Richard Sherman situation goes from curious to serious to bizarre

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So if the latest report from ESPN on the Richard Sherman situation is true, the Seahawks are actively shopping the star cornerback not because they want to send him a message or because they want to see what they can get for him but because he wanted it to happen.

If it is true, the situation is less about the Seahawks wanting to send a message and/or to move on from Sherman than it is about Sherman wanting to move on from the Seahawks or, at a minimum, to let the Seahawks know that he’s valued highly by other teams. Either way, he’s not valued highly enough at this point by other teams to result in a team giving up, as reported by Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald, a very good young player and a high pick in the draft.

Sherman is surely not the first player who has agitated for a trade; plenty of others over the years have tried to finagle a deal only to be told, “No.” The Seahawks have instead accommodated his request, and recently opted for full transparency about the situation.

Sherman, if it’s true that he initiated the process, opted originally for zero transparency.

I just laugh it off, man,” Sherman said last month of then-nascent trade chatter. “It’s funny to me. But sometimes people need to see you gone to realize what you had. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side. But I don’t let things like that bother me. The chips will fall how they’re supposed to.”

Armed with the knowledge (again, if the ESPN report is true) that Sherman started this, that comment reads a lot like some of the comments he made when he kind of/sort of launched a media boycott. “You’re going to miss me when I’m gone,” Sherman told reporters in late December. It seems as it he’s currently trying to make that point not just to those who cover the Seahawks but to the Seahawks as well.

And so just as the awkward dance between the Cowboys and Tony Romo has finally ended, the Seahawks and Sherman are currently whirling before us; limbs flailing, arms akimbo, feet kicking up dust. Soon enough, we’ll know whether the final movement will consist of the two sides coming together again or separating for good.

At this point, we can only hope for the moment the music finally stops.

52 responses to “Richard Sherman situation goes from curious to serious to bizarre

  1. .
    Stephon Gilmore contract – 15 million

    Richard Sherman contract – 11 million

    The prosecution rests, your honor.

  2. Lost in all this of course, is that Sherman was absolutely right in his criticisms of the coaching staff. Both OC Darrell Bevell and DC Kris Richard have been proven to be not up to the task.

  3. I believe the Seahawks approached Sherman about redoing his current deal, and Sherman agreed with a stipulation to figure out what he’s worth to other “competitive teams”. I don’t believe a trade was ever going to happen unless they were blown away with an offer.

  4. It could be bizarre.

    Or *gasp* it could be the offseason media making a freaking colossal mountain out of the mole hill that is of course teams explore the trade value of a superstar player when his contract is about a year away from re-do mode when the getting is good.

  5. These things rarely end well, but the only thing you can say with certainty in this case is that, with Sherman, it won’t end quietly.

  6. I believe your supposition is incorrect. I doubt Sherman initiated any trade talks at all. The simplest explanation goes something like this:

    You’re fired
    You can’t fire me because I quit

    Sherman is shallow. This latest quirk is little more than a ridiculous attempt at face-saving. Richard Sherman cannot handle being ‘disrespected’ and he does worse if people even think he was. So, here we are.

  7. This is just Sherman saving face. He’s got an ego the size of the moon and he wants to dump them before they can dump him. Typical immature bravado we’ve become accustomed to from this pos.

  8. 6ball says:
    Apr 7, 2017 2:33 PM
    Stephon Gilmore contract – 15 million

    Richard Sherman contract – 11 million

    The prosecution rests, your honor.
    I bet Gilmore appreciates the $3 million raise you gave him. 🙂

  9. As a 49ers fan, I would love to see Sherman traded. It’s hard to remember a player more talented and game changing than him. Please stop kill us. What a great talent. Very fun to hate.

  10. I hope he gets traded. That way his new teams DC can make him cover the opposing teams best WR and we can see what this blowhard is really made of. No more hiding out on one side of the field. Put or shut up dude

  11. Trying to figure out Sherman is like trying to understand an Andy Kaufmann routine – for those that remember him.
    Might or might not be funny, but you knew it was going to be bizarre.

  12. A first round pick plus is very steep price for any player.

    As a Hawks fan I like Sherman but I also like the asking price.

    Kind of like selling your house right now in Seattle, you love your home but if someone is willing to pay top dollar…. Sell!

  13. 6ball says:
    Apr 7, 2017 2:33 PM
    .Stephon Gilmore contract – 15 million
    Richard Sherman contract – 11 million
    The prosecution rests, your honor.
    That’s not accurate 6ball.
    Shermans contract for 17 and 18 are something just OVER $13 MIL.

  14. A guy like Sherman in Basketball or Baseball is worth way more in a trade than the NFL. It’s evident just by seeing other fans balk at his 11 mil salary. That’s not even top 3-5 in league for corners. Seattles own success has caused other fans to dream about a similar occurrence for their team instead of just wanting a player of his caliber…..they want him at 5th round salary value.

