Tony Romo knows he has a lot to learn

Getty Images

Tony Romo is taking on a new job on CBS’ top broadcasting team this year, something that his new network colleague Boomer Esiason said would be a “trial by fire” due to the high-profile nature of his role as Jim Nantz’s partner.

During an appearance on Duke basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski on his Sirius XM Radio Basketball and Beyond, Romo said that he would be dedicated in his preparation for a public trial that will call for him to improve quickly if he’s going to be a hit.

“Yeah, I’m excited about it,” Romo said. “I think the number one thing is I’m probably gonna have to learn a lot. It reminds me of my rookie year where you come in and you think like, ‘OK I know a little bit.” You know nothing. And then you get in the NFL and you’re just like, ‘Woah.’ There’s is a lot, just knowledge, you have to know. And I’m starting at the bottom. I’m not naïve enough to think about to come in and I’m going to be Chris Collinsworth, you know, day one. But I think there’s an excitement because I love to grind. My back didn’t allow me to throw 350 days a year anymore, but I do have the ability to go do this 350 days a year. And so with practice, with teaching yourself — that part of it is exciting. I’m excited about, like, not being good at something and having to go attack it at another level to get better fast. I don’t sleep very well if I’m not improving on something that I care about. Or at least showing signs that I’m getting to where I wanna go. Staying the same really doesn’t sit well and so it’s going to be fun to go attack it that way.”

Romo has a few months to attack his new job before he’ll be exposed to any public scrutiny of how well he’s transitioned to life off of the playing field.