Eli Manning excited to have big target in Brandon Marshall

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When the Giants won their first Super Bowl with Eli Manning at quarterback, the game-winning touchdown came on a pass to Plaxico Burress.

Burress’ size made him a popular target for Manning from the day he joined the team in 2015 right through the point when he shot himself in the leg to end his time on the Giants’ active roster. The team hasn’t had a receiver with that kind of size in recent years, but they hope they remedied that by signing Brandon Marshall earlier this year and the move has Manning looking forward to having that kind of target at his disposal.

“I was excited when we made that acquisition,” Manning said, via the New York Post. “He’s obviously a big target and smart, asks a lot of questions, he’s going to pick up the offense quickly. … I think Plaxico was kind of the last one similar to that size. They can be open when they’re not really open. You don’t want to get into a habit, it’s not a jump-ball but you can throw him open. He’s been in lots of offenses and he gets open a lot of different ways, very disciplined in his route-running and understanding concepts. I think he’ll be good for that receiver room and in our locker room, having that veteran presence.”

Manning and Marshall began building chemistry during workouts at Duke University this week and the hope is that the veteran’s presence adds a new wrinkle to a passing game that has been overly dependent on Odell Beckham at times in recent years.

9 responses to “Eli Manning excited to have big target in Brandon Marshall

  1. Exactly what we needed. Haters point to elis stats but he was playing with 1 viable option last year who was consistently triple covered. If BM stays healthy, we’re gonna tear up the division

  2. justintuckrule says:
    Apr 7, 2017 10:12 AM

    . . . If BM stays healthy, we’re gonna tear up the division


    Said the 5th different fan base.

  3. Eli won’t be so excited when the locker room fractures worse than Geno’s jaw.

    OBJ and Marshall will both be chirping at Eli to get them the ball. Neither of those 2 have ever been known as team players.

    Then throw in those patented Eli interceptions at critical times and the NJG will be a circus just like the NJJ. That fat slug Franscesa is gonna have a coronary! He might even be able to stay awake for an entire show.

  4. We still need to shore up the OL, but if we do, This offense is going to monstrous. I’m inclined to agree with Junstintuckrule.

    Go Giants

  5. “Eli won’t be so excited when the locker room fractures worse than Geno’s jaw.”

    In the 2 years he was with he Jets there were no stories or incidents that would support fracturing a locker room. By all accounts he was a good teammate and wanted to win.

    – Someone who watches this division closely.

  6. Eli is excited he finally has a receiver since Plax and Amani that isnt a midget. Who can out muscle for the 50/50 throws and someone who can actually make the back shoulder plays that Eli was lethal at. Shocker.

    For a team called the GIANTS, you would think they’d draft above 5’10 more often.

    Not one media head picked up on this, they were too busy writing Eli’s eulogy, but it’s clear the Giants saw that Odell, as explosive and talented as he is, can’t do it by himself. Defenses can take him away with ease. With Marshall, the offense changes and Eli will manipulate defenses like a video game now.

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