David Johnson: I can definitely handle 30 touches a game

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At the league meetings in Arizona last week, Cardinals coach Bruce Arians said that he’d like to get the ball in running back David Johnson’s hands 30 times a game and shrugged off concerns about overworking the back by pointing to Johnson’s age.

The 25-year-old has talked about getting 1,000 rushing yards and 1,000 receiving yards next season, so it doesn’t come as a great surprise that he agrees with his coach’s take about how to use him in 2017.

“I’m still young,” Johnson said, via the team’s website. “I’m still on my first contract. So I feel I can definitely handle 30 touches. I did it last year, basically, with running the ball and catching it out of the backfield. I never really got fatigued. Those tough defense games against Seattle and the Rams, those games might feel a little sore, but that’s not until the adrenaline comes down. I never really feel too bad.”

Johnson averaged 23.3 touches a game last year, which is a bit off from 30 but was enough to lead the league in total touches. There’s no back on the roster that appears likely to cut into his playing time enough for Arians to veer from his plan, so it certainly looks like we’ll be seeing a lot of Johnson again this year.

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  1. As a fan of Davids I would prefer to see them not ride him until he breaks down. If one guy on your team has to touch the ball 30 times a game you have very poor depth and overall talent.

  2. “Johnson averaged 23.3 touches a game last year, which is a bit off from 30 but was enough to lead the league. ”

    With 261 carries and 75 receptions (336 touches) in 12 games played last season, Leveon Bell averaged 28 touches per game.

    You may need to adjust your rankings…

  3. I think the subtext is that Bruce wants to use DJ more often as a receiver, and give him less rushing attempts. He previously hinted at this earlier in the offseason.

  4. YEAH but rb’s are damned if they do/don’t. Dj says give me the rock 30 a game the team will say we don’t want to wear you down, then they get to lowball you come contract time. It just flat out sucks how devalued the rb lisition has become. Rb she have one chance to make mine handbook that is after their rookie contract. If they are a first rind pick they get to squat know your rights for a 5th year. If by some chance they aren’t con kketelt worn out by 30 they get loballed again sknce nobody wants to pay a vested vet rb when they can go cheaper and younger in the draft.

  5. You guys have a stud in DJohnson there. Whether it’s 23 or 30 touches he is gonna be a handful for NFC West and rest of league.
    Hope he is back to full health- he is fun to watch

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