Bills take a look at free agent quarterback T.J. Yates

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It’s reasonable to wonder if the Bills will be in the market for a quarterback in the 2017 NFL Draft, considering there was some equivocation (and eventually a pay cut) for Tyrod Taylor.

But they’re looking for some depth before then, apparently.

The Bills announced that free agent quarterback T.J. Yates was in town for a visit today.

Yates finished last season with the Dolphins as an emergency fill-in following Ryan Tannehill’s injury.

Other than one game with the Falcons, all his experience has been with the Texans. The first three years in Houston, his offensive coordinator was new Bills offensive coordinator Rick Dennison.

They didn’t announce a signing, but it’s at least a sign they’re interested in someone other than Cardale Jones on the depth chart.

12 responses to “Bills take a look at free agent quarterback T.J. Yates

  1. It seems like a million years ago that this dude beat the Bengals to give the Texans their first playoff game.

  2. Yates could be the backup its going to be heated between him and the 1-aa QB they currently have on their Roster, Josh Woodrum who in being honest is a slightly better passer than Yates… Decision to be made in August!!

  3. TJ is still the only Texan quarterback to have led a two minute drive that really mattered. It secured a winning season, first division title, and playoff berth. He also won the Texans first playoff game. I hope he is remembered in Texans history for that. I wish him nothing but the best.

  4. I wouldn’t expect Cardale to be there much longer. 100% a Rex guy. His only saving grace now is that Sean McDermott has experience with a big runner with a cannon who struggles with maturity and accuracy-difference is, Cardale isn’t half the player Cam was when McDermott was there. And McDermott is obviously a defensive coach.

    I would not be surprised to see Jones go after they pick up a veteran backup and especially after the draft. Throwing out a prediction here, I suppose.

  5. Ryan Nassib played at Syracuse. In fact, he played so well, the Bills hired his college coach. A couple years later they fired the coach. Well I guess you could say they had the right string, but the wrong yo-yo. Hint, hint. Sign Nassib.

  6. Yates won a playoff game so if the media applies the same logic to Yates they did to Tebow, Yates is probably being blackballed and clearly deserves to start.

  7. joetoronto says:
    Apr 7, 2017 6:03 PM

    This guy is white, does Doug Whaley know about this?
    Yes, Doug does……….but he also knows you are a 5 ID welfare rat from Toronto.

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