After criticizing CBS, Chris Simms apologizes for “misunderstanding”

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Former NFL quarterback Chris Simms criticized CBS on his podcast after the network demoted his father, Phil Simms, in favor of Tony Romo. But Simms now says he didn’t have all the facts when he leveled that criticism.

Specifically, Chris Simms said, “I had to tell my dad first, before CBS or anybody. . . . I mean, that’s just not what you do to a good, hard-working employee for 20 years.”

But this afternoon, Chris Simms took to Twitter and said that he didn’t realize CBS actually had reached out to his father’s agent to explain the situation.

“I would like to set the record straight that I was not aware that [CBS Sports Chairman] Sean McManus had called my father’s agent, Steve Rosner, the day before the news broke to let him know that CBS was pursuing Tony Romo for the role of the lead color analyst for their NFL coverage,” Chris Simms wrote on Twitter. “I’d like to apologize to CBS for this misunderstanding.”

That explanation is odd, however, because Chris Simms suggested that he was the one who informed his father that he was out in favor of Romo. If Phil Simms’ agent was given an advance heads-up, why was Chris under the impression that Phil found out only when Chris told him?

In apologizing to CBS, Chris Simms may be thinking of his own career: The younger Simms has also called some games on CBS, and he probably doesn’t want to burn any bridges there. Even if neither Simms is happy with the network right now.

51 responses to “After criticizing CBS, Chris Simms apologizes for “misunderstanding”

  1. Maybe he should be criticizing pops’ agent? Or, you know, I’m not a scientist, but there is the statistical possibility that this apology is B.S. The world will never know…

  2. He was not that good.Basically a game manager with no personality potential,now if they can get someone to replace fouts I can watch a game with the volume turned up.

  3. He was not that good.Basically a game manager with no personality potential,now if they can get someone to replace fouts I can watch a game with the volume turned up.

  4. He didn’t get fired he just got moved to a different game.

    If the pats play the steelers

    If Denver plays Baltimore on the same day

    Romo can’t cover them both.

  5. Whether you like Simms or not, McManus calling his agent, rather than him directly is a poor show.

    At least have the decency to break the news directly, rather than, you know, over the phone to that person’s representative.

  6. Misunderstanding??? No it’s not. It’s a case of a spoiled son opening up his big mouth in defense of his father when he didn’t even know the facts.
    I wish both Simms would just disappear.

  7. Hello friends. A tradition unlike any other…….saying something stupid, and calling it a misunderstanding. Only, on CBS.

  8. Everything could have gone in the muck had Romo decided not to go with CBS, so the direct contact with Simms at that time would have been inappropriate. Polite thing to do was to give the agent a heads up so that he can start exploring other options without freaking out his client.

    Calling the agent in such a situation–where nothing was 100% determined was not at all inappropriate, it was professional courtesy.

  9. Enabled Brat… go open up a weed dispensary in Colorado or Washington or…..

  10. “CBS you suck! Oh wait, I work for them sometimes. Sorry CBS please keep paying me!”

    Guy has the brainpower of a mentally deficient chipmunk.

  11. Former NFL quarterback Chris Simms? That just doesn’t sound right.

    Brilliant! Nobody is referred as “former scout team QB.”

  12. Please, it is time to bring in Pops Brady to handle this mess. Pops is the best! Just ask Tommy.

  13. Phil may have very well told Chris that exact thing but in a Phil-speak that was so long and boring and irrelevant that Chris just eventually walked away shaking his head and rubbing the spot on his stomach where he has a constant ache from lack of spleen.

  14. Chris who? Not a very bright move to say something stupid when you’re lucky to have a job. Chances are the only reason he got the job was because of his last name. Maybe he and his dad can go do a podcast together.

  15. CBS is doing Simms a favor, Time to make your break to FOX and not go down with that losing ship. Romo’s the MUSH(Bronx tale) He’ll take down what ever he touches

  16. I guess I was pretty busy in 2005 because I never knew chris simms was considered an nfl quarterback by anyone.

    Up to today I thought he was primarily a loud mouth drafting in his dad’s wake. Perhaps this rare retraction is evidence he appreciates his position.

    I don’t watch it but I always wondered why he wasn’t a contributor on ESPN first take. Regardless I hope he finds the right game for him.

  17. Being a Packer guy, I really didn’t watch many AFC games but nonetheless, on occasion I did and it was usually the feature game w/P Simms. He was ok years ago but the last few times he drove me nuts with the incessant babbling.
    Like he was the CBS version of Gruden. The difference being Gruden kinda pulls it off …………, Simms can’t.

  18. Regardless of what happened or how it was handled, I bet Phil Simms handles it with more class than 99% of people would.
    His detractors apparently don’t value that.

  19. “Former NFL quarterback Chris Simms?”
    8 seasons, 4 teams, 23 games, 12TDs 18 Interceptions are the kind of stats that make one a former NFL QB.

  20. Getting paid to watch football games and give your opinion is a blessing you should be grateful for. And, you should fully understand that it won’t last forever. When it’s over just say thank you and move on.

  21. what cbs is doing to good ole phil is a travesty. i for one only watch football because of the dynamic personalitys of nantz and simms. its just sad we wont get the same insites from tony romeo.

  22. Chris Simms is just like Dad full of himself, half the jobs he had was because of Dad. Simms prod cast had gotten old just as Aikman’s. Phil’s explanation was probably something to hear, drawn out and over glorified.

  23. Chris Simms’ potshot at Jim Nantz was an even worse “misunderstanding” because Nantz is CBS’s franchise voice for big events and keeping him happy is probably priority number one at the eyeball network. That said, I have heard that Nantz is a truly good guy and not a snivelling diva like so many other on-air personalities.

  24. Now Giants fans have to listen to two ex-Cowboys while watching their team play, just disturbing.

    The price you pay for being a good team and usually getting the #1 team from the networks.

    I think he just wants to get to know Nantz is hopes of covering golf…

  25. He had to apologize for telling the truth … because CBS is all about free speech.

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