Things between Tony Romo and Jason Garrett still chilly


Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and quarterback Tony Romo can’t say enough good things about each other.

But when the topic turns to Cowboys coach Jason Garrett, well, let’s just say he and Romo probably aren’t hanging out at any basketball games anytime soon.

Via Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, it has become clear that the tension between Romo and Garrett (shown here in happier times) is real.

During an interview on 105.3 The Fan, Romo had little to say about Garrett. They haven’t spoken since the end of the regular season, fueling the notion that Romo felt sold out when he wasn’t given a chance to compete for his old job last year once he was healthy, with the Cowboys sticking with rookie Dak Prescott.

But Romo was effusive in his praise of Jones for standing by him.

“He’s been great,” Romo said of the owner. “He’s been there for me through my entire time. There wasn’t anybody who stood up for me more last year. That meant as much as anything just the fact that he loved me and wanted good things for me. Things happen and that’s what happens in life. But you remember the people that help you along the way and appreciate you and love on you and give you grace and try and do the things that you’d hopefully want to do for others. He exemplifies that stuff.

“I really wish people would get a chance to see his heart and the way he just loves this football team, loves his family and just loves the people that have done right by him. There’s not a more loyal guy that you’ll ever meet. He’s always been that way and he’s always going to be that way.”

But the fact he had nothing to say about Garrett, who had worked with him every day since 2007 and was a frequent offseason travel partner, should tell you everything you need to know.

22 responses to “Things between Tony Romo and Jason Garrett still chilly

  1. That tells you Jason made the decision, not Jerry and it should lay to rest the frequent ‘Puppet’ cry affixed to Garrett. If Garrett was ‘Jerry’s puppet’ he would have allowed Jerry’s ‘standing up fro Romo’ to sway him to bench Dak.

    Garrett was in a no win situation. If he benched Dak, instead of hearing how he ‘betrayed Romo’, he’d be hearing (from the same people no doubt) how he ‘destroyed the future of the Cowboys by ‘destroying’ a young, promising QB for an old, almost done QB for sentimental reasons or because he’s a ‘puppet’ and that is what Jerry wanted him to do’. The life of a httr is an easy one, doesn’t matter what the object of your hate/dislike does, it can be seen as ‘horribly wrong’.

  2. Romo was a good QB. Not a great QB and he had a knack for coming up small in big situations, but he wasn’t bad.

    He loves jerry and jerry loves him. That’s nice. During his time as GM, jerry was one of the worst ones in the history of the league. The fact that Romo loves jerry but dislikes the HC speakers volumes that jerry isn’t calling the shots anymore and that can only mean good things for cowboy fans and bad things for people that don’t like them

  3. Never felt Garrett was a very good coach, but any coach who didn’t run with Prescott when Romo came back would have been guilty of coaching malpractice.

  4. Stop Whining!!! Prescott lost 3 games last YEAR. Romo would do that in December on a regular basis.

    Not a cowboy fan at all

  5. Garret blew a perfect opportunity to show the football world that he was his the coach of this team. He should have put romo back in once healthy. Instead he chose to listen to the noise in his ear and kept dak in as starter. The cowboys had a great year but the team is better is with Romo at Qb and garret would have shown he was the coach and proven that he makes the team decisions.

  6. It’s easy to praise someone who let’s you keep millions of dollars. But that doesn’t mean he’s a good person in general.

  7. I hope it stays that way!! Back stabbers do NOT make for good friends, and it was obvious that this was on JG! I feel like I did when he was hired, but I was beginning to warm up to him…..shame on me! I don’t know if I will ever get over how Romo was screwed over, and for what?? The season ended like it always does, one and out! Where was all that “chemistry” & “magic” against GB? If Tony was behind center, there would have been no spiking the ball!! JG definitely needs to work on his clock-management,,Now, we have Moore as backup to Dak! They better hope Dak doesn’t have a slump or get injured. It could be ugly and they made their own bed………

  8. so, because he said nothing you think he hates the guy? I didnt say anything about Joe Gibbs today….or even yesterday.

    does that mean I hate him, too?

  9. I always thought it was a little weird for Garrett the coach to hang out with Romo and Witten, the players. There has to be line between coaches and players.
    For Romo to be mad because Garrett wisely chose not to upset the apple cart after he got healthy is absurd. Dak was clicking on all cylinders and the team had huge momentum. It’s kind of disappointing to learn now that Romo’s pragmatic approach then was just a facade.

  10. Why does this Romo retirement continue to be such a big deal? Plain and simple, he wasn’t that good. He led the Cowboys to years of mediocrity and was known for always blowing it at the worse possible time with some bone-headed play. Who cares about his gawdy stats… I care about that he had pretty much zero success in the playoffs. So why is this guy being celebrated? And if anyone thinks he should have been allowed to compete for his job after the start that Prescott had to the season, then I would question your knowledge of football and the game. He deserved nothing. He always did nothing.

  11. Cowboys fan here, as much as I am in full support of Dak as our QB now and for the future.

    A part of me does wonder whether we would’ve won it all had Romo been in there.

    Considering Dak had that brutal interception that could’ve been the difference in a close game as it was. And the fact that the last playoff game versus Green Bay ended with Romo holding a 143.6 QB rating.

    Just food for thought.

  12. If Romo wanted to show he could still play, he could have gone to a decent team this year that’s just a QB short and competed. Instead he’s going to go hang out in the booth.

  13. Jerry a good person. Really! This is the person who wouldn’t reales Romo until he choose to stop playing football and go into broadcasting. If Jerry was a good person he would have realised Romo earlier so he could play for another team. Everyone knew Romo could not be traded even Jerry but he was wonting to wait until training camp to reales Romo. But he is a good person. Come on. He didn’t want Romo to go to another team, because if he did and he looked really good and Dak look bad then Jerry would look bad.

  14. I never cared much for Romo’s talking ability it never went over far me that well. I just thought he was a great QB. We will see what happens but it seem to me you eather have it or you don’t and I don’t think Romo has it in broadcasting. What has happened is Jerry and TV broadcasting had to have Romo out because they both went for Dak and if Romo went to another team and look good they would all look bad. So Jerry held out until Romo had to quite and the TV networks off Romo a job he couldn’t turn down even though he can’t do it. We see what happens.

  15. Third game of the season I wanted Dak to be the unequivocal starter of the Dallas Cowboys. Besides I don’t know why a coach and a player would take vacations together, WTF?

  16. Romo gets way more credit than he deserves, Prescott the jury is not out yet for him after one year. Garrett is way over rated as well and as many know who have ever lived in Dallas , Jones runs the show, the coach is a puppet.

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