LeGarrette Blount has “offer on the table” from Patriots

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LeGarrette Blount wanted a team to “give me some money.”

The Patriots, at least to some degree, are willing.

New England is known for not overly investing at running back, often allowing even its most productive veterans to walk via free agency. Blount currently has an “offer on the table” from the Patriots, Mike Giardi of CSN New England reported Friday. This is less a development and more an update on where the situation stands. That Blount has yet to accept indicates the deal’s numbers and/or structure do not meet his expectation.

The Patriots hosted Adrian Peterson for a visit on Monday.

Blount at the right price seems the preferred option. The 30-year-old set career highs in 2016 with 299 carries for 1,161 yards and 18 touchdowns. He plays the wrong position at the wrong age to be compensated in respect to that production. His limitations in the passing game and an April draft class considered to be deep also curtail his value.

New England isn’t exactly scrounging for bodies, either. It signed Rex Burkhead last month to accompany Dion Lewis, James White, DJ Foster, Brandon Bolden and James Develin.

Blount led the Patriots in rushing the past two seasons.

No player has done so in New England for three straight years since Corey Dillon from 2004 to 2006.

Realistically, this is Blount’s last best chance for a lucrative NFL contract. He surely knows that. And so, for him, it may be difficult to come to terms with, especially after doing his part to produce a banner year, the increasingly apparent reality that his chance today isn’t much of one.

56 responses to “LeGarrette Blount has “offer on the table” from Patriots

  1. it’s not like 31 other teams are falling over themselves packing suitcases of Ben Franklins

  2. Realistically considering his punch out in college and walking off the field for Pittsburgh, Blount should consider himself lucky he ever found employment in the NFL.

  3. When your quarterback it the goat…who then doesn’t squeeze the team for cash, your chances of getting a larger piece of the pie because of presumed worth isn’t a possibility.

  4. Your contract, LeGarrette, should you choose to accept it. As always, should you or your Agent go rouge. bill belichick will disavow any knowledge of your actions.This contract will self-destruct in five seconds. Good luck, LeGarrette

  5. I think most of us expect him to sign with the Patriots again, perhaps close to training camp or even later.

    Big contract? Doubt it, but I don’t blame him for waiting it out just in case.

  6. Blount wasn’t a factor during the last SB. He fumbled and didn’t do much in the run game. It was White the Patriots called upon when they needed the yards on the ground and he came through big time. Blount was a workhorse during the regular season and gained over a 1000 yards mainly due to carrying the ball 299 times, close to 100 more carries then his rookie season. His 3.9 avg during the reg season wasn’t exactly a stellar performance and his 3.1 avg during the playoffs was even worse.

    The offer on the table from the Pats is probably for the same or less then he made last year. I can see any team offering Blount a big payday.

  7. Between Blount, Burkhead, Lewis and White I think Lewis may be the odd man out due to his occasional disappearing acts and being injury prone. They’ll for sure keep Develin and Bolden. Foster has the tiniest hopes of them all

  8. Blount was being paid 1.3 last season.

    So offer Blount a 2 year deal for 4 million ( 2 mill per)

    Plus additional incentives that could total 1 million per year.

    Otherwise happy trails……

    You know what you are getting with Blount and I think he generally he likes playing for New England. Win win

  9. Lowlife legarrette’s sucker punch ON THE FIELD is 100 times worse than Joe Mixon’s punch.

  10. I sometimes wonder if we’re going to see a reduction in quality/quantity of RBs coming out of colleges, as young kids see that even the best at the position are considered unsignable after their rookie deals. Yeah, there are future HOF candidates that get that nice second deal, but most of these guys that put up very good or even great numbers end up signing something barely greater than their rookie contracts.

  11. We’d love to have you back LB. But we also understand the short window to make your $.

    Good luck whatever happens.

  12. L Blount if you want to be great; come to the the 49ers. The factory of Great RBs like Roger Craig, Ricky Watters, Garrison Hearst, and Frank Gore.

