Report: Seahawks looking for player and a high pick for Richard Sherman

It’s not enough for the Seahawks to simply let the world know — in terms more blunt than we’re accustomed to — that Richard Sherman is available.

They also have to make it clear what they’re expecting in return if they want to see this swap meet through to fruition. So now comes word from the other corner of the country of what they want in exchange for their star cornerback.

According to Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald, an NFL source said the Seahawks are asking for “a very good player plus a high draft pick.”

It would probably help if that very good player was on a contract smaller than Sherman’s because that’s one of the reasons they’re at least considering moving a top-shelf player. But the chance to get a price-controlled asset back in exchange is key, as their roster has grown top-heavy in recent years (which is an unfortunate side effect of being good at football and then having to pay good football players, that invoice eventually comes due).

Sherman also has some degree of say in this, or at least the ability to influence a potential deal. If he’s not going to re-do his contract (and why would he?) and there are certain places he just won’t go, it naturally limits Seattle’s options. He’s already said he understands it’s just business, and that he doesn’t expect anything to happen.

But, if you’re going to do this dance, you might as well start high, to give yourself room to negotiate. Word’s now out on the price, and operators in Seattle are standing by.

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  1. Patriots could offer harmon + the 11th for sherman and the hawks 1st rounder, and then deal butler for another pick.

  2. The draft is very deep in good secondary players, very shallow at the top for good OL. I could see Dallas sending an OL and a first round pick for Sherman, assuming they could fit him under their cap. Of course, they probably can’t, or else they’d have held on to some of their backfield.

  3. If I’m giving up a starter with a high salary for a better, but aging starter, I’m certainly not also giving up a high pick.

  4. Seattle seems to have lost a ton of leverage on this deal. No team is giving up a good player AND a high pick for an aging CB with a bit of an attitude problem.

  5. Would be interesting if the Pats swung a deal for Sherman. Especially if they also pulled the trigger on a Garoppolo deal with the Browns. It would give them at least 2 years with an absolutely stacked lineup.
    That would be going all in.

  6. Cleveland,
    Collins and pick 33
    Since you are drafting Garrett anyways.


    Sherman and a third round pick

  7. Can someone fill me in on how the Pats are a viable trade partner? They don’t have a first or second round pick in this year’s draft and I think the Hawks would want better than the 32nd pick in the 2018 draft..

  8. Personally I do not think he is worth it. He is a loud mouth sour pants who thinks he knows everything because he went to Stanford. I say pass

  9. Sherman has about a 14 million cap hit in 2017. If they trade him for two decent draft picks rather than another player, they would more than likely have enough to keep Marshawn. Albeit Marshawn sounds committed to going to Oakland and might not be willing to play another season in Seattle. Just a thought.

  10. I am so happy the Eagles don’t have the cap room to make a run at him..

    He is very much a system CB .. with an attitude problem and losing speed by the day..

  11. So the Seahawks are trying to be on the other side of the Percy Harvin and Jimmy Graham deals. Which they should have never made. Hopefully they learned from those trades.

  12. I hope you guys harping about Lynch are paying attention. If they move Sherm’s contract, they have more than enough room to deal with Lynch un-retiring to force a trade. I don’t think either is likely, but the sheep here now need to consider a new possibility when they bleat.

  13. LT Cyrus Kouandjio who is starter material and only has a 2017 (1.5M) cap number & Buffalo’s 2nd round pick #44

    For Richard Sherman who’s cap number is 2017(11.4M) 2018(11m) & Seattle’s 3rd round pick #106

    Seattle needs to lower their cap and needs a Tackle…
    Buffalo needs a CB…

    Get it done!

  14. Reminds me when the big bad Patriots snagged Asante Samuel. Hope history repeats itself and we shut up that fan base for a third time. Dee-lish!

  15. I’d give up our 3rd rounder (#92 overall), especially if we can get Peppers in the 1st…. that’s an instant upgrade to our secondary…. I for one, have ZERO problems with his on field production or in locker room…

  16. There’s a reason the ransom is so high for Sherman. Carroll thinks very highly of him and wants production on the field. Yes they’re shopping him around because of his attitude recently. The hawks know how to handle him and if some team wants him bad enough now they don’t have to waste time and they can pursue him or not. Otherwise he’s staying a Seahawk and that is what they are counting on.

  17. The Seahawks would be all over that Joe Thomas & the #33 pick in a heart beat, I would think.

    The Browns should not offer that and I would think Sherman would retire before agreeing to that.

  18. Marshawn and Sherman for the raiders 1st round pick and Sean smith.

    1) I wouldn’t doubt it that the Raiders make a run at this.

    2) As a Chiefs fan I knew Sean Smith wasn’t going to work out elsewhere as good as he did those last two seasons in KC. He was just zoned in to that D style that D.C. Bob Sutton had dialed up and his teammates were all working perfectly together. The Chiefs just didn’t have the $ to keep him or to match him up another 2-3 years with Peters would have been ideal.

    There is a very unique way to use Sean and his skills. You almost have to build around it and it worked perfect the Chiefs system and other skill players on D did that.

  19. Teams can deal with attitude. They do it all the time. They are shopping him because he’s begun to show diminished skills, and you always move a player early to maximize value.

