Chris Simms thinks Jim Nantz was involved in ousting Phil Simms

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The decision to oust Phil Simms as the No. 1 NFL analyst on CBS and replace him with Tony Romo was done with the approval of play-by-play man Jim Nantz, according to Simms’ son.

Former NFL quarterback Chris Simms said on his podcast that Nantz played a part in the move.

“Listen, I think that certainly a company like CBS, they’re going to run this by Jim Nantz,” Chris Simms said. “If I’m going to sit here and be honest with you, yeah, that’s what I would envision happens. Jim Nantz is their guy. ‘Hello, friends.’ He’s kind of the face and voice of the network. He’s a bigger linchpin than Phil Simms for that network, that’s for sure. So I would think in some degree or fashion, I’m not trying to throw Jim under the bus, but yeah, I think he signed off on this.”

Chris Simms also chuckled while his podcast partner, Adam Lefkoe, denigrated Nantz as an announcer, and Simms also said he thinks Nantz is more suited to calling golf and college basketball than to football. (Although Chris Simms added that he likes Nantz personally.) And Chris Simms said he didn’t have much respect for the way CBS handled the transition from Phil to Romo, saying that Phil deserved for CBS executives to be upfront with him, and they weren’t.

“I had to tell my dad first, before CBS or anybody, because I found out from an NFL insider,” Chris Simms said. “I don’t think he feels like they talked to him right away, at least warned him to let him know what was happening. I mean, that’s just not what you do to a good, hard-working employee for 20 years.”

Chris Simms has called some games for CBS in the past, but it’s hard to imagine that he’ll be back on CBS given those comments. And those comments may make it harder for Phil Simms to return to CBS in any capacity.

108 responses to “Chris Simms thinks Jim Nantz was involved in ousting Phil Simms

  1. I get where he’s coming from…but Jim Nantz only has so much pull around there. I wouldn’t, necessarily, say he had to “sign off” on the decision, however. CBS may have just gave him the courtesy of saying, “FYI, we’re [doing this].”

  2. Well yeah, of course Jim had a hand in it…Could you imagine broadcasting that many years next to Simms. I wouldn’t be surprised if Jim said “it’s him or me”

  3. Ummm Chris your dad was the worst. I would rather listen to Gruden fawn all over players before listening to Phil. I’d rather listen to Dan Dierdorff butcher the English language before hearing your dad say “well Jeeeem” over and over.

  4. Another person who doesn’t think making milions not to work is fair. Boo hoo. Fact is that if you were better, you wouldn’t have gotten fired.

  5. I mean call it what it is. Simms gave them 20 years and they gave him the balls and shaft. It is what it is, he made a nice cushy living for quite a while and CBS didn’t owe him anything but a check. Still, not a good look and not a very decent thing to do.

  6. I never understood why Nantz left the studio to go to the booth to begin with. He’s really not that good.

    Chris Simms is a pretty smart guy. A little awkward, but funny. I’m inclined to agree with him on this one.

  7. Isn’t this the same Chris Simms who was busted for driving high on marijuana with his 8-months pregnant wife in the passenger seat? Maybe Nantz and CBS could’ve handled this better, but he’s hardly one to be questioning someone else’s integrity.

  8. Simms is well suited to calling division 3 women’s field hockey, not the NFL.

    And his son isn’t fit to have any say about other sports media, he’s beyond terrible.

  9. i believe that chris simms play was involved in him being a below mediocre quarterback

  10. When ratings are down changes will be made. I personally think it has more to do with poor game quality rather than the announcers, but what the heck, lets see if Romo can do the job. If Phil was really there for 20 years after a good NFL career, Im sure he has been well compensated and can lead a really awesome retirement.

  11. “I don’t think he feels like they talked to him right away, at least warned him to let him know what was happening. I mean, that’s just not what you do to a good, hard-working employee for 20 years.”
    Um… no. You don’t tell an employee that you’re trying to hire their replacement until after it’s done. What happens if the deal falls through? You’re left with a disgruntled employee. On the flip side, do employees tell their bosses that they are looking for a job before they actually land one? Of course not.