  13. Blount acted up when he got paid by the Steelers. Now that he’s a few years older, why would a team take that risk?

    He’ll get a low contract from the Patriots.
    He ripped off the Steelers, but its coming back to haunt him in that he’s making less later on.

  14. Other teams saw the same player that Pats fans watched and they aren’t exactly beating a path to his door either. It is what it is, Blount is a serviceable plow horse not a thoroughbred. That’s no knock on him, after all fields do need plowing from time to time. NE just recognizes the new reality, unlike O-lineman and QB’s the minors… er… NCAA… cranks out ready to play in the NFL RB’s in droves and supply exceeds demand. That’s particularly true for a back without burst that doesn’t catch the ball

  15. We probably offered a prototypical contract for an older RB. My guess, based on last seasons patriots all time TD Rushjnf record, was something like 1 year at 5 million with incentives. I wouldn’t be opposed to a fully guaranteed 5-7 million 1 year deal. He has earned it .

  16. senatorblutarsky says:
    Apr 7, 2017 10:43 PM
    They’re going to try and rip off LeGarrette Blount. The patriot way.


    If the contract is a rip off (below his value) then all he has to do is say no. But if no one offers better then it would suggest the offer was not a rip off, just fair payment for his value. The Patriot way.

  17. Blunt walked off the field in the Steeler game with less than a minute left to go, in a game he wasn’t playing in. Certainly not good form, but doesn’t come close to the level of “walking out on your team”.

    When he’s been with the Pats, Blunt has been a great team mate and a good player, who has done everything the team has asked of him.

    When Brady was down after the Superbowl and was being squeezed by the media horde, it was Blunt who went to him and give him some protection and comfort.

    The guy has been a good player for the Pats and for about $1.5-2MM/yr and a small signing bonus, he will likely get a chance to compete for a job again next year, along with a half dozen other RB’s of which only 4 will make the roster, and we won’t know which 4 that will be until Septemeber

    If you aren’t getting better, you are going backwards.

  18. mariorat says:
    Apr 7, 2017 11:28 PM

    Dude has two SB rings. Time to ca$h in. Don’t blame him if he leaves.
    Cash in? Where? No other team has expressed any interest, let alone offered him a contract.

  19. Honestly, he should retire. Think about it, 2 rings at 30 years old…that’s a good career. Enjoy the rest of your life now with the millions you’ve made, while also preserving your health.

  20. Tough situation. They just paid Rex Burkhead, who’s not done much in his career, more for 1 year than they’ve paid Blount over his entire career with the Patriots (almost 4 years and he’s mostly been on minimum level deals). A lot of former coaches have said the 27 year-old Burkhead has promise to break out, but we’ve seen a lot of career backups get paid to go to new team and then go bust.

    Unfortunately for Blount, he seems destined to never get much more than $1 million per year.

  21. There’s no market for him. He’s 32, has only been successful with the Pats, and the draft is loaded with RBs. The Pats told Blount to go look, and he doesn’t have a contract. If he can find a better deal, go sign it. This ‘just pay the man’ for past performance mentality is what gets a lot of contenders in cap trouble every yr(hint:steelers, until this yr).

  22. Er, clearly there’s an offer already on the table because Blount is holding out FOR MORE – and you can’t do that unless something is already there to want more of.

    1yr $1M last year, prob 1yr $1.5M this year is my guess but Blount prob hopes for north of 2yr @$2M/yr. But unless another team shows interest to make a bigger offer (and I’m a tad surprised no one has), Belichick has no need to up his.

  23. tedmurph says:
    Apr 8, 2017 12:55 PM
    There’s no market for him. He’s 32…
    No, he’s 30. He turns 31 on Dec 5th. But because he will turn 32 during the 2019 season and because RBs worth having become vanishingly rare aged 32 onwards – and because Belichick doesn’t get sentimental and hold onto guys past their prime – Pats will only be offering a 1yr deal.

  24. BB is paying for the role at RB, not the player. If Blount doesn’t sign, BB will find another player for the role. Harsh reality for Blount, but this has been the case for several years. I think he re-signs, but with nearly all incentive-based contract. BB will be paying for next year, not last year.