  20. Eagles – Kendricks, Kelse and a 3rd for Earl and a 7th. Address O line and LB Depth/special teams.

  21. Look, the Browns are pic flush. Its the team with the goods. Pats want Sherm (reportedly)….So the Browns could give Seattle a 2nd and and 3rd and a player, then flip Sherm to the Pats for the Pats 2nd and Jimmy G.

  22. Price will come down on draft weekend. He costs 11 mil per and needs a new deal past age 30.

    So, this is a bluff by Seattle.

    A 1st rd pick is as high as anyone should go (or a player of similar caliber/but cheaper = Malcom Butler).

    I am not buying it.

    Schneider thinks BB was born last night. lmao

  23. Name 10 better CBs in the NFL then Richard? I’ll wait, you clowns love to talk BS on here for likes!!!

    But he is side specific (LCB) and my team (Chiefs and Peters) already have their guy. So he limits his trade partners. He is good. But as he ages, (29 now) let’s start throwing him some more balls to make that body work some more. I wouldn’t be afraid. especially in a new system/team. Everyone has their weakness.

  24. I think they are shopping him because they need help on the O-line ASAP so you go to your #1 commodity on your team you can afford to give up. With this draft loaded with CB’s, there ya go!

  25. just posturing by SEA front office, Sherman got the message…he’s not indispensable BUT they aren’t going to get what they want for him either. We cool

  26. Over rated with an ego and mouth to match, plus he’s lost a.stdp and had some injury issues…no thanks; maybe a 4th at best.

  27. I don’t see anyone giving up what Seattle wants for Sherman, but this is the NFL, where anything is possible. Can’t wait to see how this one plays out, if at all.

  28. It’s got to be Dallas, right? Dallas is loaded with O-linemen and they do not have a starting CB. Trade La’el Collins and a 2nd round pick for him.
    Gus Bradly and Dan Quinn should be targeting Sherman.

  29. Seattle should ask the Bills for Taylor and their 2nd. They could draft another corner for that system defense and they get an upgrade at QB.

  30. By insisting the trading partner part with “a very good player plus picks” that automatically eliminates about a half dozen teams that don’t even the a very good player to begin with, Jags, the Vikings to name the obvious ones.

  31. A high draft pick AND a player from a guy whose mouth is bigger than his play? Not to mention whatever team trades for him has to take that huge salary. No way anyone trades for this tool. Seattle is stuck with him. They better hope Thomas comes back at 100% or they’ll find out just how poor Dick’s cover skills are since the refs are actually starting to call some of the penalties he commits on every play.

  32. Carroll gives his players a lot of leash to be themselves and that’s why most players love to play for him. Sherman’s been flirting with the line his whole career and finally crossed it last year. It’s not that what he said about the play calling and coaching was wrong, it’s that it’s not his play to publicly undermine his coaches. He’s still a top tier corner and is an incredibly valuable player, but anybody can be traded for the right offer. The Seahawks are playing this right by sending a message to him that he’s not untouchable. The chances that he gets traded are almost nil, but the message has been sent and it will be interesting to see how he responds. He’s a very competitive guy, but he’s also very emotional, so if he channels it constructively, he could his best year yet next year. At the same time, it might be worth the gamble for another team to give up a lot to trade for him. This guy plays on another level when he has a legitimate chip on his shoulder and if the Seahawks dealt him, you can guarantee he’d come out next year with a massive statement to make.

  33. Someone asked for 10 corners that are better than Sherman? I can easily give you 10 that played better than him this season.

    Talib and Harris from the Broncos both played better. Way better.

    Bouye. Malcolm Butler. Janoris Jenkins. Patrick Peterson. DRC. Josh Norman. Darius Slay. Terence Newman. Claiborne. Sean Smith.

    I didn’t count. It’s 10 though. Rookie from the Panthers was damn close too.

    Sherman did not play well. I’d ease off the thought of him being elite right now and puffing your feathers about it.

  34. Raiders will send them Crabtree and a conditional seventh if Sherman makes the team. And a bag of chips or a large soda. Take it or leave it.

  35. The Seahawks are asking too much. They’re not putting into consideration that he’s a LOUD MOUTH and most teams except for a few don’t want to deal with players like him for good reason.

  36. No way would I give a high pick and a very good player. Given Sherman’s age and contract, I’d give a mid-round pick to take over his contract.

  37. Who has an elite safety, the cap room, and a good player to trade to make this happen and be worthwhile? Without a top tier safety he is average. It is funny actually how many seahomers will discredit Earl Thomas’ presence in order to puff up Sherman.

  38. seattle isnt in the driver’s seat,,,,a high pick plus a NFL caliber, ready to play player? doubtful.

  39. The New York Jets should trade Sheldon Richardson and a second round pick for Richard Sherman. The Jets need help in their secondary to replace Revis. In a way this trade would indirectly be trading Revis for Sherman because the Jets are trading Richardson who they drafted using the pick they received from Tampa Bay when they traded Revis to them.

  40. Pats won’t go after Sherman with his salary & a quality player to boot…
    They will keep Butler this year for 3.91 mill & if they can’t come to an agreement on a multi year deal durring the season they can either franchise him in 2018 or let him walk after 2017 for a high 3rd round comp pick on 2018…..

  41. Sherman wouldn’t last five seconds with Belichick. Bill doesn’t tolerate bs, or loud mouthed players with an overly inflated ego.

  42. I also hope we get back together in the SB. Strahan ain’t walking through that door, son. You will get your big blue training wheels blown off.

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