    His coments about him feeling “disrepescted” by the way it was handled imply he doesn’t have a clue about how the world really works.

  12. and Chris Simms I relevant because…he has Kyle Shanahan’s initials tattooed on his ankle?

  13. i really like Chris Simms, hes one of my fav analysts right now.

    smart, outspoken, good at breaking things down and most of all – he doesnt follow an agenda / isnt a homer like 99.9% of all ex players turned hosts / commentators when it comes to the former team they can never say anything bad – which is boring and kinda kills the credibility

    am i the only guy who thinks romo will make a bad host? i dont think hes very interesting

  14. Thank you Jim Nantz.

    I’m not going to exactly miss Phil Simms but I feel like CBS was a little too cold in how they treated long time employee Phil Simms after all these years. CBS looks bad. Simms looks bad. Who ever hired Romo and boost him all the way up to the #1 spot without any broadcast experience or working his way up from the bottom looks bad.

    I guess the real winners in this are us fans and Jim Nantz?
    And before anyone says “Who cares about the broadcasters” there are only 20 minutes of LIVE action in a 3.5 hours NFL game. So we have to listen to these guys (Between commercial breaks ) for 3 hours and 10 minutes. It would be nice if they can be educational from time to time. It would be nice if they could be entertaining from time to time. Like Madden and Summerall.

  15. Why doesnt Phil just be thankful for the playing and broadcasting careers he’s had and relax? I envy the work ethic but eventually its time to stop and smell the roses. The guy is 62.

  16. He was too punch drunk.

    Also said a QB would know (during a game) if a ball was “even .1 PSI off”. A ball would be .1 PSI off if you took off about .3% of the air out or temperature fell about 5 degrees. A man is being lynched and he offers that up as his “expert testimony”. Just an idiot.

  17. Nothing like a Chris Simms-Nantz conspiracy theory on a Friday morning in the off-season for laying off the ever-arrogant Phil.

    I feel lesser for having even weighed slightly in on it.

  18. I hate to pile on, but Nantz and Simms were a horrible duo. They are both very dull. Watching the 49ers lose to the Ravens in Super Bowl was bad enough, but with those two calling the game almost made me suicidal.

  19. I actually liked Simms. He offered good insight on strategy and play calling.

    Also wasnt afraid to be a little politically incorrect at times. He has balls, unlike Nantz.

  20. Pretty boy Simms Jr. has been running his yap since he came into the league.

    I’ve always liked Phil Simms and do not get the dislike for him, to be honest.

    It’s Cris Collinsneck that ruins my Sunday nights. He’s incredibly annoying, over-selling everything.

  21. Know who else signed off? Everyone who has heard Simms do a broadcast.

    I mean, he’s always been bad. But around about the time he defended the still unemployed Blaine Gabbert into the ground, the last of his credibility went away.

  22. I miss Phil-Osophy. You know, where he would point out what everybody saw/everybody knew and made it his own. It had such a cool b-roll.

  23. Hopefully we no longer we have to listen to the following (of course AFTER the play)

    “well when we met with their coaches, we knew we could expect to see this formation on 3rd and 4th and 4s from this area of the field…”

  24. It’s an every-man-for-himself kind of world these days can’t pledge loyalty to any company, because they’ll cut your throat the minute they find someone better/cheaper/handsomer

  25. Well, props to whoever was responsible. I kind of doubt Nantz makes those calls totally by himself but he’s enough of a fixture it’d only make sense for management to run the idea by him just to make sure he wasn’t going to totally flip out over it.

  26. To be fair, Phil DID fart next to Jim in the booth during the Steelers/Dolphins playoff game.

    Pass gas…get axed! That’s the consequence of flatulence!