  25. The Patriots may provide their players with a better shot at reaching the SB, but they certainly do not compensate those players that put in excellent work for their team… they only pay ‘Stars’… like Brady, Gronkowski and newly signed Gilmore. Otherwise, most players in their franchise earn less than most teams pay their players.

  26. Blount wants time more then money and no one is willing to extend him . Contrary to beliefs the pats pay as much as anyone what they avoid is time and therefore can escape their errors more quickly .

  27. MCxShow says:
    Apr 8, 2017 12:35 PM

    Honestly, he should retire. Think about it, 2 rings at 30 years old…that’s a good career. Enjoy the rest of your life now with the millions you’ve made, while also preserving your health.

    The patriots are going to take advantage of him. That’s the patriot way. If they’re offering a one year deal and he feels that he’s at the end of the line, then he should sign. He can get “hurt” and coast out the season. Give them back some of that patriot way.

  28. EJ says:
    Apr 8, 2017 2:52 PM
    The Patriots may provide their players with a better shot at reaching the SB, but they certainly do not compensate those players that put in excellent work for their team… they only pay ‘Stars’… like Brady, Gronkowski and newly signed Gilmore. Otherwise, most players in their franchise earn less than most teams pay their players.


    Because of the salary cap rules all teams have to be within the same range. Owners are prevented from doing the ‘underpay everyone and pocket the difference’ thing. What the Patriots do is not underpaying the team. Its that rather than overpay a few star players they instead spread it more evenly. In their case their depth players are better paid than most teams (or maybe all) which is why they have such deeper talent all all positions. That deeper talent wins more games than any high priced superstars ever could.

  29. QB Film Room says:
    Apr 7, 2017 10:47 PM

    Turn it down bruh. You deserve to be paid bruh
    You mean he was working for nothing the pasr 2 years?? LOL

  30. another patriots who would be a bum outside of new england.

    Very sad

    that the cheaters have prospered in this way.

  31. wib22 seems to have a problem with NE’s annoying habit of winning too much. I think she should deal with it or cry herself to sleep at night (again). But I totally respect that it’s her decision.

  32. … and to the Senator, I say pretty much the same thing. Sleep tight girls.

  33. QB Film Room says:
    Apr 8, 2017 6:05 PM

    he should have honestly got 4 mil last year
    I’m glad you are being honest. I have no idea what you’re talking about, or what you base this on, or why any team in their right mind would pay a guy $4 million to do a job he has agreed to do for less, but obviously you are some sort of NFL payroll savant, and under your management NE probably would have done even better last year.

  34. The Patriots prosper because they’re a great organization. Blount has had success because he is put in a specific position to succeed by Belichick, and the overall preparation, study, and expectation to win is greater here.

    On other teams, whatever ability the player happens to have is simply ‘hoped’ to help that lesser coach and team look good, and maybe they get a win that day. Big difference.

    When wib22 says “another patriots (sic) who would be a bum outside of new england”, it’s actually a tremendous compliment to the Patriots and the entire team.

  35. wib22 says:

    how is it lying when belichick was caught with spycams and the patriots had deflated footballs?

    Oh, I don’t know, maybe because neither of those things actually happened?

    Filming opponents’ sideline signals in the open is not being “caught with spycams”, and all the evidence shows beyond question that the balls in that game were properly inflated.

    But, if it makes you feel better about your team losing and the Patriots winning, I guess you’ll keep believing the nonsense.

  36. and all the evidence shows beyond question that the balls in that game were properly inflated.


    NFL won’t leak the PSI data because……

  37. wib22 says:
    Apr 9, 2017 5:24 PM

    “NFL won’t leak the PSI data because……”

    Because it would show conclusively that nobody on the Patriots ever tampered with the pressure. And while league officials were to ignorant to understand that this is a normal everyday circumstance at the time of the accusations, they did learn the error of their ways when they were taking the “random pressure samples” in 2015, and yet they continued to levy a 4 game suspension against Brady and steal a first and fourth round draft pick from the team, knowing full well that nobody did anything wrong.

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