Trevone Boykin arrested for second time in 11 days

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Trevone Boykin was arrested Thursday for the second time in 11 days, this development not related to a new incident but part of the fallout from the initial one.

According to TMZ, the Seahawks quarterback was booked for a possible probation violation. He was arrested on March 27 under suspicion of public intoxication and marijuana possession after a vehicle in which he was a passenger backed into a group of people.

Boykin reportedly was on probation at the time of last month’s arrest.

His probation stemmed from a guilty plea to a 2015 misdemeanor for resisting arrest.

To date, the Seahawks have maintained public support for Boykin, although coach Pete Carroll used such caveats as “early indications” and “we’ll see what happens” in respect to the situation possibly developing. Now that it has developed, it’s unclear how, if at all, the franchise’s backing of the 23-year-old will be affected.

According to TMZ, Boykin was released on $2,500 bond, awaits a May 3 arraignment and faces up to one year in jail and a $4,000 fine.

44 responses to “Trevone Boykin arrested for second time in 11 days

  1. I have no problem with the arrests. I’m worried about the guy’s ability to play QB. The Hawks should take advantage of this opportunity to part ways.

  2. Maybe instead of giving these guys all this money put it in a trust fund of some sort and pay it to them like a normal working person till they hit 30 and just maybe it will slow down the stupidity. It just blows me away with all the help from the teams and the NFL they just continue to be stupid. Sure seems like they have brain damage before they get in the NFL and I know you sometimes do stupid stuff in your twenties but when you have a 3-5 year window to make enough money to set yourself up financially the rest of your life, Just can’t feel sorry .

  3. The only crime I see is that his designated driver was a lousy (possibly under the influence) driver. The guy had been drinking and smoking herb so he he does the right thing and has what should have been a sober person drive him or not back into a group of people and he gets in trouble? What the heck was he supposed to do? He had a dumb driver take his drunk and stoned a** home yet he gets locked up for it?

    You all can dog on him all you want but if your career and income hindered on such an incident I doubt you’d be laughing. Our tax dollars going to waste over a guy that didn’t even commit the crime. And all you nerds that say he had weed on him; it’s 2017.

  4. I’m all for giving the player the benefit of doubt. But Geez Louise, somethings can be fixed but stupid can sometimes be forever. Trevone, is it really worth a career to be a dink ?

  5. This guy can’t be fixed. Seattle took a chance on him after he screwed up his draft stock who was a projected high draft pick. Then gets arrested and Seattle says they are going to stand by him. Then gets arrested again?!? They should cut and run…

  6. Mudcat Jefferson says:
    Apr 6, 2017 10:43 PM
    Nothing effects this Dynasty, hahaha

    Including your inability to use affects properly!

  7. I believe the phrase; “you can take ………… but you can’t take the ………. out of the……………. comes into play here

  8. After a night of libations, if my taxi driver got into an accident, why in the hell would I get arrested? Why would I even get questioned beyond “What happened?”
    So why should he? I am sure they ran his name & realized he was on probation & new they would get possibly a few hours of courtroom time.
    These silly piggyback “arrest” happen all too often to normal people too, with the caveat that if you show up to court, we throw out the charges, if you don’t because you can’t do to work, expect the fine in the mail. Also expect your court date to change multiple times last minute.
    It’s ridiculous that cops get OT to go to court, even for cases that are completely open & shut both ways. They pass tickets out like candy, reaping the benefits on both ends. OT for them, possible no show & fine $$$ for the district.
    This will be tossed out but remain a smudge on Boykins profile forever.

  9. Dare I say…..”dynasty?”

    The 1-2’s will be back to soccer in no time.

  10. Why the hate? So only one other person read the article? It sounds like an unwarranted arrest to me. He was the PASSENGER in the accident and he was arrested for SUSPICION of intoxication and marijuana possession. That is a total B.S. arrest to me. The first arrest was for resisting arrest. Also a very subjective charge though i am not proclaiming him innocent. These are the type of charges guys get when the officer wants to make quota. I have recently been pulled over in a veru similar circumstance. I was the dricer though and blazed. I got a good talking to by the cop and was allowed to walk home (and leave my car on the side of the road).. crazy part in all this, i am black lol. Maybe as a cop he felt guilty but whatever.

  11. @frozenstiff says – “pay them like a normal working person till they hit 30”.

    And what normal working person wage scale would you tie that to? Perhaps it would be better to mind your own business and let players enjoy the fruits of their labor as they choose.

  12. I love how one backup QB gets arrested, essentially for riding in a car with an idiot, and that spills over to equal a classless criminal franchise. You trolls really got to move out of the basement. Pathetic and laughable.

    Seattle will cut him loose.

    Bring on RG3 as the backup, better than the kneeling vegan.

  13. If you had brains, you would have known that this was coming down as a result of the probation violation from the arrest. Instead, the majority of you are acting like this is news…par for the course when this site caters to the lowest common denominator.

  14. Wait…what was he arrested for? It sounds like they finally figured out he was on probation at the time of the incident 11 days ago and re-arrested him.

    So really…nothing new happened.

  15. Did anyone read the article? He was arrested a second time for the same crime… It blows my mind that all these PFT saints act like he beat his child, carried weed through an airport, or was actually driving the vehicle… I’m extremely happy that a comment section is as close as I have to get to most of you.

  16. I hope all you holier than thou guys took the time to figure out that this was a probation violation arrest relating to his arrest for being a passenger in the vehicle that crashed at a bar.

  17. The Seahawks should bring in Kaepernick. Then you could have two of the most disliked players in the league (he and Richard Sherman) on the same roster.

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