  27. Much ado about nothing. It’s not like Phil Simms was on the verge of getting into the broadcasting hall of fame. Some people like him, others do not, it’s pretty clear what CBS thought of him.

  28. Sometimes just SHUTUP..should of waited until his dad had no chance to go back to CBS. Now I believe Chris just torched that bridge. Maybe it was all that weed he smokes that clouded his judgement.

  29. Chris Simms is an idiot. First of all, he was a lousy QB. Second of all, he is a lousy sports commentator who is in love with himself. Third of all, if it weren’t for his father, he wouldn’t even have a job commentating on sports or anything else.
    Finally, his father had turned a lot of people off as an NFL color man — me included. I liked his father when he first started doing the games, but he got worse as time went on.
    As much as I didn’t like his father doing the games, Chris makes him look great. Because Chris is just awful.
    Plus, look at that picture of him above and tell me he isn’t the spitting image of Beavis from Beavis and Butthead!

  30. They watched tape of his “backup acceptance” speech last year over and over, passing tissues around to mop up the tears.

    Only Romo won’t have that kind of time, to ponder and consider and pontificate what he’d like to get across. Will be interesting to see what kind of ‘voice’ he’ll have. If it’s a good time chuckle fest w/ his buddy Jimbo, I’ll just turn down the volume, thanks.

  31. Nantz was often providing analysis along with play by play because Simms just wouldn’t step up. Nantz and Romo probably get along better and play golf together, so, of course, this was done behind the scenes.

    I’ll say this about Chris Simms. Unlike his old man, he has strong opinions and is not afraid to run with them. He just isn’t doing dad any favors coming out with this.

  32. Chris Simms is a fool, just like Cowherd, Bayless, etc.. These guys don’t really say things based on what they see on the field, they say things to be “provacative” , because they want the attention, they want the clicks, etc.. Everything they say has a reason behind it, and that reason is to stay in the limelight. They have no actual knowledge of the sports they comment on, they have no conviction. It is just entertainment to them. Chris Simms is an arrogant, pampered fool

  33. I hate to kick a man when he is down and I was a big fan of Phil’s Giants teams is the 80’s but hearing that man’s incapability to say the word “him” was like fingernails on a chalkboard to me. It isn’t his fault, but I could only hear “eeem” so many times per broadcast before I was ready to scream.

  34. Even if they ran it by Nantz, that doesn’t put the blame on Nantz. It isn’t like he implied that Nantz instigated the entire thing.

    But, with that said, I don’t think network executives think they need to defer to anyone, so it is entirely possible they decided to make the move and Nantz may not have known until after it was said and done.

  35. Nantz is the only guy on TV that can call an NFL conference championship game and make you feel like you’re watching The Masters.

  36. Well, OF COURSE they informed Nance about it, he’s their top broadcaster and CBS would have been extremely foolish not to let Nance know he was about to lose his long-standing partner. What employer would do that?

    But that’s completely different than Nance having a say in what CBS was doing. I am willing to bet this was in the nature of “Hey Jim, here’s a heads’ up”, not a “do you agree?”

    And for anyone who says Nance should have stuck up for Simms if he wanted him back, you have never been in a senior corporate employee environment. Very few people risk their own good standing by attempting to buck a management decision. I (and probably most readers with relevant experience) have seen this happen over and over. It’s nice that Chris sticks up for his father, but he plainly has little understanding how real companies operate.

  37. tonyzendejas says:
    Apr 7, 2017 9:41 AM
    To be fair, Phil DID fart next to Jim in the booth during the Steelers/Dolphins playoff game.

    Pass gas…get axed! That’s the consequence of flatulence!

    5 0
    Report comment

    Yup I think that beef Simms ripped on Jim was the last straw apparently.

