Browns have Patrick Mahomes in for his visit today

Getty Images

In their perpetual quest to find a quarterback, the Browns have another visitor today.

According to Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the Browns have brought Texas Tech’s Patrick Mahomes to town for a pre-draft visit.

They’ve already worked him out privately, so this getting-to-know-you extends their research on the guy many consider the fourth of the top four quarterbacks.

That may not be fair, as Mahomes has an incredible arm and huge numbers, but the worry is how those will translate when he’s not running the Air Raid offense against college defenses.

The Browns have the first, 12th and 33rd picks (among many others), and have made it clear they intend to use their currency to try to find a quarterback of the future as part of the latest rebuild.

Mahomes’ draft stock is hard to figure, as he could go as high as the mid-first round depending on when the positional run starts. So while the Browns may be thinking of the 33rd pick for him, he may not be available then.

The Browns are checking off all the boxes, as they’ll put the other three quarterbacks from the top group through the same workout/visit schedule, with Mitchell Trubisky, DeShone Kizer and Deshaun Watson going through the paces as well.