  15. Most high performing individuals….. athletes, actors, musicians, politicians, etc..have amazingly large egos and can be difficult to deal with at times.

    Sherman is no different. There really is nothing to this story other than the blow up the sports writers give it.

    What we know:

    Sherman may or may not have asked for a trade.

    Sherman may or may not be asking for a new contract.

    The Seahawks may or may not be SERIOUSLY shopping this top three cornerback in the prime of his career.

    That’s what we know. It ain’t much when you look logically at what you may or may not know.

  16. He needs to start respecting Pete and the team a little more. Dude is ALWAYS bitchin bout something.

  17. This is just the usual Dick Sherman being Dick. People in Seattle have seen this behavior all the time but turn a blind eye because he is such a good player. Now people outside of Seattle are being exposed to Dick’s behavioral ways.

  18. Seattle usually doesn’t do well in their trades.

    Remember Percy Harvin?

    The Vikings received the Seahawks’ first and seventh-round picks in 2013 and a third-round selection in 2014. The Seahawks then signed Harvin to a six-year, $67 million contract with $25 million of guaranteed money.

    Less than 2 years later, Seattle traded Harvin to the New York Jets for a conditional mid-round pick in exchange for Harvin.

    So Harvin got $25 million guaranteed for 6 games, 23 catches for 150 yards and 11 carries for 33 yards.

    That’s about $137,000 per yard…

    Think about that.

  19. Sherman is over-rated. Go back and watch how he played after Earl Thomas went down last year.

  20. Sherman just turned 29, is on the decline, and has caused drama within the Seahawks walls by calling out coaches, acting out on sidelines, disputing with media etc…There’s several reasons the Seahawks don’t want to give him a raise or extension and other teams are wary as well. If Pete Carrol and the rest of the Legion of Boom can’t keep him in line, what other team will be able to?

  21. He sees the writing on the wall. That lucrative contract he signed is going to hamper future moves by the team. He’s angling to move, redo his deal AND be on a winner. Not happening. They’ll draft his replacement,groom him then cut Sherman.

  22. At this point, we can only hope for the moment the music finally stops.

    You’re kidding, right? This is what keeps you in business. PFT is like a little girl tattling on her brother.

  23. Still trying to figure out what is bizarre. Either the team was interested in seeing what they might get via a trade or he had some thoughts the grass might be greener elsewhere. Both are very common occurrences.

  24. No, Sherman will not be coming to the Pats. This does, however, seem like a typical Patriots move in that the Seahawks will be trading away a player who still has some remaining value for top dollar before the wheels start falling off. (Richard Seymour)

  25. They are clearly past the point of no return. Seattle will take much less for Sherman.

  26. FinFan68 says:

    Sherman is shallow. This latest quirk is little more than a ridiculous attempt at face-saving. Richard Sherman cannot handle being ‘disrespected’ and he does worse if people even think he was. So, here we are.
    So true.

  27. So, Sherman wanted a trade and the NFL said “Naw… I’m good”.
    Sounds right.

  28. I look forward to the day he’s out of the league so we don’t have to hear his name mentioned EVER again. I wonder if he’ll still be taking Adderall when he isn’t playing.

  29. nacho54 says:
    Apr 7, 2017 5:50 PM
    Gotitan: “tainted titles”?? Didn’t think Denver was a contender!

    And neither is Miami. Which matters more since gotitan is just another of the chipster’s many sock puppets

  30. Not my favorite Hawk by a long shot but our D would take a hit in 2017/18 if he wasn’t part of it. Agree he may be on the downside soon, but still it would be quite a hit- IMO- to have a rookie or someone else in his spot next year. If he was traded he will make that team better, but that contract and his issues may be too much for most teams to pull the trigger.
    Be strange to see him in NE, be funny to see him in a Cleveland or Miami uni at some point.

  31. Trade him for Kaepernick and a 2nd rounder from SF and convert Kaep to corner. He fits the athletic profile that Seattle likes in corners.

  32. First of all we don’t know what was actually said between the 2 sides & why…Sherman is a Dude..Worth every penny

  33. 6ball says:
    Apr 7, 2017 2:33 PM

    Stephon Gilmore contract – 15 million

    Richard Sherman contract – 11 million

    The prosecution rests, your honor.


    Let me guess, you’re a Patriot fan?

    Tom Brady – 14 Million

    Kirk Cousins – 23.9 Million



  34. Sherman only had the DISCIPLINE to back it up. He thrived b/c he was coachable and has great football IQ. However, he isn’t that great as an athlete; he never was, and is slow AF. Packers once slow AF receiver James Jones beat him into the end zone. Only reason why he seemed so good was b/c he thrived in a system with fantastic defensive coaching, and two excellent safeties to wash up his ass from behind. Watch his butt leave and he will end up like that kid from his own CB group who ended up getting cut from the Eagles after 1 yr of being signed for starter money.

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