  38. Chris Simms has said no one understands quarterbacking in the NFL more than he because he was a QB, is the son of a QB and no one studies more about QBs than himself. Chris Simms has for the last 5 years insisted that Tom Brady is not a top 5 QB…….nuff said

  39. I would like to know how many people listen to Chris’ podcast or even knew he had one. Who in their right mind would be a regular listener to it?

  40. Chris Simms was more accurate in “throwing Jim Nantz under the bus” than he was his entire college or NFL career…..

  41. It’s about time. Simms didn’t have many fans, terrible announcer. Nantz isn’t much better but at least he is not Simms. Even if Romo is no good he’ll be better then Simms. I applaud CBS for finally listening to the fans, albeit 7 years too late.

  42. superpatriotsfan says:
    Apr 7, 2017 8:48 AM
    It was Goodell’s fault, ban him! This has something to do with him. I’m so triggered by the fact that I said Roger Goodell!

    -Pats homer!

    Once again you are obsessed with all things Patriots. I guess I would be as well if I was a jets fans with no real prospects. Adios!

  43. Nantz not wanting to work with Phil Simms seems acceptable. If there were going to be a change it’s during the off season, when changes are made. If I had a sidekick that was a terrible announcer, the thing to do would be to try and get it changed.

  44. Um yeah it was sudden and harsh. Still, I bet more football fans are glad than mad about it. I’m not particularly looking forward to Romo but Simms’ time had long passed.

  45. Chris Simms is a punk who said Tommy isn’t even a top 10 QB, he must still be pissed Belichick cut him because of how much he sucked

  46. amishninjas says:
    Apr 7, 2017 8:50 Am

    “I’d rather listen to Dan Dierdorff butcher the English language before hearing your dad say “well Jeeeem” over and over.”

    Simms probably had nothing on Dierdorf with grammar, vocabulary, diction, etc. I don’t expect Romo to blow us away, either.

  47. Phil Simms was involved in the ousting of Phil Simms.

    Enjoy that karma, Phil. You deserve every bit of it.

  48. Phil Simms was an above average QB most of his playing career. He was an above average analyst most of his media career, but started losing it about 2-3 years ago. Even last year he wasn’t bad in the studio, just terrible during games.

    Chris Simms was always a below average QB and a complete douche.

  49. Please quit calling this Simms a former NFL QB, he rarely played and was terrible, now has turned into a blowhard expert on everything. He would not have a job as a player or mouth if not for his daddy, who bolted on ESPN a while back. Another example of a Silver Spoon kid riding coat tails…..

  50. Phil Simms was ranked the worst broadcaster/color analyst in the game.. I doubt Nantz had any effect on the final decision at all. Phil had a good run and his analysis got old. He will land on his feet. As far as Chris is concerned, what else is he going to say? It’s his old man who got him his broadcasting opportunity.. Nepotism should come with some loyalty..

  51. I don’t understand the logic here. CBS did not take the time to tell the guy being replaced but they supposedly took the time to tell his partner?

  52. If Chris Simms actually tried to throw Nantz under the bus, it would have been intercepted!!

    Wouldn’t it be great if Romo is really bad and they want Phil back?

  53. touchdownroddywhite says:
    Apr 7, 2017 8:54 AM
    I mean call it what it is. Simms gave them 20 years and they gave him the balls and shaft. It is what it is, he made a nice cushy living for quite a while and CBS didn’t owe him anything but a check. Still, not a good look and not a very decent thing to do.


    See bold type above.

    But I really don’t get the idea of Romo somehow being embraced by national listeners. He does not have a broadcaster’s voice and I see no evidence from his career that he has any great strategic understanding of how the game should be played. I know they love him in Dallas but he has been just an OK leader on a team that is undisciplined and has under-performed for 25 years.

  54. lol lets be honest they all suck. ever actually listen to the buck and wing duo? but the worst i heard in years was john lynch. he didnt have a clue. good work 49ers.

  55. I LIKE Phil Simms. Great as a analyst. Like what he does. Nantz not so much, he’s a bit weak bland and blah.

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