Seahawks reportedly have initiated Richard Sherman trade talks

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It’s one thing for a team to be willing to trade a player. It’s quite another for a team to actively shop that player.

The Richard Sherman trade chatter began with a suggestion that the Seahawks would relinquish him for the right offer. (That can be said of nearly any player in the league, at any time.) As the team has said more and more (and more) about it, news is trickling out not only as to what the Seahawks want but also as to who has made the first move.

Jeremy Fowler of reports that the Seahawks have in some cases initiated the talks. That’s a small but significant point. It’s one thing to be willing to entertain offers; it’s quite another to pick up the phone and say, “Make us an offer.”

The team’s overall mindset regarding Sherman becomes critical. If they are simply taking advantage of an opportunity to sell high but won’t move him for anything below a predetermined threshold, the chances of a trade become smaller. If instead they currently are working the process with an intention to take the best offer three weeks from today when the draft starts, it means that the only questions are to which team he’ll be traded and how much they’ll get for him.

Of course, if the Seahawks want (and get) a high pick for Sherman, his new team may want to be sure that Sherman is satisfied with his destination. He’s due to make $11.4 million this year and $11 million in 2018, the final two years of his contract. He may want more — and the new team may want something more than a two-year commitment on the way in.

That potentially complicates the talks and makes it more difficult to keep everything quiet until the pick the Seahawks would be acquiring is on the clock.

17 responses to “Seahawks reportedly have initiated Richard Sherman trade talks

  1. All along it sounds like a public “My (Seattle) way or the hi-way” message to Sherman.

  2. He won’t be going to the Patriots, according to Tom Curran, who credits a source.

    Oh, it’s also being reported that Butler, while still being upset at the Gilmore signing, is likely to stay and play for the year before leaving as an unrestricted free agent next year.

  3. A lot of lost or stolen jersey troll’s posting. You are out of your area of expertise…..this about football…not man crushes.

    It’s going to take a lot for the Hawks to let him go…..can’t wait.

  4. They may want a player and a high pick but they may settle for a cup of coffee to get rid of that loud-mouthed idiot. They should trade him to a team that has no shot at the playoffs.

  5. Something tells me if he does end up getting traded he’s going to need more Adderall.

  6. Read Andy Benoit’s article on Sherman. His thinking is Sherman’s play is declining, hence the rush to move him now where there is some value vs next year when he has been exposed totally.
    Definitely worth reading, it’s less about Sherman’s drama and more about his level of play.

  7. Nowhere does it say why any team would want him at the prices we’re talking about. He’s overpaid now, and someone is going to give up a player and a high pick for him? If he weren’t such a loudmouth, no one would even know who he is.

  8. Thank god he dosent play for the eagles. He thinks because he’s a good player, he can do or say anything. Not a good teammate.

  9. First off, anyone who thinks he’s declining didn’t watch him for 16 games.

    Second, his teammates love the guy.

    Third, he was right in his criticisms of the OC and DC.

    Fourth, the Pats don’t have a high enough pick to get him. If they were offering Butler and their #76 pick in the third plus a #1 or #2 in 2018, maybe.

    Fifth, the Saints are looking for a corner, but it would probably take #32 & #42 to get him.

    Sixth, if the Hawks trade him, say hello to 10-6ville for the next 5 years.

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