awful embarrassing if he isn’t the first pick, just remember, Cleveland has a way with their picks !!!

  10. Selfish move not attending the draft. Browns don’t want that, league doesn’t either. Protect the Shield and teach him a lesson by having him drop to #3.

  11. Don’t agree with this. Seems very Orwellian (Animal Farm). The protectors trying to be bosses. Union trying to gain more power.

  12. “Not sure this is a great branding move.”

    And what if he falls in the draft and does a Brady Quinn? Is having the world watch you as you are more and more frustrated and angry a “great branding move”?

    I wouldn’t go to the draft if I was a player, nor would I let the NFLPA into my home with their cameras. That should be a private moment of joy for the player and his family / close friends. Not something to be exploited by the owners and union neither of which care the slightest about any given player.

  13. I think everyone here is missing the point. The NFLPA needs way more content to make these videos profitable. Selling a one-off feature seems more like an opportunity than a business plan.

    The real question is: who will pay them for access to Garrett? I can see a world where Amazon buys up the rights to the exclusive footage but that only works if it is compelling and not a dude sitting on a couch.

  14. Garrett has a ton of talent. He also takes too many plays off and he’s running his mouth way more than I would want. He looks like one of those guys who wants to make a big name for himself, away from the action. I’d trade out of that number one pick and end up with a bounty of picks that could set the Browns up for the next decade. This draft is super deep with really good players. Don’t get me wrong. I see the talent Garrett has, but his motor is on idle a lot. I’d rather have guys that run their motors non-stop, especially if they’re going to be the leaders of the franchise. When you make the most money, you’re the leader.

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