Panthers have visited with Christian McCaffrey too

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The Panthers are serious about keeping Cam Newton from running as much next year, so they’re taking a serious look at all the running backs.

According to Jourdan Rodrigue of the Charlotte Observer, the Panthers had a visit last week with Stanford running back Christian McCaffrey.

They’re meeting with LSU’s Leonard Fournette next week and have reportedly already had Tenneseee’s Alvin Kamara in for a visit. It is thus reasonable to assume that Florida State’s Dalvin Cook will turn up on their dance card eventually.

McCaffrey would be more of a contrast back to Jonathan Stewart, as opposed to the like-for-like Fournette would present. He’s more of a weapon in the passing game and possible as a returner as well.

The Panthers also just hired his college position coach (Lance Taylor) as their wide receivers coach this offseason, giving them plenty of familiarity with McCaffrey’s work already.

3 responses to “Panthers have visited with Christian McCaffrey too

  1. I would prefer us getting McCaffrey to Fournette. Not only is Founette the same plodding runner Jonathan Stewart is, he’s also injury-prone like Jonathan Stewart is.

    This would make for some good matchups. Put McCaffrey and Stewart in the game – is one of them going to get the ball? Is McCaffrey going to carry or go out as receiver? Where is Greg Olsen? And Cam still might run a draw.

    Could be lots of fun.

  2. I was all about the Panthers getting Fournette. He was the guy I wanted the most. Don’t get me wrong I wont be disappointed if they draft Fournette but the more I see McCaffrey the more I’m liking him. I also think the way McCaffrey runs he could have a longer career. Fournette running “over” guys will put more beating on his body.

  3. McCafferey has a place in the NFL but not as an every down back. He will be a good returner and/or 3rd down back. Fournette will be a good straight ahead runner until he gets hurt trying to run over 300+ men. I see Davin Cook as the best choice in that he has the power of Stewart but the speed and agility of a Deangelo Williams. Regardless, the Panthers need a RB in the 1st round.

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